Oct 29

This one distinction could transform your business: Offer vs. Offering


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I’m Kavit Haria welcome to www.InsiderInternetSuccess.com
When I run my 48 Hour Internet Start-Up workshop a two-day intensive, where you enter my training room and from 9am-9pm we are hardcore building a business from scratch for anybody that’s in the room, right. I teach one really key thing, which is a distinction that opens the eyes literally of everybody that I’ve shared it with. I mean every single time we do a feedback session this is the one thing that everybody shares as being the most eye opening thing.

It’s what I call Offer vs. Offering, two things: offer versus offering. Now the offer understand the distinction between these two things. Most people think the offer is you know I’m going to be providing coaching sessions for this, or I’m going to be selling an e-book for $47 dollars that is my offer, with three bonuses that you buy on an guarantee, or I’m going to be selling a webinar coaching series at $97 dollars or $497 dollars and that’s my offer.

Now, that’s wrong, the definition of an offer is a statement of transformation, something that you are going to produce as an outcome of a result when somebody that works with you.

For example, anybody that comes to work with me knows that I will get them to achieve the goal of more sales in their business. In the limited time that we have my goal is to get them to a point where they have more sales so they can enjoy freedom in their life, you know more time off and having a more fulfilling life that they can have with their family, that’s the goal. That’s the offer if you like, that’s the transformation that they’re going to experience when they purchase or invest in something that I have.

So for you the coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, author, info product creator, whoever is watching this, service provider. If you fit into those categories, you need an offer.

You need to be very, very clear about what is the statement of transformation that you’re going to offer to the people who are going to buy from you. What is the result, what is the end outcome that they’re going to get? That’s the offer.

It’s not coaching sessions, it’s not you know, videos it’s not video courses, consulting because nobody buys that. People don’t buy your coaching sessions, they buy the result the coaching sessions are going to give them. People don’t buy your webinar series, they buy the result they’re going to get from it, so that’s that. And the Offering…the second thing is the actual deliverables that you will provide so this is where the coaching session comes in or the video series or the products that you’ll give or the services the consulting, the coaching, the e-books whatever you’re actually delivering to them in order to create the statement of transformation in order to create the outcome, the result, the end goal those are the offerings.

So you have to have the offer…you have the offering you have these two key things and you need to be very clear about them and if you do you are clear about them you will see that they don’t actually merge together. You can do whatever you need to do to deliver the offer, I mean as long as they get the offer they’re going to pay you money. So when you speak to your perspective client next, what do you say?

You say, this is the end goal that I’m going to get you to, and in most cases whenever I speak to people and I share that, they tell me about their business about their goals their ambitions, they tell me about where they want to reach in their life with their business. I tell them whether I can get them there or not based on my offer. I say this is exactly where I’m going to be able to get you, and because I’m sharing that you know, they don’t even care how I’m going to deliver that service. They just know that they want to work with me because of that outcome that they’re going to get. And of course the deliverables is the secondary element to that.

So, this is a massive distinction, I hope that you’ve found some really good insight and clarity based on this distinction the offer vs. the offering, and go use it in your business, share with somebody else, if you know somebody else in business that can benefit, share this exact distinction with them.

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