Mar 05

Honouring that life is short: what’s your next step?


In some way or another, through one or more experiences, most of us have discovered that life is short. Whether you believe that this life is just a drop in the ocean of the multiple lives that you have, or that death can come at any time, the conclusion is the same.

How many times do we just go through life thinking about what we’re going to do instead of just doing it now? How often do we speak about the past and plan for the future, but never live in the now?

Eckhart Tolle, in his book Power of Now, says “Nothing ever happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now”. So why can’t that Now he speaks of be in this moment, in this very time, now?

Life is short.

Celebrate it, as my friend Arvind Devalia says.

Dust off the best in your wardrobe.
Don’t wait for that special occasion.
Don’t wait for someone else to invite you.
Don’t wait for the holiday.
Make today count.

Ditch e-mail and pick up the phone. Rejoice in hearing the voice.
Go for coffee with a friend or loved one.
Get out from in front of the TV.
Sit in a field and read something meaningful.
Meditate on your legacy.
What vision are you going to leave behind?
Make today count.

Write that e-book and publish it online.
Build your website.
Start selling something.
Each day that goes by is lost.
Write poetry. Create music.
Make today count.

Don’t engage with energy vampires.
Send love to those that doubt you.
Be a source of energy for all.
Put the doubter in your mind to one side and forge ahead.
My certainty exceeds your doubt.
Make today count.

The most important thing you should not miss out on doing is to rediscover what it is you want to spend your time doing. Life is the result of what you believe in yourself.

If you’re ready to build an income to fuel your dreams, it’s time to get started today.

Decide you want to build a business online.
Survey the forums and social networks.
Find a niche market.
Find a great product and become an affiliate.
Get your website up and running.
Send traffic immediately.
Make today count.
Life is short.

People wait for ‘then’. But ‘then’ never comes. There is only now.

Do what makes you come alive.

Make a pledge now – what are you going to do this week to move forward?

Write it in the comments below.

The best response is going to win a 30-minute coaching session with our Implementation Coach to help you draw a plan for building your online business. I’ll draw the winner this Friday.