Feb 28

Here is a powerful method to outsmart your competition online

Nothing beats some friendly competition

Nothing beats some friendly competition

I’ve talked to many business owners that have a great product/idea, but just can’t quite get over the hump and beat out the competition. We’ve all been there before. Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard we try, the competitors are getting the most business. Does that mean they have more to offer than your business does?

Nope. It just means they’re using different methods to attract more customers. I would love to help you grow your business (for FREE), so please apply for my Free Digital Marketing Audit. This short, but useful article will guide you to attracting and retaining many of your customers using your website:

Become a KNOWN authority

Being an authority on a topic means very little if no one actually knows you’re an authority. Perhaps you sell golf clubs and have personally tested out hundreds of different golf clubs over the past dozen years. That’s all fine and dandy, but do consumers know this about you?

Your competitor’s might be selling the exact same golf clubs and you might know more about which clubs are the best, but they’re probably doing a better job conveying the message that they’re an authority to consumers. You can’t keep your expertise hidden. You have to let consumers know exactly why they should come to you for questions about products/services you sell. That’s what your competitors are doing. Okay, so how exactly do you accomplish this?

Creating a blog that builds credibility

Earlier in the week, I showed you a guide on how to build a massive blog following in 5 easy steps. If you haven’t read that, please do so. I give away all sorts of advice on how to bring traffic to your blog and turn those readers into buyers. I have also recently posted a giant guide to blogging, which shows you, step-by-step, exactly how to set up your blog. Both of these pieces of content will do wonders for helping you establish a blog that leads to more revenue for your business.

In video episode #27, I talked about how any business owner can claim authority and stamp their expertise through 6 steps. It doesn’t matter whether you sell e-books or furniture, dance lessons or financial services, coaching classes or online programs… If you become a prolific content marketer, you will become the #1 go-to person in your industry and win the trust and following of a large portion of your market. Click here to watch the video tip.

Creating a blog will do one of two things. Either you will prove you are an authority on the topic, or you won’t. Each post should give away some free advice or at least be of something your target audience would be interested in. For example, that golf club website could create a blog that talks about how to find custom golf clubs and reviews of the top golf courses. You can easily steal business from the competitor’s simply by proving you’re more of an authority than they are. It all starts with creating a high-quality blog.

Click the link below to download Kavit’s free report and learn his secrets to running a successful small business. Oh, and PLEASE join in the discussion below. We would love to hear about the things you do to dominate the competition online: