Jun 22

How to not be sneaky and smarmy


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My e-mail two days ago about MOVEMENT
really caught on with a lot of people.

I even pre-empted what my next e-mail (which
should have been yesterday) would be about
when I mentioned “the greatest passive income
model, ever”

… but I’m going to put that aside for a day or
two, and share a few more thoughts on what I said.


When you think “sneaky and smarmy selling”
what’s the picture that wise ol’ mind of yours
conjures up?

For most people, it will be a used car salesman.

In most western countries, this image seems to
typify what selling WAS all about.

Someone “pestering” you uncontrollably until you
just cough up the cash on a vehicle you come to
love but didn’t really need or want.

Perhaps like a forced or arranged marriage
in the 1920’s, where you have to end up loving
whomever you’re paired with because you
were pushed into it at the mere age of 15.

We’re in a new generation, a new time, which
calls for a new kind of selling.

Whether you like it or not, it really is ‘adapt or die’.

You and I, dear friend, are building our livelihood
on the web. We’re creating castles – not in the air,
but on the ground.

How we do “selling” is probably the exact
opposite of the used car salesman – or at
least it should be.

We’re focused on creating a movement.

Having people see why they need to do
something – for them – and not for our own
personal gains. That’s what this is about.

We’re having this conversation out of a duty
because I, supposedly the seller, have
something you need, and if I don’t share it
with you, I’m not doing my duty.

And, no, ‘duty’ is not a horrible word.

“So, what’s the trick, maestro?”

The 3 most powerful ingredients for creating
movement, or transferring ideas, is…


Consider the places where you’ve bought
something significant. It’s quite likely that if
you felt positive, happy and excited at the
end of the transaction…

… and you felt safe, comforted and secure
– you would probably have been served with
a high level of these three ingredients.

And if you left with a bad taste, you can
probably see these things missing now, can’t you?

So – you – how are you going to become
more transparent, show more integrity
and straight-forwardness?

#1 How can you be completely upfront
with exactly what you’re going to deliver
to your clients?

#2 How can you help your client do the
research so they can make a better informed
decision that serves them?

#3 How can you share the complete overview
and review of what you are selling online
without hiding anything at all?

Don’t forget — all the reviews + ratings
+ comparisons for most products are already
sitting comfortably on Google, waiting for you
to click so they move a higher to the #1 spot.

Sure, deception creates sales, but I
certainly don’t believe it creates wealth.

Deception is getting people to buy without
giving them the full information.

It loses you credibility.
It ruins your reputation.

It flushes your dream down the drain.

You don’t have to be perfect.
I’m no way near perfect.
But you just have to get it going.

Getting better every day.

Kavit Haria
Chief Movement Officer

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