Nov 12

My #1 method for converting prospects to high – ticket sales


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I’m Kavit Haria welcome to

So I’m often asked: “What is the #1 way that I convert my prospects into high sales?” Like how do I create a high volume of sales regularly? And I wanted to tell you that here in this video.

The answer is 1 word…webinars.

Webinars, is revolutionized the way that people sell online and for me it’s had an incredible impact on how I have reached out to my people.

For example, you know it has a lot of different benefits that I enjoy. The first things is I get to have real interaction with people, that are interested in what I’m doing and that want to succeed in their own business and I can give them that value. They can ask questions I can answer. I can make things really personal by talking to individuals at any particular time.

Of course webinars scale you. You can be one person in your home office or in your office wherever you are and reach out to hundreds of thousands of people basically through that one session that you’re running. I mean you can scale yourself and provide that incredible value that you provide of course to a lot of people very quickly.

Webinars make great practice for public speaking. I mean you’re getting out there and you’re going on to a stage and doing a lot of different webinars and creating different content and sharing that, you know provides a great way for you to practice your skills at speaking and increasing the effectiveness of how you connect with people in the audience.

And of course they’re really personal, I mean you could provide a webinar on any kind of method or topic you could have Q&A’s, you could have content training, you could have sales webinars, you could do all sorts of things.

But when it comes to selling, if I wanted to sell something and I was asked to sell any kind of program or product or service I would always use a webinar to get across my value because I have my voice to inject and share some value in. I could use my slides and pictures, I could even put my own face there so people could see me actually talking with them on their end of the world and of course you never have to leave your location to speak to people and others never have to leave their location to come to hear you.

So webinars provide a wonderful way for you to sell, they connect with people for like an hour or so, on average really to provide great content and you can convince people about the benefits of working with you through that process.

So, webinars are my favorite tool, my number one tool for converting people to high sales. I want you to experiment with it as well if you never used it as a way to consider how you can bring it into your business. Because anybody who is not using webinars is leaving a lot of money on the table.

Check out webinars for your business. Consider it for your sales processes and I look forward to catching up with you with more insights more tips in future videos.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this leave a comment let me know. Speak to you soon, bye.