Apr 15

This ONE thing will improve your sales forever


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Have you ever wondered why some landing pages, some people’s websites, some sales pages convert really, really well whereas others are doing average or just failing? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this week’s video episode.

Welcome to Insider Internet Success. I’m going to tell you one this week that I think is going to make a massive difference in the way you’re converting leads and sales for your business. And if you do this one thing… you’re landing page, or on your sales page, you’re going to get more people giving you their information or buying the product you offer. So what is that?

Well, if you think about landing pages, they have a good headline, maybe they have good bullet points, they have a clear offer, they have a simple form, they have privacy information, they have all of these bits. Every landing page that’s good has these bits, but what is it about some of them that just stand out? Let’s think about this.

When Apple launched the iPhone 4S that made it really stand out? It had an improved camera, a better screen quality, better applications… but yes there was still one more thing the trade it stood out, that people wanted it for? That one thing was Siri. You could speak to the phone and it would do the actions you told it to do. Siri was the human being on the phone that you could communicate with. That was really attractive and made it stood out. It was the star selling point; the key thing that stood out, and Apple knew and marketed that. Sure, they talked about the other points – but they honed in on this thing.

Think about Apple iPhone 5. It’s now about the lightness of the phone. You like the 5 because it’s light or slimmer and thinner. The key selling point is that it’s slim and light. These products have many selling points but one of them is the star – the most unique thing that drives the sale. It’s made very clear and people can see that in the marketing.

When it comes to your landing pages, what is the one thing, the star thing, that you’re getting across? What is the one thing that is so powerful about what it is you do – and along with other benefits – this one just stands out?

You know, let’s say there’s a basket full of ten green apples and there’s one red apple in there too. That red apple is the star that stands out. It catches our attention. So, what is it about you? What is the star thing you can draw out of your landing page? Or the star thing about what you’re giving away that you can draw out?

And if you focus on that star, if you find and identify and make it clear, make it bold, and even put it into the headline, you’re going to get a landing page that sells, and sells really well. That is the secret of having a high-converting landing page. You focus on the one unique aspect of your product or service and you draw it out, you make it so big that it’s what people see so that the other benefits don’t even have to influence the decision as much.

So there you have it. Spend some time thinking and pondering it and come up with an idea that’s star in the free thing you give away at your landing page – and your landing pages will convert much more for you.