Jul 08

How to Use Content to Create Adoring Fans


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Hi, I’m Kavit Haria, welcome to InsiderInternetuccess.com

Now, here’s a bit of a serious concept. What is the purpose of creating all of this content, why are we doing it and how is it really going to turn into a sale?

Now there is 6 stages of what we call the content journey. Six stages from when somebody sees the content, it takes six stages before they actually get the sale. What are those 6 stages?

Stage 1: Awareness – First of all they see the content, they like the topic and they get to understand the content, they become aware of the content and they feel like it meets a need.

Stage 2: If it meets a need it’s that they have interest. They become interested in the material, they want to read it, they look at it, they see it.

Stage 3: is consideration. They begin to consider in their head, ” Well I like this material, I want more of this material, I’m going to consider this material to help me in my business, my growth, my life, my service” whatever it is that you do and then…

Stage 4: After considering the service and product, they go into the purchase stage. So purchasing the ideas, the products the services that your offer, then…

Stage 5: You retain them. Again, all the content is being used throughout the same content you created in the beginning might be used later on to reinforce the message o stage 5 which is retention or retaining that customer.

And then Stage 6: Is after consuming all of this content, interacting with your business, experiencing your products and services they become Advocates, advocacy they’re basically taking your business to the world for you on your behalf using their case studies and word of mouth to basically share and generate referrals for your business.

So, 6 stages:

1. Awareness

2. Interest in your content

3. Consideration about your content the services or products you sell

4. Purchase, they have purchased your stuff.

5. Experience of that, then you retain them as customers for a longer period of time

6. They become advocates. The biggest advocates of your business, the champions of your services and products that go and share and sell that with a huge number of people on a regular basis.

So, these are the 6 stages that content should and can be used and you’ve got to find out how you can for these 6 different stages, 6 different groups of people where can you use content on a regular basis. And if you do this, if you plan for this, if you’ve got content in all these different stages you’re going to drive a huge number of people to your website and your business on a regular basis.

So, I hope you found this video useful. A very quick tip on the 6 stages. It’s very important so make sure your write down all the stages down and then start planning for content in all of them. And I look forward to catching up with you in a future video.

All the best, bye.