Apr 15

How to Make Content Marketing Work for You


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Hi, I’m Kavit Haria welcome to www.InsiderInternetSuccess.com

Now I ran a recent survey asking the most pressing questions that people have about marketing online, what’s going on right now in marketing and really how you can push your online business forward.

And one of the questions that I received that came in at least 10 times was: What is content marketing and how do I make content marketing work for me?

So, I am going to answer that for you in this video.

Now content marketing has been going on for hundreds of years, it’s not anything new but there’s this massive phenomenon going towards content marketing right now on the web and this buzz word of content marketing. So what exactly does it mean?

Well content being distributed around the web that is valuable, that is helpful, that is authentic, that is relevant, that is timely to your market. And if that content helps them achieve a specific need it’s very likely that person is going to build up enough knowing, liking and trusting with your business, your product, your service to want to buy what it is you have. To part with money and receive something in return.

So, content marketing is a process of creating regular content, that is helpful, that is authentic, that is valuable to the person that is receiving it, so that it is meeting one of their needs, it’s answering some of their questions, it’s solving some of their problems. And then getting enough trust with them to then purchase something from you.

So, how do you do that? Well the first thing is to think about: What are the most important questions that people in my market place have? So, what are they asking about my services, what are they asking about my product, what are they asking about my topic or my subject? So, for example content marketing here I asked our survey regarding questions problems, ideas to do with marketing online and one of the questions that came back is what is content marketing and how do I use it?

So, I would turn that into a very short video here for you sharing some quick thoughts and ideas you can use, that hopefully you’ll find relevant and valuable and that will help you build some more trust with me, my business, my company, my services and hopefully one day we might work together.

That’s just a really off the cuff example of how you can use content marketing. But of course you can create videos, webinars, a blog post, white papers, all of these things for example are available here on the website InsiderInternetSuccess.com as a means for us to generate and provide valuable content.

So, you want to do exactly the same thing for your business. Think about the greatest problems that people have, the greatest challenges that people in your market face, their needs and turn that into valuable pieces of content and start distributing them.
We’ll get into more of this information in upcoming videos. This is a series that we cut down into small bits and we’re going to pass this on to you every week, every Tuesday so you can benefit.

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  • http://www.noelbookkeeping.com/ Ruth Noel-Samaroo

    Kavit you’ve explained it brilliantly, I can’t wait for the bitesize video series ๐Ÿ˜€

  • http://www.noelbookkeeping.com/ Ruth Noel-Samaroo

    Kavit you’ve explained it brilliantly, I can’t wait for the bitesize video series ๐Ÿ˜€