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Is your website letting your business down?

Find out how you could transform it into
a powerful business-building tool in just 30 days!

You know your website should be the most powerful business-building tool you have … and yet the traffic, leads and sales it generates are much less than you’d hoped. That’s probably lost you thousands and thousands in potential profits already … and it’s going to cost you more … unless you do something about it.

So what if, in just four or six weeks, you could turn your website from a ‘no-hoper’ into highly effective money-making machine?

What if you could see …

  • … an increase of 10, 15 or 20% in traffic flow to your site, many more potential customers viewing your site means more conversions…
  • … a  25% improvement in conversions, getting your visitors to take some action on your site so that you can continue to market them…
  • … a 5-fold uplift in emails captured, in very simple terms the more e-mails you capture the more sales you ultimately make!

What would numbers like these do to your turnover? And to your profits?

Well, these are real figures that our clients are already experiencing after implementing the recommendations in the Website Diagnosis Report that we sent them.

What your website should be doing… but isn’t

“Thank you for the report. It is truly informative and extremely helpful. So much more than I would of thought. So this is sincerely appreciated and well worth the investment.”
– Sohial Farzam
Needlepro Australia

How many times have you looked at several websites owned by different companies all selling the same thing and thought to yourself… How do I choose?

Your website should be easily visible and found for your prospects searching for specific search terms that relate directly to your business. Do you know what are the BEST search terms for your business? Do you know the biggest market in your industry and what they are searching for?

What happens to your site visitors when they do finally find you? Do you stand out and capture their interest and imagination, or do you (like 90% of website owners) lose them in 7 seconds or less never to see them again?

Specifically designed to pinpoint every inefficiency, defect and failing, each Website Diagnosis Report is a forensic 53 point dissection of what your website should be doing … but probably isn’t. Performed by our team of online business experts, the Website Diagnosis Report will:

  • Provide you with a complete ‘strengths and weaknesses’ analysis of every component of your site’s navigation, content, usability and visual appeal. So you know what’s working and what’s not.
  • Review your home and landing pages to reveal how they can better create the immediate impact that ‘hooks’ visitors and keeps them longer on your site and persuades them to leave you their contact details.
  • Isolate the online ‘roadblocks’ that are currently driving visitors away from your site and keeping visitor numbers low.
  • Give your site a full Search Engine Optimization assessment, including keywords, so you will know how to achieve the highest visibility in searches. This ONE thing alone could have a dramatic effect on your sales, very few people get this bit right.
  • Investigate any potential Google ‘penalties’ that may already be having catastrophic consequences for your business online … without you even knowing it.
  • Confirm that your website is fully optimized for mobile devices – crucial when more and more of us are using tablets, smartphones and laptops to browse the web. If your website is not “device friendly” you will be leaving money on the table. Mobile is the future.
  • And much more besides.

See windfall results in just 30 days …

Our Website Diagnosis Report draws our findings together into an easy to understand, yet detailed analysis of your website, complete with the actionable ‘next steps’ needed to put things right.

This is no off-the-shelf document, but a fully customized report that’s highly specific to your business. From the small ‘tweaks’ needed here and there, to more radical overhauls, it will show you how to transform your website into the powerful business building tool it should be.

As part of the package, we’ll also schedule a call with you to talk through the Report and explore how if necessary you could start applying our priority recommendations so that you see those windfall results in weeks, not months.

The best solution for your business

Of course, you could try to assess your own website. However, that takes time, not just to do, but also to learn what needs to be done. It also means that you miss out on the third party perspective that will give you new insights you can never gain on your own.

And though your usual IT company or web designer, could do some elements of what’s needed, they won’t have the depth of knowledge we have as MARKETING specialists, able to stay on top of the latest technical developments.

And why so little for so much?

So what’s an independent review of your website, carried out by a team of technical and commercial online experts, going to cost?

Just $19 (£12) for a completely personalized report that will transform your website into a real business building tool.

It’s simple to get started

Because after seeing the quality of what we do, it it;s appropriate for your business we hope that you’ll want to benefit from our other online marketing services and products. It’s as simple as that.

But don’t worry. There’s no catch and no obligation, so even if you don’t think we can help you going forward, your Website Diagnosis Report is yours to keep and use.

In fact, if you don’t feel that your Website Diagnosis Report has given you real ‘value-added’ insight into how your website could be performing better, just let us know and we’ll refund your money in full. That’s guaranteed and no awkward questions will be asked.

And the good news is that should we start working together, you’ll get your Website Diagnosis Report for FREE, because we’ll credit what you paid for it to your account.


Get your Website Diagnosis Report now.

So why not find out how hard your website really could, and should, be working for your business and arrange to get your Website Diagnosis Report?

We’ll immediately send you send three questions about your website and what you want to achieve from it. These take only moments to answer and it’s all we need to get started. There’s nothing technical for you to do.

Within five working days you’ll have your Website Diagnosis Report – a comprehensive and fully customized analysis, complete with recommendations, that’s specific to your business.

Remember, you can expect to see major changes in the way your website is performing in as soon as 30 days.

Our  Rock Solid Guarantee

We confidently believe that a customised Website Diagnosis Report will fundamentally improve the effectiveness of your website. However, if after 60 days you believe you have not seen the significant increase in the volume of traffic, leads and sales you were expecting, then just let us know and we will refund your money. The Website Diagnosis Report remains yours to keep, no questions asked. That’s our cast iron guarantee.

Get your Website Diagnosis Report now.

To higher profits!

PS. Need to turn your business around FAST? Then improving the effectiveness of your website is the quickest way to bring in new sales.

PPS As ‘diagnosis specialists’ we’re able to identify the hidden opportunities in your website that most web designers and developers would miss.

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