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How to Find & Validate A Business Idea
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Millions of people each year think about starting a business.

Most of them will never do it.

They’ll spend their lives daydreaming about quitting their jobs, striking out on their own, and building a business that fulfills them. But they’ll remain stuck, waiting for inspiration to strike or nursing an idea that they never quite act on.

Will YOU Be Different From the Rest?

I’m sure you don’t want that for yourself. But the fact is, many people dream of starting a business – and few ever do.

What holds them back?

Two words: fear and uncertainty.

You’ve probably heard the statistics on small business failures: something like 80% of new businesses collapse in the first 18 months.

If you don’t deep-down trust that your idea will be successful – why would you even risk it?

And starting a business IS a big risk. It takes lots of time, lots of money, and lots of energy. And if it fails, it’s hard to get back on your feet.

So it’s natural to hesitate, to think it over, to delay.

Most people never realize that that there’s another option: they can validate a business idea BEFORE they commit to action.

So they wait. They tell themselves that starting a business is too risky, that the time isn’t right, that in a year… or two… or five… they’ll be ready to make the leap.

And in most cases, they never leap.

Maybe you can identify with that hesitation…

  • Have you been spinning your wheels for months (or years), looking for an idea that feels right?
  • Have you begun working on your new business in earnest – only to second-guess your decisions?
  • Do you see others start their own businesses – and wonder why you’re not moving ahead as well?
  • Are you excited by your idea – but unsure if it will be profitable?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the number of directions you could take your business?
  • Do you have an idea that you love – but no business model that would make it profitable?
  • Do you have a giant list of things you’re interested in – but no idea how to turn that list into a profitable business idea?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then relax – you’re totally normal. Almost everyone experiences the same doubts and questions when they consider starting a business.

But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could determine whether a business idea would be profitable – BEFORE you waste time and money pursuing it?

What if you knew how to test and validate ANY idea – so you knew up front whether it was worth your attention?

In fact, you CAN. And the most successful, savvy entrepreneurs know just how to go about doing it.

If that sounds appealing, then “How to Find Your First Profitable Idea” is for you.

In this course, I’ll guide you through the entire process of finding and validating a profitable idea for your business. I’ll show you:

  • how to develop an idea you’re excited about
  • how to analyze its strength and viability
  • how to select the right market and positioning
  • and – most importantly – how to scientifically validate your idea’s profit potential.

Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll know exactly where you’re going – and you’ll have full confidence that you’re headed in the right direction.

And that frees you up to do amazing things.

What If You Knew You Were Making the Right Choices?

Imagine starting your business feeling completely confident that you’ve chosen a great niche and a product with tons of profit potential….

Imagine launching your business in just a few months – and seeing profits begin to roll in quickly….

Imagine scaling your business rapidly…

…Doubling – then tripling – your revenues…

…And being ready to quit your job, retire early, or travel the world…

Faster than you ever dreamed possible.

All because you started from a position of clarity and confidence.

When you have doubts about where you’re going, you often don’t know what your next step should be. Or perhaps you do know, but you subconsciously avoid taking that step – because you’re not quite sure it’s moving you in a direction you really want to go.

According to Peter Shallard, a therapist who works with entrepreneurs, this is one of the great causes of procrastination in small business owners. Uncertainty about the next step balloons into uncertainly about everything – your business, your niche, your product. And that uncertainty is paralyzing.

But when you have clarity and confidence about where you’re going, the next step become obvious. And when the next step is obvious – and you harbor no secret doubts about the direction you’re headed – you’re very likely to TAKE ACTION on that next step.

Your Idea Is the Foundation of Your Business

Without a profitable idea behind it, a new business is doomed.

But most entrepreneurs make the same big mistake with their business idea. They dream up a product that they wish existed…and they assume that others will want (and pay for) the same thing.

They’re almost always wrong.

So how do you avoid making that mistake?

The folks at Chubby Brain have the answer for you. Chubby Brain was an Internet startup whose founders did exactly what most new businesses do. They had an idea that they thought would fun and interesting – and so they went out a built a product. They assumed that, because they liked their product, there must be millions of OTHER people who would like it.

In fact, no.

Even with great traffic, lots of press, and a good software product, Chubby Brain couldn’t find enough paying customers. Visitors landed on their website…and, finding nothing there they wanted, they bounced right off.

So eventually Chubby Brain shut down – a victim of that 80% failure rate.

And Chubby Brain is in no way unique. In the wake of their failure, Chubby Brain’s founders started researching. They investigated 32 failed startups and found that the number one cause of failure was that companies were simply not listening to their prospective customers.

Fortunately, Chubby Brain learned its lesson. After talking to the customers they DID have, the founders launched a new company – this time designed to provide services that people were actually looking for.

So it’s a happy ending.

(Well, except for all the time, money, and energy that the founders poured into a business that ultimately failed…)

Fortunately for you, there’s a way to avoid Chubby Brain’s mistakes altogether. You can research your market BEFORE you enter, and you can talk to customers (and even competitors) BEFORE you commit yourself to new business.

When you do that, you won’t be guessing about what people want to buy … or whether they’ll buy … or if there’s room in the marketplace for your offering. You won’t have made any assumptions about your customers or your competition.

Instead, you’ll have investigated, researched, and analyzed. You’ll have weighed the evidence, evaluated the competition, and gotten to know your future customers. You’ll KNOW that people will buy your offering – because you’ll have followed a clear, scientific process for testing and validating your business ideas.

And you’ll be pursuing an idea that you KNOW has legs.

Bullet-Proof Yourself Against Business Failures, Future Doubts, & Second-Guesses

In “How to Find Your First Profitable Idea,” I’ll show how to develop and validate a business idea that’s been rigorously tested and validated for profit potential.

This is the EXACT method I use with my Automated Business System (ABS) clients, who hire me to build them a highly profitable, six-figure business from scratch. And it’s the method I use in my own business, before I launch any new product or service.

In short, I know this method works because I use it regularly to create products and businesses (for myself and others) that SELL.

You’ll discover:

  • How to brainstorm a list of rock-star business ideas
  • How to choose the right idea – even if you have dozens of possibilities
  • How to find smart, money-making ideas in ordinary places
  • The 2-second “secret weapon” that will show you instantly whether an idea is likely to be profitable
  • 4 steps for analyzing your market and competition – so you’ll know if there’s room for your product in the marketplace
  • The online tools I use to expedite my own research and analysis
  • How to conduct deep-dive market research – so you know exactly who your customers are and what they want to buy from you
  • My proven framework for sorting your ideas and highlighting the ones with the most potential
  • 20 ways to turn a so-so idea into a unique business concept that’s poised to dominate your market
  • How to refine and position your idea for maximum success

Just as importantly, you’ll:

  • Gain clarity about your business and confidence in your direction
  • Improve your chances for long-term success – because you’ll be running with a high-potential idea
  • Feel assured that you’re putting time and energy into an idea that will pay off
  • Fast-track your business success by removing the doubts and uncertainties that slow new entrepreneurs
  • Feel energized, motivated, and ready to TAKE ACTION
  • Emerge from the program with a clear sense of what your next steps should be
  • Avoid the delays, changes in course, and second-guessing that slows or derails most small business owners
  • Grow your business faster and become profitable sooner

NOTHING speeds your business success like knowing that you’re on the right track … that you’ve done the vital work of vetting and validating your business ideas…that the business you’re building will help you attain your true goals.

And this confidence translates into speed. I see this all the time with my clients and students. Once we settle on an idea with which they’re really happy and confident, my clients LEAP forward. Instead of wasting time and energy wondering if they’ve made the right choices, they can apply themselves whole-heartedly to the hard work of building a new business. And as a result, they move FAST.

A profitable business doesn’t require years to build – especially in the online world. (My ABS clients are typically on-track to make six figures in their first year.) But you can’t move forward if you’re continually returning to the drawing board.

And THAT is the true benefit of “How to Find Your First Profitable Idea.” You’ll gain the confidence and clarity to keep moving forward, even when things get tough. And as a result, you’ll get where you’re going faster.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I’ve been selling on the Internet for ten years – and I’ve been providing business advice for almost as long. I’ve worked with more than 10,000 clients in total – and my company builds a dozen brand-new businesses, from scratch, every single year. I’ve consulted with companies of every size and description – and I’ve spoken at conferences around the world.

And I’ve worked closely with HUNDREDS of new entrepreneurs, most of whom come to me with a desire to start a business… and only the vaguest ideas what they want to do.

In every case, these entrepreneurs feel stuck UNTIL they find the right idea. Once they KNOW that they’re on-track to a business that’s almost certain to be successful, something shakes lose. These newbies become product-creation machines, and they build successful businesses quickly. They get stuff done – and they create businesses that thrive.

Kavit Haria
Creator of the How To
Find Your First
Profitable Idea course

What My Clients Have To Say

But don’t take my word for it.

I’ve personally coached dozens of people through the method I’ll teach you in “How to Find Your First Profitable Idea.”

And not only do my clients find tremendous clarity in the process, they come away excited and motivated about moving forward. Starting their own business is no longer a hypothetical, “maybe someday” goal. These people are ready to START. They hit the ground running, and they make great progress very rapidly.

Take Alison Roberts, for example. Alison knew what service she wanted to offer – but she had half a dozen ideas about who she might work with. By the time we finished the initial analysis of her ideas, she had selected a highly profitable niche and knew exactly how to go about validating her decision. Here’s what Alison has to say about the experience:

“[This research] is something that I’ve sort of known I should be doing. What you’ve done is given me a really clear framework, given me a structure and really specific tasks. I’m literally going to get off the phone with you and get [started]. That is absolutely what I’m going to do because there’s no need for me to delay anymore. I think for me, questions will come up – but they’ll come up as a result of my actually acting on this.”

Alison Roberts

Alison is a typical example of someone who becomes completely energized and motivated by gaining clarity on her idea. She’d been mulling on her business idea for while – but once we analyzed her ideas and made some decisions, she felt certain about her choices. And she was ready to run with them.

Most people feel the same when they begin validating their ideas:

“Thanks, Kavit! This has really helped me see where I need to go with this.”

Carolyn DeBlois

Lay the Groundwork For the
Life You’ve Been Dreaming Of

As these examples illustrate, finding your first profitable idea is incredibly empowering. And when you build your business on the foundation of a strong idea, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and confidently you progress.

That means that not only will your new business be operating profitably that much sooner….

…But you’ll poised to attain your TRUE goals faster as well.

Whether you’re hoping…

  • to quit your job…
  • build up your nest egg…
  • enjoy more leisure time…
  • pursue a pricey hobby…
  • buy a vacation home…
  • or indulge in the luxurious lifestyle you’ve always wanted…

You’ll get there faster when you KNOW that that your business is on the right track … when you’re confident about your decisions … and you’re certain about your next steps.

And with “How to Find Your First Profitable Idea,” you’ll develop and validate a profitable, viable business idea that produces just that sense of confidence and clarity.

“How to Find Your First Profitable Idea” is a video course with an accompanying workbook. The videos are short (most are under 15 minutes), and you can move through the material at your own pace. You’ll learn everything you need to know about my unique GAT Process for Generating, Analyzing, and Testing new business ideas.

The course includes:

  • 7 instructional videos, covering the GAT method for idea generation, analysis, and testing.
    – Why you need a profitable idea and how to sidestep common pitfalls
    – How to generate lots of ideas
    – How to develop positioning that gives you a unique advantage
    – How to analyze your ideas and select the best
    – How to validate your idea’s profitability using interviews and surveys
    – How to analyze your competition
    – How to determine your next steps
  • A PDF guide containing exercises and worksheets to help you analyze your ideas quickly and accurately

In addition, you’ll get access to some amazing bonus material:

  • The GAT Checklist
    Keep yourself on track with this handy checklist outlining the key action steps in the GAT process.
  • 3 In-Depth Case Studies
    Listen in on actual coaching calls, where I walk real students through the process of finding and testing an idea.
    Hear how…
Alison narrows her big list of ideas to the ONE idea with the most profit potential
Mark discovers how to translate his past experience into an idea for a highly profitable online business
Carolyn sidesteps a rookie mistake and learns how to niche her product so more people find it AND buy it

See firsthand how to avoid the mistakes, misconceptions, and oversights that most aspiring business owners commit. And witness how students take interesting ideas and turn them into business concepts that practically guarantee good profits and a strong business.

  • 5 Expert Interviews
    – Listen to deep-dive interviews with experts who can help you jump-start your business.
Stefan Mumaw, author of Chasing the Monster Idea
Discover the 7 characteristics of a “monster idea” – one that will energize your customers and turn them into vocal advocates for your business.
Kevin Riley, serial entrepreneur and owner of multiple niche businesses
When it comes to niches, how narrow is too narrow? Learn what Kevin Riley has to say about that question — plus discover how to multiply your incomes streams by occupying more than one niche.
Claudia Altucher, author of Become An Idea Machine
Never lack for good ideas!! Make idea generation second nature with these practical tips for developing more ideas than you can count.
Paul Brackley, expert on Unique Perceived Benefits
Identify what sets your business apart by focusing on the benefits that matter to your customer.
Eli Regalado, crowd-funding expert
Generate enough pre-orders to completely fund your product creation – and, in the process, get the ultimate validation that your idea will be profitable!

PLUS, I’ll share one more training video that provide a comprehensive overview of a key elements of the idea validation process:

  • Conducting Keyword Research with our in-house, resident marketing expert Joseph Bushnell.

Find profitable niches and test your ideas with empirical evidence about what people are REALLY looking for…and how to fulfill their needs.

With the step-by-step guidance you get in the course itself – not to mention the detailed insights you’ll receive from the bonus interviews, case studies, and training videos – you’ll quickly develop and validate your first profitable business idea.

I’ve priced this course to be accessible for most people. But make no mistake – the training you’ll receive is invaluable.

Most training programs that include this kind of information about testing and validation cost many hundreds – even thousands – of dollars.

If you were to work directly with a top business coach, you would pay several hundred dollars for a single hour of their time.

And while you might get some good advice from both, neither the coach nor the big training course are likely to deliver the kind of focused, comprehensive detail that you’ll find in “How to Find Your First Profitable Idea.”

Plus, attending conference that includes the expert line-up we’ve put together in our bonus interviews? That would run you $2,500 – easily.

Fortunately, you won’t pay $2,500 – or $1,000 – or even $500 for this course.

In fact, if you act quickly, you won’t even pay our regular price of $399.

Right now, you can get the entire, comprehensive program – plus the bonus checklist, case studies, expert interviews, and extra training videos – for a one-time price of just $299.

(Or get started for just $160, when you pay in two installments.)

But You Have to Act Fast!

This is the lowest price we’ll offer on this course — but to get in at $299, you’ll have to move quickly. That price is good for just TWO DAYS. After that, it goes back up to your regular price.

Why the time limit?

Well, in my experience, the folks who succeed in their businesses are the ones that keep moving forward — no matter what. And to move forward, you have to get started.

So here’s a jump-start, just for you! Click the button below to start building the business (and the lifestyle) of your dreams.

Show Me How to Find My First Profitable Idea!

I Don’t Just Guarantee Satisfaction. I Guarantee RESULTS.

Of course, your satisfaction IS guaranteed. You have 30 days to look over the material, watch the videos, and to listen to the bonus interviews and case studies. Heck, you can complete the entire course. Twice, if you want.

And if you’re unhappy with anything, just let me know. I’ll refund your full purchase price, no questions asked.

I’m pretty confident you’ll be satisfied, because this is a great course. I’ve pulled together some of my best tips and training materials, and I’ve packed the program with useful exercises and bonuses. I use similar material with my private clients (who pay a LOT more than $299 for the information!).

So, to be honest, I’m not really worried that you won’t be happy. I’m pretty sure you will be.

But I DO want to be sure that you get the RESULTS you’re looking for.

So here’s the deal:

Take the entire course. Do all the exercises. Go through the entire GAT process you’ll learn in this program: generate a nice list of ideas, analyze their profitability, and test the best of them. If you do all that and you STILL don’t have an idea that you love, that you’re excited about, and that you feel confident has good potential for your business — I’ll hop on the phone (or Skype) with you for a 30-minute laser coaching session. We’ll get you sorted out — and you’ll be on your way with an idea you can’t wait to implement.

Now, as I said, I’m very confident that this course can deliver for you — but only if you put in the work. That means completing ALL the exercises — even the ones you’re a little nervous about tackling. (For example, many of my students are reluctant to interview potential customers — but ones who do gain incredible clarity about their audience and their offering.)

If you do all the exercises in the program, I’ll be really surprised if you don’t walk away with a great idea. But if, for any reason, you’re still unsure — just show me the work you’ve already done. I’ll look it over, we’ll schedule a call, and together we’ll find an idea that really works for you.

Click the button below to get in at our lowest price!

Show Me How to Find My First Profitable Idea!

See you inside!

Kavit Haria

PS — Don’t be that person who dreams of starting a business…but somehow never quite does. Tap into the clarity and confidence you need to move forward NOW! Click the button below and find your first profitable idea – before the price goes up!

Show Me How to Find My First Profitable Idea!


I already have a business idea. Do I need this program?
Maybe. Most new businesses fail within a couple years – and you’d better believe each of those business owners had an idea.

What they often don’t have is tested concept for a business that’s positioned properly for its market, located in the optimal niche, and differentiated from its competition, with demonstrated customers who are willing (and able) to pay.

If your business idea has all those characteristics, then kudos! You’re ready for the next step.

However, if you’re not sure that your idea whether your share those success characteristics, then this course is for you. I’ll show you how to validate whether your idea is profitable, and how to pivot and reposition if it’s not.

How long does this course take to complete?
The videos themselves are short and easy to watch. You can go through all seven in less than two hours.

Completing the exercises will take longer. How much longer depends on you and how well you already know your market. If you already know what you want to do, and you’ve got tons of experience and connections in your field, you may be able to test your ideas in a few days — or a few hours. If you’re new to your niche or you’re sorting through lots of ideas, your analysis and testing will take longer.

What kind of exercises will I have to do?
Some exercises involve thinking hard; others involve research. Others require you to (gulp!) interview potential customers or conduct surveys. Those are scarier for some people — but that’s also the best way to test and validate your ideas. When you’ve had a heart-to-heart with a potential customer, you’re much better positioned to solve a problem he or she cares about.
How can I be sure this will work for me?
This course follows the same methodology I use for my own business – and the same one I teach my private clients.

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of new entrepreneurs – and everyone who’s serious about starting a business has identified and validated an idea they feel confident about.

As long as you put in the work, I’ll guarantee your results. If, after completing the course, you’re still having trouble, you’ll be eligible for a one-on-one laser coaching session with me to help point you in the right direction. (Check out the guarantee for more details.)

Do you offer a payment plan?
We sure do! If you prefer, you can opt to pay in two installments of $160. Just click the button below to get started.