Jun 24

Simple marketing, simple business.


This is a reprint of an e-mail written by Kavit Haria to his community of Daily Tip subscribers.
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I’ve been addicted to striving for this one
theme in my life + business for the last two years.

I’ve worked tirelessly to keep focused on it,
doing my best to avoid the shiny object syndrome.

Like the way a tennis player on the tour will
put herself through endurance and struggle
to get to the best of their game, yet avoiding the
pull towards the luxuries and easy comforts.

Or the way a Buddhist or Jain monk will sit,
hour after hour, focused on their pure meditation
in order to become elevated and aloof, avoiding
the strong attraction to the naughty pleasures of life.

I have never believed in the “millionaire-maker”
software that people claim to offer on the web.

It simply doesn’t exist.

What does exist is the opportunity to build
a real business online that could serve you
and your family for the rest of your life.

As long as you keep it …
yes you guessed it…

In this e-mail, I’ll share with you exactly what
I do to ensure ‘simple marketing, simple business’.

For some reason, most people believe that
“if it’s too simple, it can’t be true!”

Even I used to.

Yet I’ll tell you with a level of certainty that
exceeds even your tiniest doubt that building
a business online can be really simple.

I do not say it is “easy”.

In fact, the first thing I often tell many of my
new students + clients is that it is hard.

No-one said achieving the greatest amount
of freedom was going to be “easy”.

But – it certainly can be simple.

Here’s how my business setup stays simple:

First, I realise that the most important
asset I own is my list of valued subscribers.
These are the people that have put their
hand up to say they’d like to receive
insight, wisdom and training from me.

Second, I realise that the most powerful
tool that exists to “sell” is e-mail.

So — I focus on two things:

#1 – Building my subscriber list as much
as I can and as effectively as I can by:

– Running free online events
– Offering a free e-book for download
– Creating over 35+ video episodes (more coming soon!)

#2 – Write engaging + insightful e-mail
that inspires you to “move” to action.

Every day I wake up and when it’s time
to work, I do one thing that makes me
the most amount of money and gives
me the greatest level of satisfaction.

I write e-mail.

I wake up and think about how I can
help even more people transform.

It’s my art. It’s how I get creative and what
allows me to share the greatest value to my
most valuable asset.

I do what I can to share insight and inspiration,
to give people ideas for building their own
income through the internet, so they too
can experience the lifestyle freedom to be
able to do whatever they want, whenever.

I invite my subscribers to additional
training, further education, live events.

If they are compelled to invest and take
their learning and study forward with me,
then great. If not, that’s great too.

Then I over-deliver to my students +
clients and get them to see progress and
results. They often always come back
to invest in further or alternative training.

My business model is simplicity.

I focus diligently to build my list + write
awesome, engaging, compelling e-mail.

This is a business model that is built to last.

You can do this too. Find a niche that
have a strong desire to be better.

Put up a landing page with Leadpages.net

Set up an advert on Facebook or Google
and send traffic to your landing page –
and start building a list of subscribers.

Then write regularly. Of course, I teach all of
this in incredible detail in my E-mail Millions
digital coaching program.

It is how I make money and more every day.

Hundreds of people will read this e-mail and
say, this is too simple to be true.

Thousands more will take my word here and
take e-mail more seriously in their business.

Yet many more thousands will embrace simplicity.

Go back to basics and figure out what your business
actually entails and then go and oil that machine.

Forget the shiny object.


Tomorrow – I’m going to give you an insight into
an amazing “simplicity” model that is truly the
greatest online passive income model, ever.

What do you believe about simplicity? Reply back.
Enjoyed this e-mail? Let me know.

Kavit Haria

PS. Got a lot of “Am I allowed to attend
your London meetup?” type questions…

Hey, look, I have no sales “agenda” or
anything like that. I love to connect with
people striving to live their dream lifestyle.
People wanting to build a business online
and move their audience to transform.

So only if you can attend, fill out this form
and I’ll confirm all the details to you in the
next day or two (if you’ve made the cut).


I don’t envisage another London meetup for a while.