What Would You Do With An Extra $4,194 Per Month?

The Secrets to Creating a Simple (Yet High-Earning) Kindle Empire That Most People Will NEVER Find Out – Are You Ready to Start Earning Money in Your Sleep?

You’ve heard all the stories and all the promises — “Start a blog and make six figures!”
“Quit your job!” “Work from home!”

And you’ve probably imagined how a passive income stream could change your life.

What would you do with an extra $4,194 per month?

  • Winter in Belize?
  • Buy that sports car you’ve had your eye on?
  • Take a family vacation that your kids will never forget?

Or maybe you’ll start thinking about…

  • Retiring early
  • Traveling the world
  • Buying a second home
  • Or even quitting your job.
But, truth be told, online income opportunities tend to fall into one of two categories. They’re either tremendously time-consuming or terribly low-paying. Sometimes both.

My clients come to me because they’re interested in earning a passive income. But they don’t want to get scammed, and they don’t want to wait years to earn a profit. Many have wasted money on programs that promise big earnings — but never deliver.

My clients all want to know how they can earn good money online … without wasting their time and effort. And they’re all nervous about committing to another program that doesn’t deliver on its promises.

If that sounds like you, then I have good news:

You can create your very own passive income stream – in just months.

Kavit Haria
Internet entrepreneur

That’s right. I’m going to show you the best, safest, most reliable method I’ve found for generating passive income: publishing eBooks on Kindle. And I’ll help you create a passive income stream of your own.

With Amazon’s technology behind you, you can publish an eBook almost instantly. And you can sell hundreds—even thousands—of copies with hardly any effort at all.

The best part is, once you’ve published the book, all the hard work is done. You’ll earn royalties for years – even if you never do another lick of work.

But you can only sell large quantities of books if you know how to choose topics readers are interested in – and how to package your books so they’re irresistible.

And you’ll only make good money if you can publish on a regular basis.

I’ve developed a rock-solid process for quickly writing, publishing, and promoting Kindle books that sell. And I’m going to give you the keys to that system.

In the Kindle Empire Kickstart program, you’ll learn my PERSONAL methods for generating long-term, passive income streams with Kindle publishing. (I’ve refined this system over the years, and I still rely on it to bring in steady, predictable income.)

Even better, I’ll prove that the process works — by publishing your first eBook for you.

Using the exact methods that I teach my students (which you’ll learn, as well):

  • I’ll help you research and select a topic that readers will love.
  • And then my team will write the book for you…
  • Design the cover…
  • And kick off the promotional process.
  • We’ll publish the book under your personal Kindle account…
  • And within 30 days, you’ll have a live eBook…published online…that’s already earning money.

Meanwhile, you’ll get to see exactly how we do it — so you’ll be ready to start publishing your own eBooks…and ratcheting up your passive income.


At the end of the program, you’ll have a ready-made passive income stream AND a proven blueprint for continually increasing your profits.
I truly believe that Kindle publishing is the surest route to financial freedom and opportunity. So I’ve made the Kindle Empire Kickstart Program a no-risk investment –- backed by an amazing guarantee:

This amazing KDK guarantee means you CAN’T lose: And here’s why:

  • We’ll publish your first book within 30 days. No matter what, you’ll own the rights to that book – and to all the royalties it generates.
  • Within a year (and likely much sooner), you’ll be earning passive income sufficient to fully recoup your investment in the KEK program. If not, I’ll refund the full program cost.

There is absolutely no risk to investing in the KEK program. At worst, you’ll end up with a published eBook and some extra money in your pocket. At best, you’ll possess your own personal Kindle empire, a passive income stream that brings in thousands each month, and the financial freedom to live life on your own terms.

How To Earn More Money — Without Working More Hours

As a member of the KEK program, you’ll get the tools and support to create the lifestyle you desire. You’ll write about subjects you’re interested in (or you’ll outsource the writing to professionals) — and you’ll earn money on every eBook you publish.

And, once you have your Kindle empire up and running, you’ll experience the true joys of passive income.

Imagine taking your dream vacation — paid for with your Kindle earnings — and making another $3,000 while you’re on still on vacation. Or checking your account every morning, only to find that your balance has increased overnight.

But, of course, those benefits only scratch the surface. The true benefits of steady, long-term passive income lie in the freedom, security, and flexibility it affords you. Having a reliable passive income gives you options.


  • Being able to quit your job at any time, secure in the knowledge that you can easily cover your monthly expenses.
  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing that your debts are paid off…and you have a healthy financial cushion.
  • The joy of giving your children fun vacations, ski trips, horseback riding lessons, educational field trips, and all the other experiences that can enrich their lives.
  • The security of knowing that an unexpected job loss won’t damage your financial security.
  • Having the option to leave your current job, start a business, go back to school, or pursue a new career — without sacrificing your income.
  • Being able to take luxury vacations, visit family, or travel the world on a whim.
  • Enjoying little luxuries…without worrying about what the indulgence will do to your budget.
  • Escaping – forever – the stress of trying to make ends meet.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you can purchase a vacation property, a second home, a fancy car, a boat, or those pro-quality golf clubs you’ve been eyeing — without any feelings of guilt or anxiety.

Most of all, imagine how you would arrange your lifestyle if the limitations of job and income were lifted.

With the passive income you generate from your Kindle eBooks, you can turn that dream lifestyle into a reality.

And, to be honest, creating this kind of passive income stream is not that hard. You just need some help getting started.

But I get it – the idea that you can earn thousands a month by selling a few eBooks? That might seem like a reach.

But Kindle is actually designed to help you make money. Good money.

Why Is Kindle So Profitable For eBook Writers?

The fact is, Amazon wants to make Kindle publishing easy and profitable for you. It’s actually in their best interest.

Let’s talk about why: When Amazon released the Kindle in 2007, they set out to completely change how people read. They wanted to make ebooks as common and pleasurable to read as regular print books.

And they’ve by and large succeeded. After the introduction of the Kindle, ebook sales started growing by leaps and bounds. By 2011, Amazon was selling more ebooks than print editions. And between 2010 and 2011, ebook sales increased by a whopping 146%.

Here’s why eBooks are STILL worth it…

Inevitably, growth has leveled off. But it’s leveled off at pretty high levels. Consumers spent at least as much on ebooks as they do on print books – and there’s no reason to believe that will change in the future.

And in the ebook world, Kindle reigns supreme. The Kindle is by far the most popular e-reader on the market – and the Kindle format is so well-established that most major publishers release Kindle editions.

But in order to keep Kindle on top of the heap, Amazon needs LOTS of unique content. The more Kindle titles Amazon has in its catalog, the more attractive the Kindle e-reader is to customers.

Now you can take advantage of the demand!

Amazon wants your content.

They want a LOT of content. And to get it, they make it easy for you to publish — and they make sure that you can earn a decent profit.

But here’s the cool part: YOU are the publisher, not Amazon. You still own your own content, and you can price and sell it however you like. You earn a royalty on whatever you sell — and you have the whole huge machinery of the Kindle marketplace bringing prospective buyers right to you.

And like I said, it benefits Amazon when you sell more books. So they’re always experimenting with ways to help you promote your books and find new readers.

In recent years, Amazon has rolled out programs like Kindle Select and the Kindle Lending Library, not to mention special pricing promotions. These programs are designed to sell more books and bring you more readers. And you have access to all that, just for having your book published on Kindle.

Do The Work Once, And Earn The Income Indefinitely

A few years ago, just as a test, I moved some of my content over to the Kindle marketplace. I posted my books at low prices — like $7.99 and $9.99 and waited to see what happened.

And you know what? I sold plenty of books. My profit margins were lower, because my prices were low and Amazon was taking a cut.

But that didn’t matter.

Selling on Amazon was so easy and efficient, that I could cut out 90% of the promotional work I was doing.

I’d been hustling non-stop to find buyers for my eBooks, and I was wearing myself out. But with my eBooks in the Kindle store and Amazon’s muscle behind me, my books practically flew off the shelves. Sales were strong, and I was saving tons of time.

Suddenly I was earning real passive income – making money on work I’d done months or years ago.

With all that extra time, I wrote a few more books — and pretty soon, THOSE books were earning steady money as well. And that money was ADDED to the cash I was still earning from the first books I sold.

You can see how this money compounds, right?


Say you write one e-book and sell it for $9.99. Every time you sell a book on Amazon, you’ll earn a royalty of 70%. So if you sell a modest 100 books every month (totally doable, in my experience), you’ll pull in $699 a month.

And that $699 is truly passive income. You’ve already written the book, and Amazon is busy in the background, selling to people. You’re earning extra money while you sleep, while you’re on vacation, even while you’re working your regular job.

Pretty cool, huh?

But it gets even better. The real magic happens when you write the next book — and the book after that. Because, assuming you can sell just 100 copies every month, each book adds another $699 to your monthly earnings.

Say you write six books in the next year. (Which sounds like a lot, but remember — we’re talking about short books. And I’ll show you a system that makes the writing fast, fast, fast.) That’s $699 after the first book, $1,398 after the second, and $2,097 the following month…

By year’s end, you’ll be bringing in $4,194 a month. Not too shabby, right?

That means that, even if you never write another word, you’ve added more than $50K to your base annual income!

And if you DO keep writing — well, the sky’s the limit. Keep at it for two years, and you’ll have an annual income of $100,656. That’s a six-figure income!

And at that point, you’ve got all KINDS of options. You can quit your job, pay off your debts, fully fund your retirement account, or buy a vacation home. You can spend more time with your family, travel, or give your kids the education and prospects they deserve. Most importantly, you can stop trading precious minutes of your life for wages. You can create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted — and you’ll have time to savor it.

So What’s The Catch?

There’s no catch, per se — but there are caveats:

  • You must publish books that people want to read and buy. This involves researching a potential topic, assessing the competition, and selecting a subject that readers can’t resist in a niche you can dominate.
  • When you join KEK, I’ll teach you the EXACT method I use to research and validate ideas for my own high-grossing Kindle publications.
  • You must present your books in a compelling manner. You’ll need a catchy title, an attractive cover, a great description, and numerous reviews. I’ve studied this stuff in depth, and I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t.
  • With the KEK program, you’ll get expert advice on titling and positioning – and I’ll hook you up with a designer who creates book covers that practically sell themselves.
  • You must be able to promote your books effectively in a minimum amount of time. To make the most of your passive income stream, you’ll need an easy promotion system that you can deploy in very little time — but that will still bring in plenty of buyers.
  • I’ve spent the last decade perfecting a fast, easy system that sells LOTS of books. I’ll show you exactly how I do it – and my team and I will even launch the promotion for your first e-book.
  • To maximize your income, you must be able to produce new books on a regular basis — whether you write them yourself or outsource the work. If you can comfortably produce one book per month, you’ll be able to scale your income quickly. If each book takes a year to write … well, you’ll be lucky to finish the first one, much less the next ten.
  • I’ll show you how to generate ideas quickly, select profitable topics, and outsource some (or all) of the work. With my comprehensive system, a book per month is not only possible – it’s actually quite easy.

Writers who earn their living writing eBooks have developed processes that allow them to quickly write what their readers want — and then to monetize it effectively.

If you look around the Kindle marketplace, you’ll see these books all over. They have great titles, professional covers, compelling descriptions, and plenty of positive reviews.

When you search on a topic, these books will pop up near the top of the page — which means even more clicks, more buyers, and more reviews. But there are plenty of other eBooks, too. Books with cheap-looking covers, generic titles, and just a handful of reviewers — if any. Books that sound exactly like 20 other books that pop up in search results. These books often show up on the second or third (or fifth) page of results — long past the point where readers stop scrolling.

The sad thing is, lots of these books were written by people who were passionate about their topics. These writers pour their hearts and souls into producing an eBook that they’re sure readers need and want.

But they don’t do their research. They write what they want to write, not what their audience wants to buy. (Or worse, they write what they think their audience wants — and they’re wrong.)

The result is an eBook that languishes on Amazon, selling rarely. All that work — for nothing!

I got pretty lucky with my first eBook. I had a marketing background and I knew my audience really well (musicians), so I was able to write a book that sold…and sold well.

I wasn’t always so lucky, though. And after a couple missteps, I realized that I could waste a lot of time writing books that no one wants to read.

So I got serious about fine-tuning my process.

  • I developed a system for researching book topics — one that helps me find underserved niches where readers are actively looking for more information.
  • I developed a system for writing books quickly, so I could turn out a new book or two every month.
  • And I developed a hyper-efficient system for promoting my e-books — one that could bring at least 100 sales per book every month, but that only took a few minutes a day to implement.

After a few months of experimentation, I had my process down pat. It was completely streamlined and completely replicable. I wrote and promoted every eBook the same way — and I got great results every time.

I’d cracked the code for selling eBooks — and now I’m ready to help others do the same.

The systems I developed are at the core of the Kindle Empire Kickstart Program.

Since my initial foray into the Kindle marketplace, I’ve helped dozens of clients publish and sell their first books. That’s how I know that my system works for everyone — not just me.

Working with me, my clients publish their first books quickly. They usually earn back their investment in just a few months. And many continue to publish…ramping up their income with every book they write.

The Trick To Ensuring That Your Book Makes Money

When you join the Kindle Empire Kickstart program, my team and I will publish your first Kindle book within a month. We’ll show you how to generate 100 sales a month. And you learn how to duplicate my process on your own.

If you follow my process, you can expect the same kinds of results as my client Dan.

Dan joined the Kindle Empire Kickstart program in December 2014. He planned to build a publishing business, so we created a pen name for him.

We began with one of his passions, American football. We put every topic idea through two rigorous tests to help us define the niche, the angle, the popularity, and the profit potential.

We landed on an idea that tested well, and my Kindle team proceeded to create a content outline, write a 30-page eBook, and to proofread, polish, and convert the manuscript to the Amazon format.

By January 5th, Dan had launched his first eBook.

We priced the book at $6.99, and Dan kept a $5 profit from every sale (a 70% royalty).

The next stage was promotion. My team provided the initial kickstart by publishing online articles and press releases, contacting bloggers, and posting on social media.

In the third month, Dan finally hit 100 sales in the month. In that one month, he’d earned $500 from one book — all passive income.

But by that time, Dan had already published an eBook on his own. He’d been watching as we created his first book, and he’d learned the entire process step by step.

By March 2014, Dan was well and truly in the e-book publishing business. In April, he had his first $1,000 month.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

As of October 2014, Dan had 10 books in the sports field published on Amazon. On average, he makes $350 per month per book. That means he’s pulling down a monthly royalty of $3,500.

All passive income.

Dan’s success is completely replicable. But as you can see, there are some REALLY critical things you need to know before you jump in:

  • How to choose the right topic
  • How to make sure your topic is profitable and popular
  • How to make sure enough people search for your e-book angle
  • How to decide your pen name
  • How to find the writers and people to do the work while you retain ownership
  • How to price your book correctly for maximum number of sales
  • How to promote your eBook online and ensure you don’t lose sales momentum

These are just a few things that come to mind — and each point is covered in the Kindle Empire Kickstart program. We’ll build your first e-book for you AND give you the specific and detailed training to turn you into a publishing powerhouse.

How a $19.95 eBook Changed My Life (and Made Me a Fortune)

KEK is one of my most popular programs, and it’s jammed packed with great info — and even better done-for-you services.

But before I launch into the details of the program, I want to tell you a little about myself — and why you should believe what I’m telling you.

Today I run a successful online business, helping new entrepreneurs set up online businesses and income streams. I’ve taught online marketing seminars to hundreds of people, consulted with businesses of every size, and created automated businesses and income streams for dozens of clients.

But believe it or not, I started out with an eBook. And this was back before Kindle was glimmer in Jeff Bezos’s eye, so I did my marketing the hard way.

At the time, I was working as a musician and doing pretty well. But my income was limited by the number of hours in a day. It didn’t matter how much money I wanted to make — I could only play so many gigs in a year.

I was getting lots of work — but I was wearing myself out. And I worried about what would happen if my bookings dried up. I wanted to build up a little financial cushion, but I didn’t have the time (or the energy) to take on a second job.

Maybe you can relate. Even if your only means of increasing your income is to pick up a second job … or take on some overtime assignments… you’ll probably think long and hard about trading your precious free time for a couple hundred extra quid.

That’s that calculation I was doing, at any rate. I wanted a better income and the time to enjoy it. But those two desires seemed incompatible.

Fortunately, I stumbled onto a solution.

You see, a lot of my musician friends had been asking about how I marketed myself. I was giving out a lot of free advice and answering the same questions over and over. And one day, I thought to myself: “You know, I should just write this all down.”

So I hunkered down in front of my clunky Dell laptop, and I wrote a 49-page eBook called “49 Music Promotion Tips for the Internet”. It was easy to write because I already knew about the subject. And I knew people would want to read it, because I was answering questions I’d been asked a hundred times.

When I was finished, I stuck it up on my website with a Paypal button and a $19.95 price tag.

Happy Clients & The Books They’ve Published


Mira Johnson
Tips & Tricks of a Pastry Chef


Maria Johnson
How to Seduce Your Wife or Girlfriend


Dominic Smith
Elegant Garden Design: 10 Steps to Creating Your Secret Escape

ReachYourIdealWeight copy

Joanna Carter
Reach Your Ideal Weight & Stay Lean For Life


Bryan Capstone
How to Fly for Free

I Couldn’t Believe What Happened Next…

People bought the damn thing!

In fact, it sold really well. I’d wake up every morning and check my Paypal account — and every morning, the balance was bigger.

I immediately fell in love with the model I was creating. I could produce a really high-quality, short book quickly and put it up on my website. Slap on a PayPal button and BAM! I’ve got something selling.

At $19.95 a pop, I made a lot of daily sales.

People flocked to the site to buy what were then my “insider” secrets to music marketing.

BUT … that was because I spent hours and hours trying to get some kind of marketing going. Sure, it was “write a book once, make money forever,” but I had to work daily to promote it.

And it took a lot out of me.

In fact, I’d kind of swapped one set of time constraints for another. Just as my music income depended on me turning up for gigs, my eBook income required nearly constant promotion.

Don’t get me wrong — I loved what I was doing. But it definitely had a shelf life.

But then…

Amazon released the first Kindle device.

And everything changed.

When I realized how easy it was to publish and promote my books on Kindle, I really dug into it. I studied successful books — and the not-so successful ones. I talked to successful Kindle authors, and I began to experiment with my own eBooks.

I learned about the tremendous effect that little things could have on sales — variables like the cover, the title, the description, the number of reviews, even the number of typos.

And I began fine-tuning my own system for publishing successful eBooks — and quickly ramping up the revenue from each one.

Just a couple years later, I started teaching my system. Since then I’ve helped dozens of clients publish popular eBooks on a whole array of topics.

I’ve had a hand in the creation of over 100 eBooks! And many of my clients are still going strong with their Kindle publishing empire.

Covers of some of the 100+ books published through the KEK course.

I know from my own experience — and from that of my clients — that KEK contains the best information you can find on how to publish a truly successful eBook — and how to turn your books into a consistent revenue stream.

But don’t take my word for it!

What My Clients Have to Say About The Kindle Empire Kickstart Program

“I’m using Kavit’s Kindle techniques and published on Amazon recently. 5 sales already and I haven’t even started implementing the promotion module yet!”

Paul Scoplin on Facebook

“Kavit has been a tremendous source of information, inspiration and supportover the last 5 years during which I have grown my blog to almost 5,000 subscribers and

Arvind Devalia, Author, Coach, Speaker

“I am so glad I took time to invest in Kavit’s Kindle program. I know it sounds corny but it was amazing. The insights and mindset shifts I experienced has already made a huge difference to how I view myself as an author and more importantly as running a successful self publishing business.

The Kindle program spoke to my heart. I know that self-publishing on Kindle is the way forward for authors and bloggers, yet I didn’t feel confident in knowing how to write, publish and promote my work on the Kindle.

During the course, Kavit very patiently broke down the process into four simple steps. Kavit is a spontaneous teacher. He gave us a lot of time and space to ask questions, practice the techniques and tips shown and to share our ideas of what we were doing and how to make the system personal to us.

I feel very confident and motivated and have a clearer understanding of what I need to do and how to research, write, publish and promote my work on the Kindle platform.”

Ntathu Allen, Yoga Instructor

I found the delivery of the course was well structured and put into easy to follow steps which made the course both enjoyable to follow and with excellent content. I am delighted with my finished Kindle book and looking forward now for the sales to start. The project did take longer than expected, however I understand that this has been sorted for future books. I found the delivery of the course was well structured and put into easy to follow steps which made the course both enjoyable to follow and with excellent content. Delighted and always happy with Kavit’s teaching and products.

Alan Tems

“Kavit offered me a useful business resource: the opportunity to actually create wealth passively! I didn’t realise the value in information. Fortunately I’m full of info in my chosen profession & often give it for free. This made me realise my own worth in the internet world.”

Shannon Brenton

Kavit, I would like to thank you so much for the help and support you have given me during the time I’ve struggled to publish my eBook. If it hadn’t been for you it would not have been finished!
I’m not a stupid person, but I have always found technology and all things ‘internet’ difficult to use. The ability to type is not enough and you have always given me help specific to my individual problem. I’ve never felt that I was ‘just a number’ or that I was being a nuisance. You’ve been very patient.
My plan is to go ahead with you on a second venture as I know I’m going to receive the same level of support. You have integrity and that was missing from almost all of the other people that I have come across before I did your course. I’m so happy to have met you and have your support.

Julie Jacobi

What’s Included In the Program

There are two parts to your Kindle Empire Kickstart journey:

1 – My team and I will give you the “kickstart” you need by researching, writing, publishing and promoting your first e-book for you. This is our complete done-for-you solution.

2 – You’ll get 24/7 access to my premium online training. This is delivered in a four-part video course, teaching you how to research, write, publish and promote your eBooks so that you can build your own publishing business.

You’ll also have unlimited access to me. You can contact me any time to ask questions, and you’ll receive detailed advice and dedicated support throughout the publication process.

And we’ll hook you up with our pool of writers, designers, and proofreaders to provide expert help in building your publishing empire. There are folks that we know and trust to do a great job, every time.

When you sign up for the Kindle Empire Kickstart, here’s what happens:

  • My assistant Amanda will be in touch immediately to talk about your goals and interests.
  • Based on our conversations, I’ll thoroughly research a profitable, hot-selling niche for your Kindle eBook.
  • I’ll create a powerful title that commands attention.
  • We’ll appoint the most suitable writer for your subject matter. The writer will research your topic, develop and outline, and write the eBook.
  • We’ll have the manuscript proofread by a proofreader.
  • My Kindle designer will put together a high-quality cover, based on my guidelines. This is extremely important if you want your e-book to be noticed.
  • We will then publish direct to the Kindle from your account.
  • I’ll write a best-seller-style product description for your Amazon listing. This will attract attention and convince readers to buy your book.
  • Finally, we’ll commence promotion.
  • We’ll write five articles related to your book for distribution around the web.
  • And we’ll send out a press release to the online world.
  • As soon as we publish your book, you take ownership of all the rights. And all the royalties will be paid directly to you. It’s 100% YOUR book.
    And while we’re working on your first eBook, you’ll get immediate access to my premium Kindle publishing training. You’ll get detailed, step-by-step instructions for duplicating the publication process.

Since you’ll have access to our pool of writers, designers, and proofreaders, you can have your second book ready to publish almost as soon as the first one goes up on Kindle

How Much Is A Ready-Made Passive Income Stream Worth To You?

The process I teach is unique to me — particularly my high-results promotional methods — but it’s one I developed on my own, through trial and error.

You can certainly do the same.

You could teach yourself how to publish a Kindle book. You could build you own team of professional writers, designers, and proofreaders. And if you have the time, the interest, and the perseverance, you could probably figure out how to successfully promote your book.

But do you really want to spend your time reinventing the wheel? Instead of spending six, twelve, or eighteen months (or even longer!) learning the ins and outs of Kindle publishing, wouldn’t you rather just cut to the chase and start earning money??

Because we publish your first eBook for you — and we do it within a month — you’re in a position to start earning back your investment almost immediately. Remember those numbers we ran earlier? If you make 100 sales (a highly realistic number) per month, you’ll earn $699 on an eBook selling for $9.99. In just ten months, you’ll have earned $6,990 off that one book — the one that we wrote FOR you!

And that’s just the start — because your second book will double your monthly income.

How does $1398 per month every month sound in exchange for a just a few hours of work?

Given the potential returns, you might expect me to change a lot for this program. After all, I could charge $5K and you’d still recoup your full investment in less than a year. But to be honest, it’s important to me that this program be affordable. Part of my mission—and that of my business—is to change the world by empowering others.

If you’re interested in pursuing your dreams, I want help. So you won’t pay anywhere near $5K. In fact, you’ll pay less than half that. The investment for the entire Kindle Empire Kickstart Program is just $2,495 (or 3 payments of $887). That includes:

  • the done-for-you eBook, published to your Kindle account
  • the kickstart promotional package, including press releases and online articles
  • my exclusive 4-part video training, which teaches you step-by-step how to publish your own books quickly
  • access to the same writers, designers, and proof-readers that we use to produce high quality eBooks for us.

At 100 sales per month, you’ll recoup your entire investment in less than three months. Way less if you get that second book up quickly. And hey, if I’m half wrong about your sales? It’ll just take a little longer. But six months from now, you’ll still be turning a nice profit. Choose your preferred payment plan to reserve your space in the program

My Double Guarantee

I KNOW this program works — and it can work for anyone. So I’m not shy about guaranteeing your results. In fact, I’ll even offer you a double guarantee.

#1 – The Pre-Publication, 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You’ve got 45 days to go through all the course material while we’re working on your book. Once we have the final book manuscript ready for you — complete with a fantastic title and amazing cover — you’ll have a chance to look over our work. If you don’t love what we’ve done and feel confident about moving forward, just let know. We’ll refund your entire investment with no hassle.

Once we publish your eBook, you own it and any royalties it earns. If you decide after publication (but within 45 days of purchase) that you’d like a refund, you’ll receive your money back, less the cost of writing, design, and promotion.

#2 – The One-Year, Recoup-Your-Investment Guarantee

Take an entire year to publish and promote your own books. Reach out to me with any questions and ask for help if you have trouble getting to 100 sales per month. If, at the end of the year, you still haven’t earned back the price of the program, I will refund the entire program cost.

Please note that I’m happy to guarantee my program — but I can’t guarantee your behavior. As a result, the one-year guarantee is only valid if you ask for help when you need it … and if you make a good faith effort to follow my advice when you receive it. But if you’ve done your best and you still can’t turn a profit — I will happily refund your full purchase price.

The Kindle Empire Kickstart program is truly no-risk program. We write and publish your first eBook, we’ll start the promotional effort, and we’ll show you how to move forward.

When we are done, you will have a passive income stream bringing in money. Guaranteed.

How To Turn On Your New Income Stream

Providing this program feels somewhat like a “call of duty” for me. Kindle publishing is amazing way to generate passive income, and I feel fortunate to have stumbled on it early in my career. Denying this opportunity to others would feel unjust.

But in order to deliver our commitment of producing one e-book for you to the highest quality and standard, our team cannot stretch its current capacity beyond 10 new clients at a time.

The level of service and personal attention we give each of our clients means more to us than simply loading and piling on project after project.

So when we say ten, we mean ten.

Choose your preferred payment plan to reserve your space in the program:


See you on the inside!

Kavit Haria

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