Success Story: How selling handmade laptop covers made Melissa Carr £100,000 in her first year

Success Story

How selling handmade laptop covers made Melissa Carr £100,000 in her first year

melissa-carrTell us why you wanted to start an online business?

Before, during and after university, I took a lot of time out to travel the world. I lived the student life and got addicted to exploring.

I then got a good job as an executive P.A. and have been working for the last six years, but I haven’t been able to travel much. My bucket list is very long, and I knew that if I had an online business, I’d have more time to do what I really wanted to do.

That’s when I started to seriously research how to find a profitable idea and start a new business online.

When I was travelling in Africa, I met people who created beautiful traditional fabrics. They made dresses, shirts and other garments. Seeing their outstanding artwork gave me the idea to create cloth cases for gadgets like iPads, laptops, Kindles, mobile phones, etc. I thought this was a good idea, but I needed some support to make it work.

How did you hear about Kavit Haria and the Automated Business System program?

One of my friends is a business consultant, and she had forwarded me an invite to attend a webinar that Kavit was offering at the time.

I attended the webinar live and was impressed with how Kavit had simplified the process, as well as the list of case studies he had shown us.

I signed up to his informative e-mails and learned about the Automated Business System program. It sounded like the perfect solution for me. But I had no business idea at the time, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to create a business until I had that golden idea. So I waited, and it was a few months until I finally decided to make the investment.

What was the ABS process like?

As I was stuck for business ideas, Kavit took the time to listen to me. We talked several times, going over idea after idea, refining and testing. I love to travel, so most of my ideas surrounded that. It was an interesting process.

From the initial meeting, Kavit worked with me to identify and develop a business model for the web. Within 40 days the team had created, designed and built the brand for a new e-commerce website using the Shopify platform.

The team developed the store and displayed my products. They also set up the payment system, email newsletter system, teaser videos, and beautiful photography to capture my visitors all the way to stock management and product sales. I couldn’t believe it: I had my own shop, selling these products I had designed!

After 6 weeks, Kavit helped me create a marketing plan, provided full access to a library of training videos, and guided me in implementing new strategies on a daily and weekly basis. I probably spent an average of 2-3 hours per day on marketing.

Every two weeks, Kavit and I would discuss how things were going and we worked together to implement the marketing strategy.

How has the Automated Business System affected your life?

It’s been a fascinating experience. I never knew I would be able to create a business like this, where most of my marketing and sales processes has been automated. It’s given me so much more flexibility and freedom.

I’ve even automated the delivery of the products by using a fulfilment house, and I currently take about 5-10 hours per week, working solely on the marketing of my business.

Within three months of launching the business, I had sold 235 pieces. My average sale price was £50, so that gave me total sales of £11,750.

Six months in, by April 2014, my sales had totalled 1062 pieces. Total sales were £53,100.

As of writing this, I’m within 6 weeks of completing my year’s program with Kavit, and I’ve sold more than 1800 pieces, creating totals of £93,150. I believe I’ll hit my first £100,000 within 6 weeks.

What I’m more happy about is that not only am I able to generate income, but I’m also able to support a lot of less fortunate people in Africa who get great jobs producing these beautiful pieces of art.

After the initial success of my new business I have decided to leave my job in December. I’ve also booked a family holiday to Jamaica, paid for with my profits.

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