Sep 10

How to free up your time AND get more done


This is a reprint of an e-mail written by Kavit Haria to his community of Daily Tip subscribers.
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31st July 2008, I remember the day so clearly.

I was still in my 16 hour day work mode slogging
away trying to build my empire.

That specific day, it dawned on me that most
of the summer had gone and I was still in my
tiny little room with very little sunshine and fresh air.

This was the third year in a row.

Enough was enough. I had just recently read
Tim Ferris’s book on the 4 Hour Work Week and
had even met and acquainted with him just before.

I put off ‘outsourcing’ for two major reasons:

1. Nobody could ever do what I do as well as I do

2. I just didn’t have the time on top of everything
I was doing to find – and train – someone

Yet these are the two reasons my business stayed
stagnant and I couldn’t push to a new level.

Anyway… I decided to take the leap and see
what all the craze was about.

I was already familiar with elance, so I put out a few
posts to find assistants for the specific tasks I was
looking for – as well as a general assistant to help me
with a lot of different things.

I outsourced management of my customer service,
article writing, video creation, website updating,
blog writing and a lot more.

To cut the story short…

I found one assistant who was self-motivated, keen to
work for me and was able to learn very fast.

I paid her less than $10 USD/hour.
She was based in the USA.

She took away at least 5 hours of work from me daily
and freed me to pursue new projects.

(BIG TIP: Hire a professional university graduate from
the Philippines or someone from the UK/USA for
general virtual assistance. Others I’ve tried from other
countries don’t seem to pull their weight. My two cents.)

Today, my current assistant is a true gem. I have found
someone who I can entrust my entire business too.

I feel very grateful and it allows me to pursue new
projects and personal goals that I wouldn’t have
time to otherwise.

Most importantly, I have let go of the need to have
work produced to my level all the time. In doing so,
I’ve attracted an assistant that pushes above my
standard many times.

Of course… there are a lot of horror stories when
it comes to outsourcing. There’s a correct way to
approach this, and there’s a disastrous way to approach it.

Instead of writing anymore, I’d like to recommend
you checkout a NY Times Best-seller called
“Outsource Smart!” by my friend and recognised
expert on outsourcing, Daven Michaels.

Click here to find out more

If you don’t know Daven, he and his partner Beejal
have built up a massive outsourcing serviced team
in the Philippines (with over 400+ staff) all skilled
in performing the internet marketing tasks you and I need.
Worth checking out when you’re ready to outsource.

Enjoy the book, talk soon!

Kavit Haria

P.S. I’m giving this a really high endorsement, but in case
that’s not enough, when you get the book, Daven is
going to give you one of the hottest tools I’ve seen
(called “Facebook Miner”) which works on your behalf
to get warm leads from Facebook each day.