Success Story: How Joe restructured his business and made $150,000 in 12 months as a freelance graphic designer

Success Story

How Joe restructured his business and made $150,000 in 12 months as a freelance graphic designer

graphic-designerTell us why you wanted to start an online business?

I’ve been working as a freelance graphic designer for about 5 years in New Zealand. I used to do a lot of work for high-end magazines that would spend a lot of money on graphic designers to create new pieces.

Over the last few years, with the downturn in the economy, my business hasn’t been doing too well and I was quickly running out of ideas.

I spent pretty much all of my time chasing new business, attending networking events and just making enough to get by.

The irony is that I set up my own business to have more freedom and a better lifestyle, but I wasn’t making enough money and was always trying to land new contracts.

I began a freelancer business because I wanted to work a few hours each day and also be able to travel to Europe and other parts of the world. I also wanted my wife to be able to quit her job.

How did you hear about Kavit Haria and the Automated Business System program?

I found Kavit’s blog through a Google search when I was looking for advice on marketing my business on the web. I joined his e-mail list and have been receiving his daily emails for about a year now. I heard about the Automated Business System through Kavit’s emails so I decided to contact him to find out more.

What was the entire process like?

When I began to work with Kavit, our initial consultation was about understanding my goals and creating a business model and strategy to help me achieve these within a year.

Kavit walked me through a number of critical exercises to help me drill down on the type of graphic design work I wanted to do, and the type of people I wanted to work for as a freelancer.

Within 6 weeks, Kavit helped me to restructure my whole business. His team tore down my old, tired website and rebuilt a new front that appealed to my target audience.

They helped me set up an e-mail list and designed a free guide I could give away to visitors in exchange for them joining my newsletter.

Kavit also helped me restructure my price list and increased my prices by 6%.

After all our hard work together, I had an automated marketing and sales process in place that had people finding me instead of the other way round, learning from me, connecting and discovering my work, which led to new client enquiries nearly every week.

Kavit also worked with me to draw up an online marketing plan. He gave me access to a suite of video training and helped me build my business over the 12-month period.

How has the Automated Business System affected your life?

Here are three results that really stand out:

1. One year on from this process, I generated $150,000 from my new and improved website, as well as the automated marketing system that was set up.

2. My wife handed in her resignation and has now left her job.

3. In June, we both travelled to Europe together, exploring Italy, Spain and France.

But it’s more than just profits. I feel a sense of clarity in my work, and I’m more confident that I can command the right fees and attract the right clients. None of that would have been possible without going through the Automated Business System process.

Your Next Step:

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