Jun 24

Clever Pop-ups – Stay Out of People’s Faces While Still Selling


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Hi, I’m Kavit Haria, welcome to InsiderInternetuccess.com

Now, there’ a lot of debate about whether pop-ups are good or not for your website.

Ultimately, the goal of my website is to try to provide as much valuable content as possible so I can build a community of people, email subscribers that find this information useful and want to receive material from me on a regular basis.

I guess this is also going to be the purpose of your website, if you’re trying to build a database and wanting to sell your services to people.

So, are pop-ups useful or not? Now, here’s what I’ve found. If you have a pop-up that pops, that literally just shows up every single time somebody comes to your website, even if it’s the same person that comes to your website every time and it’s not hard, it’s not easy to close the pop-up, you’re going to have problems. You’re going to have a lot of people leave without even consuming any of your content.

Now, that’s not what you want to do. So, make sure, first of all I always agree that you have to use pop-ups, because you want to build a list and it helps your do that quickly. But make sure there is a big cross on your site. Or the pop-up that allows you to leave or erase the pop-up if they don’t want to fill it out. So, they can still view the website without completing the pop-up. There should be like a big not thanks button that says “No thanks I don’t want to fill this form out right now”, and they can click that button and they can leave the pop-up.

The other thing to do is make sure the pop-up appears instantly. If it appears after they’ve started reading the material it’s going to interrupt their reading, it’s going to annoy the reader and you don’t want that to happen. You want them to appear instantly before they look at the content, otherwise you’ll disrupt their flow and they might even just leave the website even if your content is really, really good.

So, make sure that your pop-up appears instantly. And make sure it only lasts for a little while. So, if it appears instantly and they don’t close it after 10-15 seconds just get it to disappear, let it disappear so that it doesn’t obstruct anybody or doesn’t cause any problems. So, in case they don’t find the button or the cross to leave they basically can leave.

There are 3 rules that I have.

1. Use pop-ups

2. Use them un-obtrusively, so that they are basically appearing instantly and leaving after a specific amount of time.

3. Make sure it’s offering something very straight forward, very simple like a free newsletter or a free white paper, a free report, a free e-book. It should be very quick and easy to read it within 3 seconds otherwise of you the writing is all very small and it doesn’t make sense, it’s obtrusive, it takes a longer to read their going to leave anyway.

Make sure you try to save them, and use this tactic to build your website the right way. After a little while you’re going to get emails from people saying. I hate your pop-up, I do like your pop-up, I don’t like your pop-up, it’s in my way, it’s in the wrong place. And you can use all that feedback to put it in the right place to position it a way that the majority of your people your viewers, your readers like it and maximize the number of opt-ins you’re getting, the amount of email subscribers you’re getting.

My recommendation to you popupdomination.com, check it out and I hope you find it useful.

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