Jun 06

Partner With Amazon. Work Once. Get Sales Forever


The biggest retailer online wants to partner with you. They’ll do all the work (payments, distributions, customer service, marketing, etc) and you’ll get paid a percentage share every fortnight. Your task is to find a problem, write a book that solves it, and publish it.

In this new video episode, you’ll learn my three step process for researching, writing and publishing e-books online. You’ll learn how to get published on the Kindle store and how Amazon wants to help you succeed. Their success is your success.

When you follow a plan, sales follow. Here’s what Paul Scoplin said on Facebook…

If publishing a passive e-book business to get your business more leads and sales is of interest, I’m currently teaching an hour-long webinar and you’re invited to attend for free…  Click here to get all the details.

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