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All The Details…

What is the program all about?

Kindle Empire Kickstart is a strategic program to help you become a PUBLISHER in the Amazon Kindle space.

If you’re interested in creating your own passive income stream, or are looking for a new “digital” business you can travel with, this is for you.

There is a growing opportunity in the e-book space for new, high quality information… and with a little bit of research you can find out exactly what people are looking for and publish content for sale.

What results can you expect?

Within 30 days, you’ll have your first e-book selling on the Kindle from your own account.

I’ll be researching the topic and niche angle, and then my team and I will be writing, publishing and promoting this book to get you started.

My goal is to get you to 100 sales per month for your first e-book.

When you earn your 70% royalty on a $9.99 ebook, you would get $699/mo from your one ebook.

More importantly, of course, you’ll have access to my premium training that shows you the exact step-by-step process to help you replicate and create e-book after e-book, creating your digital empire.

Which means you’ll be have the SYSTEM I use to become a publishing powerhouse – publishing ebook after ebook, and collecting the royalties.

What exactly do I get?

There are two parts to your Kindle Empire Kickstart journey:

Part one: my team and I will give you the “kickstart” you need by researching, writing, publishing and promoting your first e-book for you. This is our complete done-for-you solution.

Part two: you’ll get 24/7 access to my premium training online. This is delivered in a two-part video course, teaching you how to research, write, publish and promote your own ebooks so that you can build a publishing business.

You’ll also have unlimited access to ask me questions and get detailed dedicated support to assist you throughout the process.

Here’s what my team and I will do for you:

When you sign up for the Kindle Empire Kickstart here’s what happens:

1. I’ll thoroughly research a profitable hot-selling niche for publishing an e-book on the Kindle. I’ll decide a powerful title that commands attention.

2. We appoint the most suitable writer for the chosen subject matter who goes ahead to research and write an e-book.

3. We have it proof-read by a newsreader.

4. My Kindle designer will put together a high-quality cover, based on my guidelines. This is highly important if you want your e-book to be noticed.

5. We will then publish direct to the Kindle from your account. I’ll write a best-seller-style product description for Amazon.

6. We’ll commence promotion, setting up 5 related articles for distribution around the web, producing a quick video for viral marketing and releasing a press release to the online world.

7. At the same time as all of this — you get immediate access to my premium Kindle publishing training as described above.

8. Most importantly, I’ll give you the contact details of our pool of writers, designers, and proof-readers, so that you can use them in your biz.

What’s the investment?

With a realistic 100 sales/month, you’re looking at $699 profit if you sell at $9.99.

In 10 months, that would be $6990.

That’s just ONE e-book.

Within 2-3 months, you’ll recoup your investment on autopilot and everything thereafter is literally just pure profit for doing nothing else.

Your plan should be to try to publish once a month or once every two months.

If you only did 6 more this year, that could be $4194 per month.

Also, what is your time worth? To learn everything through your own trial and error, as well as gather your own team of experts would take weeks.

You could figure this out the hard way. Or you could take this shortcut and grow your Kindle business faster by avoiding all of my own mistakes too.

Your investment is just $1997.

The Guarantee.

Your purchase is protected by our money-back guarantee. If you go through this entire program and you don’t love what we have created and feel confident to continue your journey, let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund your money.

Note: Once your ebook has been published, it is yours. So we deduct the cost of writing, design and publishing, and refund you your entire balance.

Regardless – you are 100% protected!

There are only 10 spots in this program.

Providing this program feels somewhat like a “call of duty” as we have a great way to generate passive income and it would feel ignorant and unjust if we did not share it with as many driven people as we could.

But – in order to deliver our commitment of producing one e-book for you to the highest quality and standard, our team cannot stretch its current capacity beyond 10 new clients.

The level of service and personal attention we give each of our clients means more to us than simply loading and piling on project after project.

So when we say 10, we mean ten.

Which means once 10 slots are gone, we’ll close the payment page and the offer will be bolted shut.

This offer is ONLY available for 3 days.

Along with the limited space, we’re only going to offer this opportunity for 3 days, starting TOMORROW MORNING.

If you don’t get it within these 3 days, you’ll lose your opportunity.

A lot of work goes into producing a launch, so we’d like to close the sales page whether we get 10 clients or not and begin to focus on delivering our highest quality to our new clients.

By Saturday morning this offer will be CLOSED.

What’s next?

If you have any questions, e-mail me right away.

Choose your payment plan:

Invest $1,997 and claim your spot (one-time payment)


Get started for $797, plus two further monthly payments of $797. Click the button to claim your spot!


*In order to protect us, if you take the payment plan, your e-book will only be published to Amazon once the 2nd payment has cleared.

Kindle Publishing – 11 Common Questions Answered!

1. How do you select a popular niche when you create my 1st e-book for me?

Way too many people have this question. As a “publisher” this is your secret weapon skill.

Telling you HOW would be unfair to my clients, but I will tell you that every idea we generate gets put through a few tests to check:

* Are there enough people searching for this subject matter in Google?
* Does the book answer burning questions that people are asking on Google?
* Is the competition on Amazon (print/hardback/Kindle/audio) significant enough to prove there is enough buyers?
* How high up the rankings does this subject matter feature?
* And more.

We push ahead with an idea ONLY once we are satisfied that the book has potential to sell well.

2. How much time do I need to dedicate to build my own Kindle publishing business?

As a publisher you have to:

* Research ideas (or outsource it!)
* Assign tasks and manage writers, designers, proofreaders
* Publish to Kindle
* Promotion activities

Per book, that’s about 5 hours of work. 7-8 if you’re a total newbie.

If you intend to write your own e-book, add more time.

3. How much marketing will you do for me?

As part of the Kindle Empire Kickstart program, we publish your first e-book for you. Here’s how we also give it a kickstart in marketing:

* We write 5 fresh articles based on the blog and publish this to directories and Google.
* We will write two review articles and share them on social content websites.
* We will create one 60 sec kinetic video for you to use on Youtube and social media to promote the launch of your book.

Once we get this done, we’ll handover the materials for you to continue on your journey.

Note: as part of the supplementing premium training you receive, you’ll learn 4-5 more detailed methods we use to drive big traffic and momentum to our Kindle e-books.

4. If I have already started writing my own e-book, how will this program help me?

Our program is a system for researching, writing, publishing and promoting your e-books to the Kindle store.

With the help of our professional writers and proofreaders we can help you round off and polish your e-book. We’ll then design, publish and promote this for you.

5. My e-book is published already, but I’m not making any sales. What do you suggest?

Here’s are the 5 top reasons why most e-books fail:

* Poorly executed research and not enough time spent checking for demand and whether people will buy
* Poor title + subtitle strategy for the e-book
* Poor cover design
* Poor product description within Amazon
* No marketing momentum built up

My Kindle Empire Kickstart will provide the grounding to help you fix your project and start new successful ones.

6. What will I learn in the training?

Alongside the done-for-you element, you’ll get access to my premium training course which teaches you the four stages of Kindle publishing: research, writing, publishing and promotion.

This is delivered via two training videos and a series of homework exercises.

You’ll learn:

* How to research the best niche angle for your e-books, using the Google and Amazon tests.
* How to write an e-book yourself – how to create a content outline and structure your writing
* How to find your writers and interview them to get the best quality
* How to publish to the Kindle and take advantage of their new tools
* How to promote your Kindle page, get e-book reviews and promote to top bloggers and media
* Plus a lot more.

Essentially we cover every area of these four stages for you.

7. I’m terrible with technology, but this sounds great. What do I do?

Fortunately, the Kindle publishing business is one where you pretty much don’t need any technical know-how.

So long as you can surf the web to research, use your email to read and write emails, and open or use Microsoft Word to read and edit you’re absolutely fine. I’m serious.

The Kindle opportunity is one of the simplest tech businesses – and profitable too!

8. How involved do I need to be when you’re producing an e-book for me?

It’s entirely up to you. Usually our clients like to see how we research and then let our writer, proofread and designer get on with the work… While our client gets on with studying their training program and following my steps to produce their next e-book.

9. How much contact will I get with you?

I’m available to contact at any time. I encourage you, through the training program, to submit your ideas and research to me so I can cast an eye and give you my feedback. This will help you hone your skills even further to become a powerful and effective Kindle publisher. I’m there to help you through the whole journey till you’re comfortable and confident on your own.

10. If I want to write an e-book myself, will you show me how?

Part of the training program I provide will show you how to break down a topic into bite-size chunks and then structured into a content outline. We shall also talk about how to approach your writing structure so that your readers are compelled to finish the e-book.

11. What if this doesn’t work for me?

Your purchase in the Kindle Empire Kickstart program is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. You have 30 days to go through the program and request a refund if you are unhappy.

Choose your payment plan:

Invest $1,997 and claim your spot (one-time payment)


Get started for $797, plus two further monthly payments of $797. Click the button to claim your spot!


*In order to protect us, if you take the payment plan, your e-book will only be published to Amazon once the 2nd payment has cleared.