Jun 20

We all wear this permanent hat


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Spent the day by the beach yesterday in Weymouth.
It felt like one of those rare British days with a lot of
sun and not a lot of wind, so I made the most of it.

We’re back-to-British today.

Started reading a book yesterday called “To Sell Is Human”
by Dan Pink, which I’m finding really interesting.

He argues that the death of the salesman may have
happened in the traditional door-to-door sense, but
technology has enabled it to grow more than ever.

For example, anyone can now set up an online store
using Etsy. More people are making side or full-time
incomes on their own, thanks to technology.

What do you believe about “selling” and “sales”…?

A lot of people have negative connotations with
sales and selling – but really, when we deeply
consider what it really is, it comes down to one word:


Selling is about moving someone to do something.

The doctor gets his or her patient into creating a change
in their habitual patterns.

Teachers do it to get their students to learn and grow.

Coaches do it to help their coachees become
better and masterful in their skill.

Musicians move people emotionally.

Accountants move their clients to make better
financial decisions and be in control.

Even I do it.

Every day I get up and write to you, I share with you
creative online marketing strategies that will help you
get leads + sales – and ultimately help you build a
passive income business.

Tomorrow I’m going to move you with something
tremendously exciting. It’s probably the best way
I’ve ever found to build passive income. You already
know about it, but I’m going to move you in an
incredible way like I’ve never done before.

Anyhoo, I deviate…

So basically we’re all wearing a hat that compels us
to do something to move other people.

But here’s the interesting thing – even the most skilled
people (doctors, dentists, opticians, surgeons,
accountants, lawyers, consultants, etc) are also
wearing the same hat.

In a way, the hat is permanent.

Some people think sales is sleazy.

Here’s my view on this.

I believe it is perfectly okay to move people
to action if it’s going to help them.

If it’s going to help YOU more than it helps
THEM, that’s bad business.

That would be sleazy (or whatever you want to call it).

In fact, I would go as far as saying it becomes
my duty to get you to “move” if I have something
that you need. What do you think?

My “48 Hour Internet Startup” workshop, for
example, is two solid days, 12 hours each, of
moving people to learn skills and act so they build
a business right before their eyes.

And my reward? Seeing their eyes and face light up
when they actually see their fully-functional site
live on the web, ready to take orders. Something
which many have waited uncontrollably for years.

So — I want you to make a pledge.

Become inspired as you go about your work earning
your bread and wine. Remember that you’re in the
game of movement and do it with energy, positivity
and focus so you deliver, putting the other person first.


OK, That’s all for now.

I’ll write to you tomorrow with something really
exciting. My best passive income model, ever.

Kavit Haria
Chief Movement Officer