May 25

This ONE thing makes customer attraction easy and saves you money.


If you want to make customer attraction easy, you need to be regularly following up with your prospects and customers. It *horrifies* me how most small business owners, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs are not following up with their prospects.

Take for example Alan, my local hair stylist. He does a great job, but I’ve never received anything in the way of follow up or check ups from him. No flyer, e-mail, text message. Nothing. If I received something from him regularly, perhaps a voucher, an offer, just a “Hi, how are you?” message, I would probably have visited more often.

Not everyone is going to buy instantly. You need to work your audience through a process, and you need to have a strategy for your follow up that you repeat on every single person that enters your database of prospects. The beauty is that it can be automated once it has been created. IT can be a set-and-forget system that is fully personalised but totally automated. An auto responder system like Aweber or InfusionSoft is a simple way to start this process.

Follow up is important because it creates top-of-mind awareness. Basically, you want to do whatever you can to stay at the top of your prospects mind – even if they don’t buy right now. When they need your product or services, you’ll be the first person they think about ONLY if you’ve followed up.

So what kind of follow up could you do?

It all really depends on what you sell, but every business (and website) could offer an e-mail newsletter service very easily. It’s quick and easy to collect your visitor’s data with a web form that captures their name and e-mail address and you can write a weekly fortnightly or monthly newsletter. Some people even send a monthly printed newsletter to their database, which therefore allows you to capture your prospects physical mailing address, and that’s perfect for direct mail follow up too.

Others offer a monthly Q&A-style teleconference as a “get acquainted” session where you could come and listen to them share ideas and strategies as well as ask your questions. You could also offer period reports, perhaps once a quarter to accompany your e-mail newsletter. How about text messages that ADD value rather than just sell, sell and sell?

The ideas for follow up are plenty, but what remains very important is that you must remain regular and consistent. If you cannot deliver a daily e-mail tip, don’t promise it. If you can’t write a weekly e-mail newsletter, start with a fortnightly e-mail newsletter. You must do something you are able to stick to and do well on a regular basis.

For example, I publish a weekly video blog here at Insider Internet Success every Tuesday. That’s my schedule. I also send an elite group of subscribers a Weekly Profit Minute to their phone every Monday, a to-the-point tip that they can apply right away.

Sign up to receive The Weekly Profit Minute. If I can’t teach it in 140 characters, it won’t make the cut. That means you’ll never be forced to digest a bunch of boring information at once. You’ll get a concise, to-the-point tip direct to your phone every Monday morning that is sure to drive you one step closer to your goal. Plus, you won’t have to search dozens of e-mails in your inbox of wade through a ton of social media messages looking for it. Best of all, it’s free.

Not only should the messages be regular and consistent, you shouldn’t over-do it, and this really varies from market to market. A database of musicians, for example, may not like to receive messages every day if they are working in the day and gigging in the night. They just don’t have enough time. An online entpreneur on the hand, spends a lot of time online and checks his or her e-mail more often. It all depends on who you’re targeting.

Taking it a step further, you can really begin to track and tweak some very clever elements of your follow up marketing. You can look at how many people open your follow up e-mails, how many click on a link inside the e-mail, and much more. And those that “interact” with you more often can be mailed more often and sent appropriate offers. This is the really clever advanced stuff that we can talk about in future blog posts.

In a nutshell: follow up marketing creates remarkable results. You need to be doing it. If you’re not doing, what are you going to do right now to start? If you’re already doing it, what are you doing and how can you make it better? Let’s discuss. Leave a comment below.