Feb 25

The Number 1 Trick to Triple the Leads from your Website


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Hi, I’m Kavit Haria welcome to InsiderInternetSuccess.com

I want to share with you one trick. That basically tripled the leads on my website. I mean literally just nearly tripled the leads of the people on my website.

You know every single video episode that I’ve been releasing, we have a transcript. And the transcript appears underneath the video on our website. And anybody that can, that prefers to read instead of watch can read the transcript.

So, we’ve made it accessible for a lot of different people. but the most important thing that I wanted to share was a long with the transcript we’ve now turned the transcript into a one pager PDF. So you can read a specific tip as a one page PDF, but in order to get that PDF you have to of course subscribe, put in your email address and you can download the PDF.

Now just having that one opt-in on all of these different video pages has basically tripled the leads on our website.

So, no matter what it is you’ve doing. If you can find a way to turn something into a PDF or a provide an additional video, or provide and additional download, or if you have an article and you want to turn that article into a PDF. Give people the option of downloading the PDF, so they can download it read it at their leisure wherever they are on the go and they’d be able to enjoy that process as well.

So, give people the option to download, put in an opt-in form in front of that, use leadpages.net which I use to set up m opt-in forms. Put a opt-in form before that and there you go .You know you can set up a beautiful way of getting people to download your stuff, your building your email list which is the most important thing and your giving incredible value.

So, one quick tip I wanted to share, that’s had an impressive and incredible impact, one that I didn’t think it would have and it’s had that impact. So, I thought I would pass it on to you and maybe you could use that in your website as well.

So, that’s all for now. Enjoy this video and speak to you soon. All the best, bye

  • northernThaiguy

    Great idea!

  • northernThaiguy

    Great idea!

  • Samantha Jansen

    awesome idea. I’m going to make some changes in the next 48hrs! Thanks