Jun 12

Get ahead of your competition: know who you are selling to


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Most entrepreneurs and business owners always ask how to get more sales for their products. The answer lies in knowing who you’re selling to. I know what you’re thinking… “it sounds too simple!” but in actual fact, the people that go deeper in knowing who they sell to and finding the hot super-targeted prospects are the ones that make more money.

The more clarity you gain about who you sell to, the more profitable you’re going to make your advertising dollar work for you. Sure, it’s okay to market to “everybody and anybody” but when you create 3 segments of your market, you can easily create specific marketing materials and you’ll get better results.

Watch this week’s video episode, and then join the conversation by leaving a comment and letting me know

1) What do you sell?
2) Who do you sell to?
3) What are your three segment areas?

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  • http://twitter.com/yogainspiresyou Ntathu Allen

    This was really useful. When I first started to teach yoga I wanted to teach “the whole world” and it took me a long time to recognise, understand and accept that I had to focus down and “choose” a particular segment of the population and even recognise what was unique about way I teach. Still gaining clarity as I grow, but generally my focus is everyday yoga/meditation tips for busy mums. Within that I am realising their are different types of “busy mums” (new mums, mums who stay at home, mums who are business owners, mums who are employed, mums with young children/kids who have left home…endless list) 

    When I look at regular committed students the common theme are: they are women, mainly mothers, aged 50+, generally their children are late teens/to young adults, generally they are business owners/professionals/teachers—and looking for Me-Time, space to relax. They want gentle, relaxing yoga as opposed to a more physically challenging practice, interested in personal care and their health yet dont have time or energy to go to gym so see yoga as a way to get fit, relax and get some valuable Me-Time.

    Its been really useful writing this. Thanks really helped me.

    • http://www.insiderinternetsuccess.com/ Kavit Haria

      Hi Ntathu,

      Thanks for commenting!

      The “I target the whole world” is a real business killer, but you have it easy – current committed students. Just by having existing clients you make your life a whole lot easier – especially as they all fall into a specific category. It makes your marketing easier. Perhaps the existing clients will know people like them who will fall into your market? Absolutely!

      Go for it.


  • Tanya Simon

    Thanks Kavit,
    Darryl and I were just discussing this very issue a couple of days ago! Everyone needs a plumber but our target market isn’t everyone…Our market segment are people who understand that their problem needs to be fixed by a professional, they are probably personality S in the Disc profiling – they appreciate the level of communication we provide and understand we actually care about them as. We understand that we are in the service of customer service and plumbing just happens to be the vehicle….Love your intro too! well done!! 

    • http://www.insiderinternetsuccess.com/ Kavit Haria

      Hey Tanya!

      Great to hear from you. You are the stand-out business women. It is very rare for a trades business to take the time to do this kind of analysis. Most just target “everyone”. When you know who you’re targeting (in your case, the professional that doesn’t want to know how to do it but just wants it done quick, well and professionally) the way you market to them becomes clearer and much easier.

      Great work.


  • http://www.facebook.com/dona.davis2 Dona Davis

    Hello Kavit!
    I was just thinking about this very thing before I began my first video. I am a Life Coach and the first area of the life cycle I want to help people with is finding employment. I have a facebook fan page. It’s name is Tips from your job coach. My general market is unemployed people. Specifically they are females who are between the ages of 35-55, males between the ages of 40-55. My audience has a problem of landing a career position due to unsuccessful employment interviews. My goal is to teach them the skills they need to write a perfect resume and cover letter. My mission is to teach them how to be successful in their employment interview. I know exactly where they are lacking and I know how to help them. People are always saying there are no jobs available but I know for sure that there are. I’ve coached clients who have been looking for work for extended periods of time and now they are working in the field of their choice.

    • http://www.insiderinternetsuccess.com/ Kavit Haria

      Hey Dona,

      Great clarity – people (men/women as per the ages mentioned) who want to get into a career but haven’t been able to because they’ve not done well at interviews or applications. 

      It’s possibly quite likely that many of these people will or may know people like themselves, so referral marketing, once you’ve provided them the success becomes easy.

      Nice one.


  • Mike Parris

    Great insight Kavit.   I’m working with a client who has been using a scattergun approach up til now, but recently we’ve started to steer things toward one specific target group.  It makes it easier to create marketing material because our thinking is clearer and the responses are better too. Thanks

  • Ian

    I am targeting newbies in the field of internet marketing. I love your videos!

    • http://www.insiderinternetsuccess.com/ Kavit Haria

      Hey Ian,

      Thanks – “internet marketing” is still a huge field – what’s your sub-niche?