Mar 13

How to cash in on the e-book revolution


I wanted to discuss with you a very serious phenomenon that is currently happening in our online industry. In fact, it has been quietly happening for the last 2-3 years, but is really gaining steam and is showing no signs of ending right now. The right person will be able to see a gold mine waiting to be tapped into and they will jump at the opportunity right away.

Welcome to the e-book revolution.

When e-books first hit the market many years ago, there were many critics saying that they will not last and the trend or fad will end. Instead, the exact opposite is happening. E-books are now easily available and are becoming a must-have for authors and information publishers.

Over 20 million Amazon Kindle devices were sold in 2011 along with other e-book reader devices on the market. Such devices are also readily available on the Apple iPhone, iPad and Android gadgets too without needing to buy a specific device for the e-books which makes e-books readily accessible by nearly everyone. E-book sales are currently exceeding those of the other formats, including hardback and paperback sales, and grew 200% from 2011 to 2012.

What’s even better is that the world’s biggest online retailer, Amazon, is already searched by millions of buyers (yes, buyers… not prospects) who are constantly searching for information with their credit cards in hand ready to buy. So just by producing good quality information and publishing it on the Amazon Kindle store, you open yourself up to a huge marketplace of buyers ready to read your material.

I have been publishing e-books right from the first day I started my online career. E-books and short reports were the first products I ever produced and they have been consistently selling from my music business website. I’ve had tremendous success filling my PayPal and Clickbank account with sales every single week. And the best part? I worked once and I’m getting paid over and over again.

But that was HARD…

…because I had to work to get people to find and visit my website, and then I had to convince them that it was something they wanted, and it was safe and secure to buy from my website. People had less confidence in buying online five years ago than they do now, so there was more work involved in convincing them.

Now, however, it’s much easier with the wonderful Kindle store online, because Amazon already has it’s pool of customers and its a very well-known and trusted brand. So if all you did was find a hot marketplace, get a book created and got it uploaded to the Amazon store, you’d start making sales… You’ll be an author instantly and you’ll start profiting from it. Of course, Amazon does take a share of each sale, but it’s really quite small and they’d certainly deserve it for opening up your product to millions of people all over the world who can find your book from whatever country they are searching from!

I’ve been getting my products for my various businesses onto the Amazon store for many months now, and the results are outstanding. Take for example, my latest e-book, How to Get Rid Of A Cold that I had written and got published to the Kindle store. Within just 30 days, I had made over 15 sales and pocketed $438 in sales. Since publishing it onto the Kindle, I have done absolutely nothing… and as the book becomes more popular, the sales will continue to increase too!

So, who can do this?

The short answer is ANYONE. If you want to write a book, you can do this. If you have absolutely no interest in writing a book, you can still cash in on the e-book revolution. All you need is a few simple skills for finding out exactly what people go to Amazon to search for, and then assigning your book to a writer to get it created for you. Once your book is complete, you simply get it onto the Amazon Kindle store and away you go.

The e-book publishing system can be followed by anyone. If you’re an established business owner selling products or services, you too can use the e-book system to quickly generate some cash in the short-term but also fuel your other businesses in the mid to long-term. If you’re a stay-at-home mum, dad or professional, you too can devote just a few hours each week to building your e-book profits. If you’ve just been made redundant, or you’re looking for a new business, the e-book business guarantees you the opportunity to stay profitable for a very long time to come.

Do you ever thing books are going to go out of fashion? I certainly don’t. People are consistently going to learn, educate and entertain themselves. The e-book publishing business is therefore the right long-term, most profitable business to be in.

Of course, there are more advanced tricks that I’ve been constantly experimenting with to help you get more and more people to your book, to develop a business from this, and more, but if all you did was just get your books published on the Kindle store, you’ll still be cashing in.

Work once – and get paid over and over.

The beauty of the e-book publishing model is that you have to create the product once and it will continue to profit and fuel your lifestyle for the rest of the time it is available. Unlike traditional marketing where you have to consistently push traffic to your books, you don’t have to do that with the Kindle store. Amazon already has millions of customers and you’re just providing a solution to a commonly searched problem via your e-book.

And not just that… there’s NO cost associated with delivering your product. Everything is digital and fully taken care of by Amazon. There’s NO cost of charging and collecting money because Amazon takes care of that. There’s no need to get it formatted and designed, no need to print your book, no need to pay for postage or anything else because it’s delivered INSTANTLY to your customer via the Amazon system. Everything is taken care of.

Don’t forget – the biggest reason most online businesses fail is because they fail to drive enough visitors to their website; so no matter how great their product is and how persuasive their sales copy is, they’ve lost all the time, energy and money that they’ve invested. The e-book publishing business, however, is a completely zero risk business because there’s no need to have your own website, there’s no need to write your sales copy, no need to spend a lot of money on expensive designers, software and copywriters. Your book is hosted on Amazon, and they take care of all the traffic for you because Amazon is consistently searched by millions of customers every single day.

The best part of this business is that it is fully 100% automated. Once you’ve set up your e-books on the Amazon store in the right way, with the persuasive elements, and by selecting all the right settings, you just have to sit back and watch the sales pour in. You never have to deal with any customers as Amazon takes care of that too. The e-book publishing system is a business that’s totally hands-free.

It’s in Amazon’s best interest for you to profit… so that they profit too, so they have made everything as simple as possible. All you need to do is discover the simple steps to follow and the costly mistakes to avoid so you can get on the road to success quickly.

Now is the time to cash in on the e-book revolution…

If the idea of working once and getting paid over and over again sounds of interest to you, then the e-book revolution must excite you. It certainly does for me. I’m constantly creating and publishing books and my system is working time and time again. Each month, I identify some writers and give them titles to go away and write. Within 7-10 days, I have a book ready for publishing and I can start focusing on the advanced strategies I employ to speed up the profits.

At this point, I hope my article has really shown you the potential for e-books in our industry, and also how it is the perfect online business to be in. Whatever you’re doing, I urge you to seriously consider how you can get started. Remember – it just takes a few hours to get your first book selling online once you know what you’re doing.

So I’m going to be blunt … there are only two ways to get started right now.

  • You Can Do It Yourself with what you’ve taken away from this article and any other knowledge you may have. In my experience, this is usually the hard and slow approach. It can take forever to figure things out like the correct markets to publish books in, the best way to write book titles on Amazon, the best way to create your own catalogs, the best way to categorise your books, the best price points for your Kindle book, and much more.
  • Work Side-by-Side With an Expert That Can Walk You Along a Proven Path.  It’s no accident that even some of the most famous high achievers on the planet still have a coach. Why? It gives them the edge they want to so they can get to success faster.

The question for you is this:

Do you want to take the long slow route, packed with persuasive buyers, latest greatest new way to do stuff and… does not guarantee success?

OR …

Do you want to do this the easy way, walk at the side of an expert that is and has already taken out of the all of the long routes, cut out the common problems and will show you in great detail the fastest route you need to take?

It’s your choice, I know which route I would prefer.

If you’re in the second group, I’m doing something very special for you…

Join me for my all-new ‘E-book Publishing Profits’ Virtual Training

I’m taking my five years of learnings and all the experience and tests I’ve gathered, and I’m going to be teaching this very simple system of making a fortune with e-books and reports via the Amazon Kindle to a small, exclusive group of just 15 people.

The course will focus on the critical steps involved in getting your e-book business off the ground and creating your passive income system. I’ll be teaching you how to spot the most profitable markets and topics on Amazon. I’ll show you how to discover what people search for so you can identify hot subjects for your books. I’ll show you how to find writers so you can outsource the writing of your book. I’ll teach you how I create the outlines for my books. I’ll tell you everything about the formatting, number of pages, and my five most profitable price points for selling e-books on Amazon. I’ll teach you some advanced tricks to quadruple your sales within 30 days.

The bottom line is this: I’m going to give you the entire system leaving no stone unturned. I’m going to break down the system into their individual threads and help you weave them together. By the end of the training, you’ll have AT LEAST one book selling on Amazon and you’ll be confident and equipped with the skills to add more books quickly and grow your business to the next level.

The E-book Publishing Profits system is going to be delivered as a 4-week virtual training. I’ll be delivering my very best when it comes to building an e-book Kindle business in 4 weekly content-rich and exclusive webinars in my usual no-BS style.  The first webinar starts on Thursday 29th March.

I’m going to be releasing the details to my e-mail subscribers in the next few days. As this is the first time I’m running this brand new program, I’m going to be offering an incredible discount to the first 15 people that join. I’m going to offer this at a price that I’ve never sold anything at before, making it completely affordable to everyone. I truly believe this is a system that could work for anyone.

In Summary…

I hope you’re now seeing the incredible potential with e-books and the Amazon Kindle. It’s the perfect business to build passive income – and there’s no product printing, picking, packing, shipping or even customer service. Amazon takes care of it all. The bottom line is this: Amazon wants you to profit, so they can profit too… and so they do everything possible to make it easy for you. And now, I’d like to reveal the entire system to you in step-by-step format through my all-new E-book Publishing Profits system. Look out for my e-mail in the next few days.

In the meantime…

What’s your biggest question when it comes to e-books? I’m going to send a bonus gift to the person who asks the best question. All you need to do is leave a comment below and I’ll choose a winner on Wednesday 21st March 2012. Play full out.