Hey there, I’m Kavit Haria

I help people start and launch highly profitable hands-off online businesses by using the internet to generate profit growth, autonomy and freedom. We have over 18,000 subscribers on my daily e-mail newsletter. I cover money-making business strategies, such as:

  • Developing your profitable business idea. From 1 subscriber to your first 10,000 — I cover what works in creating utility for customers, and getting those content assets in front of the right people.
  • The steps you need to take to launch your business. Content marketing is much more than writing. It requires the ability to examine and act on customer data, networking with journalists, and so much more.
  • How to build an automated business system. Hiring is never easy. I’ll share my thoughts on attracting one of the hardest positions to fill successfully in any online business, the content guy / gal.

My e-mail newsletter is also where I share the things that have worked in making my clients so successful. Stuff I refuse to write about anywhere else.

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Be ready to do a lot of work in a short span of time but don’t be afraid – with Kavit’s support, you shall be able to accomplish a lot. Good way to jump start your online business or take it to the next level.

-Simon Kapstan, New York

Kavit is a smart, authentic marketer that gets real results online.

-Dean Hunt, Creative marketer, USA

Kavit’s knowledge, coaching and training style has had a positive impact on the growth of my business. I am fulfilling my dream of running my own business. This has enabled created the flexible lifestyle I dreamed of and hence has given me more money and more purpose, and more quality time to spend with my children and family.

-Eva Dalgety, Business consultant, UK

I regard him as one of the most genuine internet marketers who does what he says he’ll do – help you as much as he can.

-John Walshe, UK

Quality of content exceptionally high given that the webinar was provided for no-charge. The material discussed could easily have been sold for a fee.

-Vince Sood, Pharmacist, London


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