Oct 22

Three questions every marketer needs to ask


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I’m Kavit Haria welcome to www.insiderinternetsuccess.com
Now there are three questions that every innovator or every marketer needs to ask.

Now what are these, well you see the purpose of innovation is to make something that works really well right? But it’s not to make something for everybody it’s to make something for a specific group of people that you can serve with that product or service that you’ve created and create a massive success for them.

Whether you’re writing a book, whether your offering a service, whether you’re doing coaching, whether you’re selling affiliate stuff you’re always targeting as an innovator you’re always targeting a specific group of people.
As a marketer however, you also want to be doing the same thing, because what most marketers do is they have a product that they think is for everybody. So they go and target everybody. Well they have a service that they feel is for everybody. A graphic designer can basically serve anybody he or she wants, so a graphic designer when they put on their marketing hat goes out and tries to reach everybody, but here’s the thing.

The real innovator and the real successful marketer usually asks three questions:

1. Who am I making this for? – So if I have a product and a service, who am I actually creating it for, brainstorming for, you know bringing it to the world for? Who’s specifically is that person? Cause that person is your market. That person is the person that you want to reach out to and have them come and find and realize what you’re doing. Cause they’re the people that basically you want to have this do.

2. Will that person care enough for me to reach out to them to do this? – Like, is that person really needing this material? Really needing this service or product? Do they know that they need this product and service? Cause if they care enough for you to reach out to them. You as the innovator or you as the marketer will have even more chance to produce the sale. To produce the result that you’re looking for.

3. Will they be able to pay you for it?
– Every innovator and every marketer needs to ask this crucial question. Because if you’re creating something and the people that you’re making it for are not able to pay for what is it that your making, you know no matter how great it is, no matter how much they need it, you’re just never going to make any money. Will they pay you for it. You want to think about that, you want to think about the type of people, the age range, what do they do in life, do they have income, do they have disposable income, do they have the ability and freedom to spend money on this kind of thing generally of course…right?

So with these three questions:

Who I am making this for?
Do they care enough for me to share this with them?
and number 3, Will they be able to pay me for it?

So every innovator, every marketer, every service provider, every coach, consultant, trainer need to think about these three questions deeply. Come up with as many answers as you can because this can strengthen how your marketing goes.

So that’s all for now I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick little tip. And I look forward to catching up with you in future video. Speak to you soon, bye.