How to get started as an Insider Internet Success referral partner

How to get started as an Insider Internet Success referral partner

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Welcome to the Insider Internet Success affiliate partner promo page.

Please save this page as it contains all of your tools, promo, plug n’play resources and a whole lot more goodies to help you share the love and earn handsome profit.

First thing (VERY important!):

Whether you decide to use text links or badges to promote our store, make sure you ALWAYS replace any of our web URLs (e.g. with YOUR UNIQUE AFFILIATE LINK. This ensures that your affiliate earnings are tracked. (If you don’t use your actual affiliate code, we can’t track your sales, and that would be sad.)

We’ve sent you an e-mail with your UNIQUE affiliate link. That e-mail is very important – so please ensure you save it and refer to it anytime you’re setting up new promo campaigns.

REMINDER: You should have received your unique affiliate link in an email marked “IMPORTANT: Partner Information Enclosed”. If you cannot locate your affiliate link, please email

Shorten your affiliate link:

Once you’ve located your unique affiliate code, use a link-shortening service such as to shorten your link. Here are quick instructions for

  • Paste your unique affiliate code into the box that says Paste a link here.
  • A pop-up box will appear with your shortened link (it starts with “…”).
  • Copy this link and use it wherever you promote Insider Internet Success. (This shortened link works exactly the same as the longer affiliate code you received in your email confirmation after you signed up.)
  • To be sure, paste your link into a new browser. Make sure it takes you to the page you expect!
  • You might also want to consider using a service like HootSuite or TweetDeck to auto-schedule some social media updates (this works for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and others also).

Promotional ideas to get you started

  • Start with the obvious: share your affiliate link wherever appropriate. Tweets, blog posts, Facebook, LinkedIn, e-mail.
  • Got a blog, website, e-mail newsletter? Write a review of our work.
  • You could write a “list” post on your site (or for someone else’s site) that includes one of our programs from the store. ie.: Things I love, 5 helpful resources for entrepreneurs or online business people.
  • If you create any e-books or products of your own, you can include one or more of our programs from the store as a recommended resource. Announce on your site that you’re an affiliate. “Hey look, I just signed up to help spread the goodness…”
  • Feel free to run share my video episodes (which are FREE!) on your site or Twitter/Facebook. Just sharing free content will keep your referral tracked and if they buy now or in the future you’ll still make money.
  • Pin the badges to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter – anywhere an image is welcome.
  • Buy extra copies of ANY of my programs and run a giveaway contest on your site.
  • Add a link to your email signature: “Heard about yet? Click here.”
  • Get a friend/colleague to interview you about your aha moments while going through one or more of courses or products.

E-mail swipes plug n’ play

Here are three e-mails you can use right away to get started:

Promote our special offers and seasonal specials

From time to time, we’re going to run special offers and seasonal specials. Each time it happens, we’ll notify you by e-mail with ready-made plug n’play swipes you can literally just copy and send out to your list or blog or Facebook or whatever.

Feeling grateful

Thanks for being a part of the club.

If you have any questions or want any help, just send me an e-mail at

Together, we’ll realise a vision. A vision to change the world and do something meaningful.

Kavit Haria