Social Media Immersion Sales Letter

ABOVE: Internet Entrepreneur Kavit Haria creator of 'The Social Media Immersion System'

ABOVE: Internet Entrepreneur Kavit Haria creator of ‘The Social Media Immersion System’

“26 Yr Old British Man Invents ‘Turn-Key System‘ that Makes $10,000+ per Month on Now Gets Calls From Europe’s Biggest Corporations Begging For His Help!”



Hello… is this Kavit Haria?”

“Yes, speaking!” I replied.

“Kavit my name is xxxxxxx from
(name removed for privacy!)

Look – We KNOW what you’ve been doing …
…On Facebook. And to be frank we’re quite impressed!

We were wondering…would you be able to make it into our office to come and see us at some point next week?”

“To do what?” I asked.

… “Well, we have a proposition to discuss with you…”

Dear Friend,

What you’ve just read is 100% true.

Facebook. The system. The money …The totally ‘out-of-the-blue’ phone call I got from one of the largest supermarket chains in Europe begging me to teach them my strategies..

…Everything! You see, in the last 6 months alone I took in a whopping $86,000 while at home just playing around on Facebook.

And a lot people want to know ‘how’ I do it. And in this letter, I’m going to reveal everything!

If you’ve been looking for a quick and easy way to get into a highly profitable home based business that you can run in your spare time, this letter will tell you all about it – and you simply will not believe the possibilities!

This business can provide you with a large enough income —- an income so big that you can quit your present job if you like, and live life
as youlove this.

Imagine this:

Next Monday morning, instead of fighting rush hour traffic to work, all you do is log on to FACEBOOK and locate the fan page you’ve been working on.

You notice there’s over 10,000 comments and 18,000 likes made on something you posted onto the group before you went to bed last night. Over the next 6 days you run one of the proven campaigns (that I’ll give you), and members of that group begin placing orders to your product. – (a product that I’ll show you how to get or less than $20 dollars!)

Paypal, cheques, and credit card orders fill your bank account day in – day out whether you’re in the shower, or sitting in the park with your kids on a sunny day… it doesn’t matter, because your business is cranking’ in the money no matter where you are, or what you are doing..

And here’s the best part: By the end of the month, if you do exactly, (and I mean exactly) what I’ve shown you, you’ve earned more in a month than most seasoned doctors and lawyers ever will!

Now if this all sounds good to you, you must read on; because your life is about to chance completely for the better!

It’s important to understand that the business I’ve just described is not a fantasy. And its not magic. What it is, is the normal operating procedure of a successful business set up facebook in the way I’m about to show you.

No doubt, you’ve already heard about ‘the opportunity to make money with Social Media’ and you’ve probably read stories about people who have made fortunes in it. And its true, fortunes have been made, and its only just the beginning!

But for most people, its not the enormous income potential that attracts them to this business… its the lifestyle. Let me explain:

You see, in most businesses, success means having to become a ‘slave’ to the business. This is especially true in the retail and service business where your customers control your life and set your schedule.

And you know, quite honestly, for a lot of people becoming a slave to their business is really not a problem. They don’t seem to mind having to baby sit the shop everyday.

They don’t mind being tied to a cash register or to a clients deadline. Or having to continually deal with employees, inventories, overhead, wholesalers, distributors, and all the rest just to make a 15% profit. (if they’re lucky!)

But for a select few, life is too short to become a slave to any business. Especially when there are less complicated, less risky, and far more profitable ways to earn great income without being tied down.

And, that’s the opportunity that Social Media offers people like you and me. The ability earn good income while enjoying a great lifestyle! In this business, you are the master. You call the shots. And you have the freedom to enjoy your success.

As a matter of fact, a lot of people feel like setting up a business powered by the growth of social media is the ‘ultimate business opportunity‘ right now. Maybe its because of all these great benefits:

  • This business has low start up costs… anyone can get started in it!
  • This business offers high profits and low risks which means more money
    in your pocket!
  • There is no direct selling involved – that means no rejection for you because all the selling is done through Ads or sales letters (that will be created for you, by my outsources if you want.)
  • You don’t need to hassle with employees… you can do it all yourself.
  • There is no inventory to buy or worry about. (unless you spot a great opportunity and decide to buy some in, like I did with the $8929 of South Park toys I sold on Facebook. I’ll tell you about that a moment.)
  • You don’t need a store front or office… which would cost you hundreds of dollars a month just to keep up running! You can operate this business from anywhere in the world — as long as you have an internet connection, you’re in business!
  • Your timing for this opportunity is perfect Mark Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook) just published on the 4th October 2012 that FACEBOOK is now getting 1 BILLION users a day!

And with other social media sites like Pin-interest growing even faster than facebook it means that as social media grows… so will your profits every month!

And best of all, success in your own Social Media business means you can spend your time with your loved ones, travelling the world, enjoying your hobbies, or just living the good life. The choice is totally up to you!

So, what does it take to succeed in your own social media business? Well, in most cases, the people making the most money in Social Media have four things going for them:

  1. They have the right STRATEGY. When I first started getting interested in Social media, I bought every course I could find. Mostly they were all well written and contained great stories, but essentially when it came to Facebook all their advice amounted to this:
    • Go build a fan page…
    • Get loads of fans using Facebook Ads and FIVER.COM gigs
    • Engage with your fans and offer them products to buy. Sounds logical enough right?

Problem is you can easily spend weeks… even MONTHS and spend hundreds of dollars on advertising getting people to your new fanpage. And then when you try and engage I.e put up a post… nobody responds!

…Which means the likelihood of you making any money serving these people is ZERO. But this is how most people are taught to operate a business on Social Media. And that is why most people fail. (What YOU will be doing however, is the EXACT opposite!)

  1. They sell products that have a lot of profit in them.

3. They have a market that has money – and a market that wants to buy what
they’re selling.

4. They have the right marketing materials to communicate and motivate
their market. (Advertisements, sales pages etc.)

If you’ve got these four things going for you, your chances of making a lot of money in Social Media are pretty high. So, the big questions are:

“Where do I get the right “STRATEGY?”
“Where do I find the market?”
Where do I get the hot products?
How do I reach them?”

The answer:

The Social Media Immersion System

The Social Media Immersion System gives you everything you need to start making big money from sites like Facebook in just a few short weeks!

With the proven strategy, products, and the marketing and advertising program you get, you could easily be earning $2000- $3000 – $5000 or even $10000 a month in no time.

You get all the right ingredients – “the recipe” you need for total success in Social Media! The entire process is pretty simple… here’s all you have to do:


First, you need to pick a NICHE. What are you interested in? Sports? Foods? Gardening? Whatever it is, that could potentially be your niche. It doesn’t matter just pick one them start searching for EXISTING fan pages within that niche.

What I always tell my clients is, take a trip to your local shopping mall, and look at the products that shops have displayed in their windows. (because remember – these companies SPEND HUGE amounts- sometimes millions!) doing market research to find out what people want to buy. So keep an eye out and bring a notepad!

-Because this is where the MONEY is!

Now one of the first fan pages I chose was a page about the comedy TV show ‘South Park’ page (below).


When you find a page you like, the first thing you do is check how many ‘fans’ it has. (You only want to work with pages that at least 5,000 fans or more. Anything less, and it won’t be enough people to sustain your business!)

As you can see above the South Park page had 33 million fans. So more than enough. Once you know your page has enough people, you then check for
engagement, (I.e how many people are posting, commenting liking etc).

This is vital, because even if you have a page with 500’000 fans but none of them interact with you – you’re not going to make any money!

As you can see in the picture (above) there was lots of interaction on this South Park page, as some of the posts on there were getting 18000 comments and 21’000 likes.

Another way to check ‘engagement’ is to look at the section on fan pages that says “how many people are talking about this” (highlighted below in red!)


Now …If this “talking about this” number is really low on a fan page it means the group is deaddon’t waste your time! I always recommend that if that number is over 500 then its a good place to start.

Less than that though, and there’s really not enough people interacting on that page for you to make a profit.

Now you’ve checked for engagement, its time for you to run two simple tests. The first test is called:


The comment test means you simply post up a simple question on the Fan page and see how many ‘comments you get‘ on my South Park page what I asked was…

“Who is your favourite South Park character?”

And lots of people responded. Some saying Kenny or Cartman and all these other characters. So, again it passed that test (Although If no one had commented, I would have left this page and quickly looked for another!)

Next comes …


And again, no prizes for guessing what you do in this test. Your challenge is simply to post up a video or picture and to get as many LIKE’S as possible.

So what I did on the South Park Page for example, is put up a 30 second clip of a funny South Park episode that I found on YouTube. And again, it got hundreds of likes. So it passed!

if your selected facebook fan page has passed all these tests at this point, you then moving on to asking your A&B question…

Which is where you will…


Here’s what you do, its very easy you simply ask a question like: ‘Would you be interested in THIS (product A) or this (PRODUCT B)’


For example the question I used on the South Park page was

“Would you prefer to buy the DVD set of Series 2 of South Park – or the charterers so you could put them on your mantlepiece at home?”

And guess what? Most people said they wanted the characters, so I went off to source them. Which brings us to the next step:

(trust me, this parts really easy!)


Now once you get to this point you’ll KNOW with 95% certainty that the fan page you’re researching is going to be able to create serious income for you.

So your choice now is either to buy the product the people have said they want to buy, or create it yourself. For most of my campaigns I sell digital products (like ebooks etc.) because I can create them myself (at no cost) so there’s no risk, or money needed to get started.

Think about it. You don’t have to pay a penny for distribution or packing shipping!

All you have to do is create the product, or get someone else to create it for you (I’ll show you lots of ways to get great digital products with full resales right for $20 dollars in a moment!) and simply let them download the product, and you bank the money!

You can even do this with someone else’s product as an affiliate and split the profits 50%/ 50% there’s just so many easy ways to get access to products.

Now once you’ve created your product, or had some else else make it for you, you then move on to the STEP 4 (THE MOST EXCITING PART!)


Market the deal. Run the campaign, and pocket the profit!
What does this all this mean?
It simply means creating a series of messages you share on the

FACEBOOK page. And you divide these messages into 3 categories. There’s the pre-launch … the launch… and Post launch.

All of this is very simple. The idea is (if you follow the steps exactly as I show you) you’ll be able to log into your page on launch day and announce

“Thanks for participating in the comments, this seems to be a really hot topic amongst everyone here, that’s why I’ve got hold of (insert name of your product here.) and I know you said you wanted it so here’s the link to go get it!

Remember if you’re thinking this strategy sounds like I’m telling you to just jump on to other peoples facebook pages, and start firing off links everywhere – i.e. Spam.

Then you’ve misunderstood.

Spam is not cool, and all that will happen if you do that is you’ll get kicked out the group!

The way to think about Social Media is to imagine you’re just about to walk into a party full of people you don’t really know…

Imagine this for a moment. Would you just barge in the party, and start trying to sell everyone kitchen equipment or something?

Or would you perhaps bring a nice bottle of wine with you? Or flowers (adding value) to help people feel comfortable around you, and like you?

You know the answer, I’m sure.
(otherwise I’d be a little concerned 😉

And that’s why IF – you do the prelaunch phase of being a content creator, and join the fan pages by adding value and giving tips and asking questions… if you do the process correctly (the way you’ll be shown how to do)… People will quickly warm to you, start liking you, and will be open and willing to have you profitably serve them.

…All you do is ask questions… GIVE TIPS… post up video clips… and keep doing that for 6-7 days, ask your A&B questions, source the products, and bank the cash. Then rinse and repeat.

And that’s it! In fact, just so you have a proven guide, here’s a sample of exactly what I do…


And that’s it! See I told you it was easy didn’t I?

Now on launch day, when you ask your customers to buy, you’re gonna want to take people to a sales page, where they can buy your product and find out more about it and buy it.

Now I don’t know about you, but if you’ve ever seen those really LOOONNNG sales pages? About 30 pages or something. And you just have to keep scrolling all the way down? Its annoying right?

And have you seen those Amazon style pages, with just 2 -3 paragraphs or just a couple of bullet points describing the product?

Which one do you prefer the long sales page,
or the shorter style ones?
Most people said the really short ones.

Personally, I find the long sales letters really tiring to read, they have contain a lot of stories, when all you want to know is what you’re getting, what it will do, and how much! Right?

However the long letters work. Which is why they used. Now when I’ve tested directing people from Facebook pages to long sales and short (amazon style pages) you’ll never guess which worked best..

It was actually a mixture of the two! Here’s an example page to the (right). As you can its got the headline at the top, then there’s a couple paragraphs of copy, a picture of the product, a buy button and some testimonials AND THAT’S IT!

And do you know something? This shorter page is OUTPERFORMING all of the other pages I have tried!

Its been so good, that because I run campaigns so often, I went and had a piece of software made – so that basically all I had to do now is enter the headline, the text, the testimonials and hit the submit button and the pages get made AUTOMATICALLY.

And if you want, I’ll let you have this software, for free. It’ll save you so much time doing this because instead of taking days, or weeks to write a sales letter.

This does it for you in minutes.

Now Just to Recap,
Here’s the process in a summarized fast form overview
of the Social Media Immersion System!


Now there’s NOTHING about this simple process that’s complicated or would confuse anyone is there? But please do not be deceived by its simplicity. It is immensely POWERFUL.

By using this strategy I sold each South Park Toy set for $20.00 and within a promotional campaign of 8 days…

$7842 dollars!”

Now I want you to notice that this was done in just 8 days of starting this campaign. And I want you to notice that I DIDN’T have to build my own page. Or work on getting on my own fans… I did this on SOMEONE ELSE’S PAGE.

And I did this again on a fan page
for the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad!


The page had 466’00 fans. It passed all the tests. I asked the A&B questions, and found out what type of e-book they wanted. Then I put together a 6 day campaign (exactly how I’ve just showed you!)

And guess what? I sold 128 units and I made

Now lets look at this, because this is pretty interesting. Look at the time it took to do this, 2 hours to research, 3 hours preparing the sales page.. (at that point I didn’t have the template software, with the software now it takes 10 mins!)

It was a total of 9 hours work to create this campaign. And 9 hours divided by the hours that I worked means I made: $952 per hour!

How would YOU feel making $952 per hour?

Does this sound like something you can do pretty easily? Good. What you’re experiencing now is MASSIVE shift in your thinking, you’re starting to realise the tremendous amount of money you can make with social media.

Now as you may already know about me, I’m a musician. And one of my first ever online products was a training product that helped musicians get more gigs. Its a DVD that sells for $97 dollars from one of my websites.

So a few months back now I looked at my sales figures and thought “you know what?” This product needs more sales, so I thought let me go and run a FACEBOOK ‘immersion campaign for it.

So I looked for a FACEBOOK fan page about musicians, and I found that page (BELOW) And saw that it has 199’487 fans (TICK!) And then ran some tests…


…this “Musicians Friend” fan page passed the LIKE test, and the COMMENT test easily. Then I came up with an A & B question to see if they wanted to buy my program. And they did!

So I launched a 10 day campaign and I made 200 extra sales.

Which is a gross profit of $9400
And the cost per DVD as $1.50
So the net profit was a lovely $9100

Isn’t that incredible?

It took me a few hours to record the product which I did a few years ago. That means I was making $1118.94 per hour.

…Wouldn’t you love to be making that?

Now Here’s Where This Gets Better!

Imagine replicating this – multiple times over? What If you were to teach this Media Immersion system to someone in your team and you pay them $50 dollars an hour to run this campaign (which a decent wage for most people!)

Wouldn’t it still be great to be making $1068 an hour?

Now after realising the power of what I’d discovered I began sharing these techniques with my private students. Here’s a story from one of students named Emily from the UK.

Now firstly, I just want to tell you something about Emily. She’s a wonderful person with a great heart, and she thinks Tea is the greatest product in the world.

So instead of getting business directly from a FAN PAGE she wanted to use this strategy to generate leads because she already had a system on her site that worked really well.

So her plan was to give away free samples of her Tea product. And for the people who accepted her offer, she planned to ask them if they wanted to buy some more. Fair enough right?

Now what’s funny is after Emily did the LIKE test, COMMENT, test (and it passed) she then posted up her A&B question which was:

“If you had a choice between ginger tea,
black tea which would you prefer?
…And then funnily enough they said
“NEITHER! They would prefer PEPPERMINT!

So the next day she posted up a link on the page saying GET YOUR FREE PEPPERMINT TEA SAMPLES RIGHT HERE!

When people clicked on her comment for the tea samples, it took them to the page where they could enter in their name and delivery details.

Once they did that, and had their Tea delivered, Emily always included an offer saying: ‘If you enjoyed the Tea, you’ll love this deal. Respond in the next 7 days and you can get —- x amount of tea an unbelievably low price.”

Now that particular fan page had 541’340 fans. And after 6 days of promotion she had 526 requests from people taking her up on her free tea samples. And her up sell was on sale at $99.00…


…she then ran a 6 day campaign. (The campaign was originally set for 10 days, but on the first day she was so overwhelmed with leads that she had to cut it short!)

And in total she got 526 leads, and generated a HUGE 46% conversion rate which equated to 242 sales, which was incredible!

Now that particular fan page had 541’340 fans. And after 6 days of promotion she had 526 requests from people taking her up on her free tea

…That’s a net profit of $20’078.00

Not bad, wouldn’t you agree?

Meet Jeff, another one of my students


I taught this system to:

Now Jeff has a niche market in golf. And Jeff’s story is pretty similar to my own. He went out and bought a course on marketing on facebook.

And it told him to build a fan page and then begin posting daily updates and then use Facebook ads and Fiver gigs to start building his fan base.

So that’s what he did.

Now when I’ve done this before it took me AGES to build my fan page, and it was so difficult to monetize it. Now Jeff worked really hard and enviably got his fan page up to 9500 people. Which is a good number right?

…But only a handful of them
were interacting with him!!

And if you ask Jeff how much money he was making with that strategy, he would say absolutely NOTHING.

Now after learning the strategies that I taught him Jeff was able to find and tap into existing marketplaces on facebook.

And this changed the game for him: within just 6 weeks he reached over 800’000 fans interested in Golf. He built a relationships, engaged with them, and then he drove them to his webpage. He built a database from this (a list) to around 6400 thousand people interested in Golf and he sells them new training every single month!

And if you ask Jeff how much money he’s making he’ll tell you :

He’s making an average of $2.00 per
subscriber, per month!

If you do the MATH that’s 12’800 in revenue per month, and it took him just 8 weeks to get this going! That’s not bad is it?

And guess what?


Instead of creating your own facebook fan page from scratch just find existing market places (pages, groups etc) It REALLY is simple, instead of creating pages for yourself, its all about finding EXISTING pages where your customers are already located, and are actually engaging, and starting your campaign there!

Now this sounds so simple…. but for it be effective it has to be done correctly!

Now while all this was going on, I was feeling pretty good. I’d stumbled onto this new system to making $10k per month though Facebook…My students were all making good money, life was good! You know? And it was at this time, I started revealing “parts” of my system to people at seminars and conferences and people were totally blown away!

… But what I didn’t know then, was that someone was keeping a VERY CLOSE EYE ON ME! One morning at around 10am, I was woken out of my sleep by a phone call..

It Was One of The ‘Big Wigs’

…What did they want?


This was a whole new league altogether. It was such a great opportunity one that I knew would either make me break me, if it went wrong, I’d be finished… but if it succeed…

Here’s what happened…

I ended up being hired by this massive corporation to create a social media marketing campaign. And one of the campaigns was to help them target home owners looking for electrical appliances like dishwashers, hoovers, washing machines, etc.

So I set up 10 of these campaigns for them and they paid me $5000. One of the things this corporation really wanted to target was home and property owners who were looking for electrical appliances like dishwashers, hoovers washing machines etc.

So we found a page that fit the demographic. And we did the COMMENT TEST and LIKE test just how I showed you. And then finally we asked the all important A&B questions which was:


Before you read on …
What would YOU have chosen?

The answers were surprising!

On every page that we looked at the OVERWHELMING majority of people preferred the VOUCHER as apposed to the $100 CASHBACK!

Which surprised the heck out of me because to some people the $100 cashback would’ve been worth more to them, than the 30% discount because of what they were buying.

But there you go…I guess that proves the powers of vouchers. So after the results of these tests, we went ahead and created a voucher. And we went on Facebook and ran the campaign and on launch day we said that there were:

“To thank you for your feedback click here to claim your 30% discount vouchers on electrical appliance, valid in any xxxxx store in the Uk and rep of Ireland.”

And we released 10’000 of those vouchers. And on launch day ALL 10k were snapped up! Over the next two weeks, people went into the stores and picked up whatever electrical appliance they wanted and they got 30% off their order…

And we pulled in over
$92’354 in product sales
In 2 weeks!

That’s good right?

After the success of helping that huge supermarket I then went to work with a lot of other big corporate companies. And the reason I’m telling you this, to let you know…

“That the system I’m revealing to you ISN’T a pipe dream.
This isn’t too good to be true.
Social Media is HAPPENING. Right now!”

Which means that possibly for the very first time in your life, you have a choice to make…

You can choose to use what I’ve shown you in this letter and accept my invitation to profit from it? Or you can let it pass you by. Which one do you want?

If you read this letter and set it aside for later (translation – forget!) you’re essentially saying, “Social media? Nope, I’ll just let it pass me by.”

And if that’s what you want to do, thats fine. But please treat this as a serious decision that could affect the way the rest of your life plays out.

And just to really drive the point home, that YOU CAN DO THIS, let me tell you about another student of mine named Alvin…


Alvin picked Soccer – or as we brits call it, football as his Niche. So Alvin found this page (above) and then he did the LIKE test, COMMENT test and finally asked his A & B question. Saying:

“If you were to learn some new soccer skills, would you
prefer reading a book or a video programme?”

And quite unanimously people voted for the video programme.

So what Alvin did is he went online to a PLR product page. And bought himself the rights to an existing soccer product.

You can do that yourself by going to

And he bought the entire product ready made for $29.99. Which also included full resales rights!

He then created the sales page, (using the free software that I gave him) and used my outsourcing team to create the branding of the product. And he did all this with one click of his Paypal button spending $47.00 in total.

… Next he did a 12 step campaign, (I normally recommend a 7 day campaign.) but it still worked! He made 92 sales.

…That’s a total of $4328 in PURE profit
for 12 days work!

There’s lots more Facebook success stories I could share with you, but I think you get the point. Which is that:

There’s Still A Huge Amount Of
Money To Be Made With Social Media!

And if anyone ever tells you otherwise, you can tell them that they ‘DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!’ As you’ve just seen, just having a few half decent campaigns using your social media immersion system could change your life in a big way financially

Now this is serious. This isn’t just motivation just imagine how much money you’d make if you had 3 -4 or even 10 facebook campaigns like this running each month?

As I showed you one of my students Emily ran one campaign and pulled in $20’078! That’s good isn’t it?

Lives have been transformed because of this one strategy. People have gone from making a few hundred dollars a week to making THOUSANDS of dollars a week – far more then they’d ever get from any job – plus you get to do all the things you enjoy…and the freedom to do whatever you want. Wherever you want. Just as long as you have internet access!

All You’ve Got To Do Is Get This System,
Set a Goal, And Start Rollin’ In The Cash!

Imagine it – you’ll finally be living the dreams you deserve to live with the ones you love! You owe it to yourself to get this system, and to get it NOW!…

‘The beautiful thing about making money with the social media immersion system as you’ve just seen is that you build a campaign once, and then you get paid over and over.

… All you have to do is repeat it. And if you want to make even more money, you just take a few weeks and repeat it again.

You see I believe “There is no such thing as a push button get rich quick system.” But as you’ve already seen this works! AND its logical. It makes sense doesn’t it?

You already know facebook fan pages exist.

You already know that there are pages with hundreds of thousands of members all with common interests..

But what you didn’t know up til’ now was..

…How to approach those fan page groups and engage with them

…What you must say to them (and what you should never say!)

…How to FIND out what it is they want to buy!

…How to create amazing digital products (provided by my outsourcing
team, and then sell it them again and again for HUGE profits!)

But now after reading this letter, you now
have the basic ingredients you need to make some serious cash!

But there’s still so much more you need to know, what I’ve shared with you already is just the ‘TIP’ of a very large iceberg of profits just waiting for you to climb aboard and grab it!

And it’s so easy to get started. You don’t need any special skills or experience. You don’t need money to get started (remember you can create your own digital products with the computer you ALREADY OWN.)

Here’s everything you get when you own
The Social Media Immersion System

1. You get the ‘How to Earn $10,000 per month working only 4 hours a week on Facebook home study course. This course will give you a complete education on how to make money online with Facebook spending only 4 hours per week! Its an online learning course, you can log into and access 24/7. Taught through a series of 6 recorded videos. As soon as you complete your order you get instant access. (Suggested selling price $7,000!).

2. You get “The insiders guide to finding red hot* marketplaces” so you can create highly profitable facebook campaigns straight away. This report is a major key to how I grew my Social Media Immersion system from nothing to nearly $35,000 per month in less than a 8 weeks! – (Suggested selling price: $99.00 if sold as a stand alone product.)

3. You get 5 coaching videos which teach you how to use the strategy and focus on answering any questions you have. (All the webinars will be recorded so you can access them in the members area.)

4. You get my very own ‘Hot List of 30 different facebook fan page topics that produce mega profits!’ (that I have personally tested!, so you can use them to profit!)

5. You get a list of the exact questions to ask in order to conduct your market research and find the right products to sell.

6. You get a template of readymade campaigns … ready to go! With hundreds of suggestions you can use for ‘comment tests’ and like tests’ and A&B questions on your fan pages so you can easily and repeatedly produce campaigns that make

4,000 – 8,000 12,000 dollars a time.

7. You’ll get full transcribed copies of my BEST campaigns all written up, and ready for you to copy!

8. You get my complete list of where to source cheap products from so you don’t have to create them yourself, you’ll know how to get a product ready to sell within just 5 days start to finish!

9. You get my entire product creation blueprint and the methodology to follow to make it happen!

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11. You get my powerful Facebook sales page template, I will even show you how to build it one on one, over SKYPE if you want its a piece of cake – really!

12. You get FULL ACCESS to my superb outsourcing team to help you with processing orders, or to handle any technical challenges if they arise (although I suspect there will be none!)

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ABOVE: That’s me (Kavit) teaching online business strategies to senior marketing managers and business owners the Grand Connaught Rooms in London

The Social Media Immersion programme usually sells for $2997. I speak on stages all round the world to select groups of people. I was only paid $4997 by the large supermarket chain I mentioned when they hired me back then, because I didn’t know how powerful this strategy was!

Now when I create these campaigns for big companies I get paid over $10,000 minimum! My hourly consultancy rate is currently $997 per hour over SKYPE and considerably more for a face to face consultation.

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The complete Social Media Immersion system is available for a one time investment of $1997.


I understand a lot of people who want and need this system simply don’t have $1997 to invest right now. And those people who do may be reluctant to part with that kind of money in our changing economy.

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Now … as many of you know, I’m a very laid back patient kinda guy… And that’s because I remember exactly what its like to be a beginner just starting out.

I understand you may not have lots of technical knowledge. So I won’t mind explaining anything to you over and over, or answering any questions (even if you think they are silly!)

Please understand I would’ve walked bare foot across broken glass to get my hands on a course like this when I was starting out. To have a proven expert hold my hand and explain everything to me, to watch my back as I did it, and to make sure I was doing everything right.

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