Dec 10

How to Get Clients To Say YES to Paying You Big Money


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Hi I’m Kavit Haria, welcome to

So how do you get clients to pay you big money for your products and services? You know, when you’re selling them something and your speaking with the on the phone and you quote them the price, why is it that they just say Ok I’m going to think about it and I will speak to you later” or “I’ll call you back once I speak to my partner”, or “I’m really want this but I just can’t afford that fee right now”. Why do you get these reasons and how do you get them to pay the big money?

Well, when you’re selling to somebody the one most important thing you need to get across to them, is the exact outcome, the exact end goal and the exact transformational process they’re going to experience as a result of working with your product or service.

So, somebody who hires a video camera guide or basically film and put together a short video knows that their basically going to understand at the end of the entire process they’re going to get a video that helps them increase their website’s visibility, increase their business’s visibility and get them more inquiries, which basically translates to more sales, more revenue, more freedom.

Now, if you can get across this statement of transformation to your perspective customer, you’re very likely going to create a sale, and if you can do this in your business for whatever product or service that you create. You will basically be more ahead than any other competitors, cause what are the competitors selling? Competitors are selling you know, the video production services, the amazing editing skills, and the amazing quality of camera that you use. I mean nobody cares about that, but as long as you get me that end result that’s all I care about.

And so whenever your speaking about selling your training, your services, your products you know if you’re selling a webinar coaching series and you’re wanting to sell that for a thousand dollars, you want to get across that when you invest this thousand dollars here’s the end result you’re going to get. This is exactly what you’re going to experience when you watch all the training, you study and you apply it in your business or your life. And so that’s what you want to think about for yourself as well. You know like, what exactly is the offer and the end goal and the result that I am going to be providing to that person and when you next speak to your customer make sure this comes through really, really you know, strongly. Figure out exactly where they are, figure out where they want to go and show them how this transformation you’re going to provide will get them there. And if your do that you’re very, very you know I would say 90% more likely than you probably already are to getting you’re as high ticket prices or those big money paid to you by that client for your product or service.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, I just wanted to give you my 2 cents if you like on what I do to create those results and how you can do that as well, and if you’ve enjoyed this, if you have questions feel free to leave a comment below, feel free to like this on Facebook and share it, and I look forward to catching up with you in a future video very soon.

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