Mar 04

The Secret Trick to Bump Up Your Email Click-Thru rate by 33%


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Hi I’m Kavit Haria welcome to

You know in recent weeks I’ve seen an incredible bump in my email list. I mean the number of people that are clicking on emails in an email that I have written, it’s not like I’m writing any better or anything like that it’s just the emails that I’m writing, I’m getting a 33% more people click on a link in that email to go to a website and I wondered why that was and I realized what it was and this is the test I was doing.

Instead of putting a link and hyper-linking, you know you could say click here and hyper-linking “click here” so that somebody would have to “click here” and actually have to go there.

I pasted the whole link of what it is that I’m doing so I pasted the link so people could see the actual link there and basically click on that link to go. So it actually shows whatever. And they would actually click on that link and see a link there opposed to it just saying “click here” and the hyper-link is hidden behind that.

So, no for those of you that are sending email, you want to try that. you want to just try putting in the entire link in there instead of saying and hiding the link behind “click here” you might find that you are getting an increase in the number of clicks that you’re getting because people can’t associate with the links.

People can associate with full addresses and when they see that they are very likely to click whatever browser they’re in wherever they are on their phone you know there’s no chance of the click here not working, the link is written there they can click on that. That’s given me a 33% increase in the click-thrus on an email. So, it’s a very secret trick that I’ve been trying that I want to share with you now.

You’re my subscribers I wanted to give you the best and I wanted you to take that away maybe it’s something you could apply in your business and start seeing some more increases. Because what happens is more people click to a site, more people register to a webinar, or more people look at a video, or more people you know see a sales page I’m going to get more sales. I want you to have that same result as well.

So, hope you’ve enjoyed this video. I hope you’ve enjoyed this very quick secret trick. Go apply it to your business and let me know how it works for you.

Speak to you soon, bye.