Jun 23

London Meetup, Saturday 29th June, 3-5pm


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Last evening we drove down to the Isle of Portland
and had an amazing view of the Jurassic Coast which
is a World Heritage Site.

Probably the best night-view I’ve ever experienced
anywhere in the UK. Well worth a view.

Have a look at the pic on my Facebook profile:


Everywhere I travel, I love to meet up with my students,
subscribers and clients. Yet for a long time, I haven’t
hosted a meetup in London.

So before I travel again next week, I’m hosting a “rare”
meetup in London city on Saturday 29th June from 3pm to 5pm.

The meetup is an informal get-together with like-
minded people interested in online marketing and
internet freedom, plus a great excuse and way for
you and I to meet in person. No specific agenda.

It’s the perfect opportunity to mingle over a casual drink
and even get away from the solo-life behind the laptop.

I always get a lot of people interested in London, so
if you want to come, you’ll need to go to this page and
fill out the form —


Then we’ll go through the list on a first-come, first-serve
basis and select the right people to create as good
an environment for everyone!

That’s all for now, I’ll continue my daily tip tomorrow.

Kavit Haria

PS. If you’re able to get to London next Saturday,
don’t miss this informal meetup with yours truly: