Jul 25

NEW payment plan for Kindle Empire Kickstart


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Quite a lot of people have asked for a payment
plan in order to join the “Kindle Empire Kickstart”
program, so here it is.

Get started today for just $797. This will be
followed by two further payments of $797 one
month apart.

Click here to take up the payment plan:


Only 3 spaces remain today.

Once they are gone, this opportunity will be taken
off the market immediately.

Once I’ve got your registration, I’ll be in touch to
start the process with you.

Kavit Haria


In case you have missed any of my previous emails,
here’s the low-down on the “Kindle Empire Kickstart”


The purpose of the KEK program is to give you the
best possible start on your passive income publishing
journey, coupled with high-quality, step-by-step, training
to help you become a kindle publishing empire.
The goal is to give you a system for building + growing
your online passive income.


Within 20 days, you’ll have your first e-book selling on
the Kindle from your own account.
I’ll be researching the topic and then my team and I will
be writing, publishing and promoting this book to get you

My goal is to get you to 100 sales per month for your first

When you earn your 70% royalty on a $9.99 e-book,
you’ll get $699/mo from your one e-book.

But then – remember – you have the entire step-by-step
to repeat and launch, month after month, increasing this
passive income with each book.


When you begin the process working with me in this program:

1. I’ll thoroughly research a profitable hot-selling niche
for publishing an e-book on the Kindle. I’ll decide a
powerful title that commands attention.

2. My team of expert writers will research the niche and
write an e-book positioned as an authority.

3. We will have it proof-read by a newsreader.

4. My Kindle designer will put together a high-quality cover,
based on my guidelines. This is highly important if you
want your e-book to be noticed.

5. We will then publish direct to the Kindle from your
account. I’ll write a best-seller-style product description
for Amazon.

6. We’ll commence promotion, setting up 5 related articles
for distribution around the web, producing a quick video
for viral marketing and releasing a press release to the
online world.

7. At the same time as all of this — you get immediate
access to my popular “E-book Publishing Profits” course
where I’ll show you how to do everything yourself in
complete detail, so you can also begin to publish and
grow your empire.

8. Most importantly, I’ll give you the contact details
of the writer, designer and proof-reader so that you can
use them in your own team.


With a realistic 100 sales/month, you’re looking at
$699 profit if you sell at $9.99.

In 10 months, that would be $6990.

That’s just ONE e-book.

Your plan should be to initially try to publish
once a month or once every two months.
If you only did 6 more this year, that would be
$4194 per month.

Compared to all of this – and for practically lending
you my team to help you do this – your investment
of just $1997 is a steal.

We only have 10 spots (THREE LEFT!) and they
will go fast because I have had so many emails
expressing their interest and desire to get involved.

Click on this link to go directly to the sign up form to fill
in your details + complete the registration process:


You can also take up a three month installment at $797:


I hope you got all the info you need – and if you have
any questions whatsoever please email me as soon as

With warmth,

Kavit Haria