Automated Business System

The Automated Business System

A Business-Building System That Delivers Freedom

So, you have a great idea. You want to be your own boss. You have the talent and know your market like the back of your hand. But you have no idea how to transform your idea into profit. Don’t waste your talent. We can help.

The Automated Business System is a unique business-building opportunity, designed specifically to make your idea for an online business a reality.

Our team of experts take you from idea to launch to successful six-figure online business in just 12 months. We build your online infrastructure or help you refocus your existing infrastructure if you already own a business. We are with you every step of the way.

The end result is an 80% Automated Business System that combines efficient software with the latest, proven sales, conversion and marketing strategies.

The goal of the ABS is simple – to achieve $100,000 in sales in your first year.

How? We work closely alongside you to develop your business ideas and then create a unique infrastructure to get you to launch. With the ABS, you go from being on your own with your idea, to having a team of experts behind you, dedicated to realising your goals.

And after launch, we mentor you until you reach that $100k sales target.

The ABS delivers guaranteed online success, so you can enjoy more of what life has to offer.

The ABS Is For You If…

  • You crave the freedom to manage your own workload
  • Your free time is a commodity more precious than gold
  • You want more money to buy the things you want
  • Your current career path feels like it’s always on a downward slope

To achieve these things you must take control of your future by developing a constant stream of income that doesn’t depend on you being present every single day.

Just imagine the potential of developing a successful online business from the ground up but with the full support of a team of experts with a proven track record in giving people freedom.

More money, more time. Everyone wants that. Backed by the comprehensive support of Kavit Haria and his team, your drive and ambition will open doors to rewards you never expected.

The ABS Is Not For You If…

  • You are negative about your chances of success
  • You expect “push-button” riches
  • You can’t invest your personal commitment to building success
  • You want to pluck money from trees and not even pay for the ladder
  • Flogging dead horses is something you always seem to end up doing

A can-do attitude is a must. If you want to reap the massive rewards on offer, you must live and breathe your new business. We will be there to support you all the way – but you are in the driving seat.

The secret to a successful business? Passion and Commitment.

That’s all you need to bring to us. Kavit and his team have got the rest covered, from the technical side to the development, marketing and strategy. The lot. All we need is you.

If you are 100% committed to the journey – the Automated Business System gives you the unshakeable formula for success.

What Will I Achieve By Investing In the ABS?

The Automated Business System is not just about software, marketing, products or services.

We fast-track your success. Our goal is to get you $100,000 in sales in your first year of online business.

And that goal is covered by a cast-iron guarantee, we are as committed to reaching it as you are. Your ambitions are our ambitions. It’s what we do.

What is The ABS Process?

We don’t peddle dreams and then leave you stranded. When you work with us we take you through each stage and are there with you if the going gets tough.

When you begin your journey with the Automated Business System you will work with Kavit and the team to create a comprehensive blueprint for success.

Working with you, we build you a complete online business from the ground up. You will be 100% involved in the evolution of your new business, or the refocusing of your existing one.

After we launch your new business we then help you deliver your marketing plan, mentoring you all the way to success.

When you sign up, we immediately swing into action on your idea. We take you through each of the ABS phases until you have reached your target. Here’s how:

PHASE ONE – Strategic Discovery (1 week)

  • We work closely with you to understand every aspect of your new business idea, or existing business. We listen, we ask questions, we plan.
  • Armed with knowledge – we create an actionable task list, the blueprint for your new business.

PHASE TWO – Building & Implementation (6 weeks)

  • We create your online infrastructure, using our technical expertise to build a stand out online business.
  • When it looks perfect, we launch your business with maximum impact.

PHASE THREE – Marketing Mentoring (35 weeks)

  • Your first year marketing plan will be put into action with personally tailored support and mentoring from Kavit, ensuring you are on the right path to that first-year sales target.

When you sign up you also have unlimited access to a fantastic resource centre, where you can meet like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

What Now?

You probably have lots of questions.

The great news is that the next step is easy and free. Book yourself a free strategy call with Kavit to discuss whether the ABS can help you reach your goals.

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