May 27

The Truth About Content Marketing – It’s not about Content


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Hi, I’m Kavit Haria, welcome to

Content marketing is not actually about content. Would you believe it? It’s actually about marketing. Content marketing is about marketing. Now, here’s the thing, you can create as much content as you want, but it’s never going to going to reach the amount of people that you want it to reach or the prospects or the market or the right people that are actually going to be the people that pay you money for the products and services that you offer, if you never do marketing.

So, marketing is more important than the actual content you create. Now I’m saying that trusting, hoping that the content you create is going to be of high quality, relevant, valuable, and definitely exactly what helps the people that are going to read it, but it’s never going to get to them without the marketing.

So, with marketing there are a few things you want to think about. Where do the people that you write for hang out? Do they subscribe to email newsletters?, do they subscribe to email lists?, are they mainly on Facebook or LinkedIn?, are they mainly on Twitter?, are they watching videos on YouTube? Wherever these people are generally are based on what they do, where they are, how they spend their time, whether they read newspapers on print or whether they read newspapers a iPad. Whatever they do figure out where they generally hang out and that’s where you want to focus your marketing. That’s where you want to spend your time, energy and money finding out how to get featured in those publications. Or on those websites or on those areas by way of featuring your own content, guest posting or by doing advertising and then drive those people to your network because they’re your target markets .Spend 80% of your time doing marketing, spend 20% of your time doing the actual content creation and you’re going to reach your business out to a huge amount of people very quickly and make content marketing last be successful for your business for a very long time.

So, content marketing is not about content, it’s about marketing, don’t forget that, and don’t get that wrong. Do that and you’re going to reach a huge number of people.

I hope that little bit of insight has been useful. You can use that this week to push yourself forward to make this week an inspiring week and engaging week for you and to reap some results that are going to push you forward.

So, I hope that has been useful. Speak to you soon, speak to you next week, all the best, bye.