Jul 16

The best way to send an e-mail newsletter to your prospects and customers


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I’ve often said that the most important part of anybody‘s business online is email and if you’re having a website and your selling stuff online and you doing have an emailing list. You’re going to have a group of people that are interesting in your stuff and a group of people who are already your customers and you’re not emailing them on a regular basis, you’re not just leaving a little bit of money on the table, you’re leaving a whole lot of money on the table and you do something like that and you don’t have email then you really are just wasting a lot of time and energy. So email is really important you got that right?

Welcome to Insider Internet Success in this week’s video were going to talk about email specifically. Becky Sheen who is a subscriber on our database, she says “What would be the best way to send a newsletter our and what program do you recommend”? Well it’s good that you are asking this ‘cause it means you are looking to write some email. The first most important thing I would do is find a service you could do this, ideally a third party service, you don’t want to be doing this from your Gmail, yahoo or your Hotmail nor do I recommend you having a system on your server because when you do that, if your server crashes your email system crashes. But if you do it on a third party system like AWeber, Mail Chimp, IContact, or even Infusionsoftthe you can basically get your subscribers into a database and you can log into that database and literally use send an email from there.

My favorite out those three I just mentioned is AWeber, because AWeber is very simple to use you can go to AWeber.com and sign up for an account. You have hundreds of different email templates for newsletters you can use, you just pick your template, change the images, write your own newsletter of course and just send it to your subscribers. You can create as many lists of people as you want for prospects interested in “A”, prospects interested in “B”, prospects interested in “C” and for all the different customers as well. You can have as many lists as you want so that means you can segment your lists, and of course segmentation is really crucial it’s very important in an online business. That means you get better quality of people opening your email list for what they want, right? And you can go into AWeber and set up your email newsletter, and I would definitely send out a newsletter every single week. Not less than that because if you send it less than that people are going to forget you really easily.

The other thing I would do is if you are writing an email it doesn’t always have to be filled with color and images and so forth the best emails are those are just simply black and white, they get through the other persons inbox easily the other persons spam filters don’t pick up images, they don’t pick up color and stuff like that if they see any of that they can put a little bit of a warning on the email and they might even put into spam and junk so a simple all black and white email, with a HTTP link in there directing them to what it is you want them to do, it’s very simple straightforward a lot of email like that because it will just simply go to their inbox and you’ll get a lot more interaction with that and of course if you are selling anything never put more than one link in an email, never put more than one specific type of link in an email. So if you have four different products but your only selling an offer for one, only put an offer for one don’t link to the other three, because you will just distract the reader and they’ll go and check the other stuff out but when you really want them to do is buy this offer. So those are a few extra tips for you but the most important thing is go to AWeber.com sign up with them, it’s straightforward, its cheap, you can setup a newsletter and start writing it every week. You can connect the forms that they give you on your website, so everybody who fills out the form on your website their information immediately goes to your AWeber account so you’re starting to build a database.

So remember email is the most important things.

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