Oct 15

How to Get Sales From Your E-book – Promote the Hell Out Of It!


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Hi I’m Kavit Haria welcome to www.insiderinternetsuccess.com

One of the most common questions I get beyond how to write a book, how to publish a book, how to convert a book is: How do I actually promote my book to get a lot of sales? And so I want to introduce to you one specific tactic which is about how to get your book to be reviewed by the world’s top bloggers in your specific niche, cause if you get the bloggers to advocate your book and they have already thousands of people reading their blogs, you’re going to have a rush of people come to your website.

Now there’s a concept right, it’s called:
Diffusion of Innovators it was first introduced in 1962 by a guy named Everett Rodgers and his book the Diffusion of Innovators and in there he talks about how and why and the rate of which ideas spread so, you can analyze basically what makes ideas spread. Why does the Apple iPad or the Apple iPhone sell out as soon as it’s launched and you have to wait 3 weeks after that before you can order another one? Or before you can receive another one? And the reason is basically this concept; because the people that are selling their ideas go and target the people that can influence and spread others as opposed going out for the mass market.

So instead of you taking your book and doing a huge amount of work to reach the mass market for example on social media or by e-mail or whatever, go and find the people that have access to spread their information, to people that are listening to them. For example bloggers so if you are for example writing a book about health, or weight loss go out there on Google and type in weight loss blog and find a list, come up with a list of different weight loss blogs, and go out there and write to them.

Write to the blogger and say “look I’ve produced this book I’ve attached it for you, I’d love if you would have a look at it. If you feel that you want to write about it in your blog I’d really appreciate that, or you can interview me, I’d be happy to write an article for you any of these options are there I’d just love to hear what you think about and I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

Some sort of script like that basically reaches out to the blogger to basically share with them, this is what’s going on, and I’ve got this book and I love for you to review it. And if you do that for 100 bloggers about your book, use the same template and reach out to as many of them as possible a lot of them will respond. Many of them will feature you, many of them will want to interview you, many of them will want you to write and contribute your piece of work from that book for their blog.

All of this traffic that you get will rush to your Amazon page and results in a lot of sales for you, so basically this is a phenomenal tactic to get a lot bloggers to check out your work, very simple, very straight forward. It could have a massive impact on the sales that you make for your Kindle e-book.

So try it no matter what niche you’re in, whether your writing fiction, non-fiction, crime, thriller, romance, any of those things in fiction or non-fiction any idea you have try this idea you will get a lot of success with it in terms of getting people to recognize your work and getting you receive a steady stream of traffic of buyers to your Amazon page.
So I hope you have enjoyed that little nugget, it’s a really powerfully strategy. Go ahead, apply it.
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