Success Stories


The Business Building System That Delivers Freedom

“How Veronica Dawn built a £14,000 a month income selling online classes in watercolour painting”

Veronica was the sales director of a large electronics firm. She earned good money and lived a comfortable lifestyle, but she wasn’t satisfied. She was becoming more unfulfilled by her career as time went by and her priorities were changing.

Discover how she rekindled her childhood passion of watercolour painting and turned it into an online business teaching others how to paint. And how she generates £14,000 per month working just 8-10 hours per week!


“How Tom Colney started a new business from scratch…that gave him the freedom to finally have his first child!”

Tom was a lawyer working in London, working on very stressful cases and fed up with the long hours and endless commute. He used the Automated Business System to nail his best and most profitable idea, then launch his new online business. Within 3 months, he was making £14,000 a month in sales — a figure that DOUBLED within 6 months. Tom runs his entire business from his laptop, has halved his workload, bought new properties and taken vacations with his wife. Most importantly, he has made enough money and time to have his first child!


 “How selling handmade laptop covers made Melissa Carr £100,000 in her first year”

Melissa works as an executive P.A who has travelled all over the world. While globe-trotting,she met people who created beautiful traditional fabrics and this gave her the lightbulb moment to create unique laptop and tablet sleeves. Together we refined her idea, launched her business and coached her to market her new line of products. Results? Melissa has automated her entire business. She works just 5-10 hours/week. Within 3 months, she made £11,750. By 6 months, total sales were up to £53,100.


 “How Don took his brick-and-mortar fencing business online and made £155,000 in his first year”

Don already ran an offline business selling and installing garden fences. He’d been toying with the idea of running his marketing and sales online, but had been afraid of starting and failing — until he contacted us. We built his online marketing and sales system and within 8 months Don had generated £155,000 in sales though the Internet. Don now employs a full-time online business manager and enjoys a lot more time off.


“How Joe restructured his business and made $150,000 in 12 months as a freelance graphic designer”

Joe is a graphic designer from Auckland, New Zealand. When the economy took a downwards turn, his freelance business took a huge hit. He struggled on for 2 years to get new clients, working relentlessly with little reward. He had no freedom. The Automated Business System became his passport to his new lifestyle business. One year on, Joe has generated $150,000, his wife has resigned from her job to help him, and they’ve both enjoyed an extended vacation in Europe.


“How Florence, a Life Coach, grew her newsletter to 8,000 people and made $145,000 in her first year.”

Florence is from Arizona, Texas. She became a Life Coach in 2003 and ran a successful coaching practice working with business executives. The economic crisis hit her business hard and so Florence had to rethink how she got new clients. She turned to the Internet and used the Automated Business System to plan, relaunch and grow her business. Within a year she had 8,000 newsletter subscribers and paying clients that brought in over $145,000 in sales.


“How Dave and Tina built a 7-figure business talking about raw food!”

Dave enjoyed a successful corporate career for 25 years but began to feel trapped, his marriage was suffering from the long hours. Dave and his wife, Tina, signed up to the Automated Business System program to launch, grow and market their unique online business, selling and creating new products related to the ‘raw food’ phenomenon. In the first year, they passed $225,000 in sales. In year two, their business generated $1.1 million in sales. But most importantly, they now spend a lot more time together, doing the things they love.