Sep 02

New kindle workshop


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I believe “e-book publishing” is by far the greatest
passive income opportunity that exists online today.

Find subjects that people will spend money on.
Get books written.
Publish to the Amazon Kindle.
Reap the royalties.

In a nutshell, that’s the process.

There’s no printing, packing, shipping of books.
You don’t really have to struggle with traffic.
You don’t even have to write the e-books yourself.

Many of my students are building tiny little
Kindle empires that generate handsome sums
of royalties month after month.

I’ve created a brand new free workshop to give
you the exact 4-step process for researching
and publishing e-books, and how to develop
this into your own Kindle empire.

I’m going to run this free webinar on Wednesday,
September 4th, at 2:00PM Eastern (7.00pm UK)
— that’s in TWO days time.

I’d like to invite you to attend this LIVE presentation.

You can get all the details and register here:

There are just 100 spots, so reserve your seat early
to avoid disappointment.

I design every webinar I teach to be a class in itself.
You can take the training and begin to apply it, putting
into action what you learn and reaping rewards.

I also design each training to be a foundation step,
reading you to further work with me if you see it
worth your investment, energy and effort. But of course,
there is never an obligation.

What’s most important is you join us for this workshop
if you’re keen on building a passive income Kindle empire:

Speak to you soon,

Kavit Haria

P.S. I would really appreciate it if you share this with
anyone who you believe will benefit. Just forward them
the link. I’ll be happy to reward you in return.