Success Story: How I got Tom to make a baby!

Success Story

How Tom Colney started a new business from scratch that gave him the freedom to finally have his first child!

Tom-ColneyTell us why you wanted to start an online business?

I am a lawyer and worked work long hours in London on very stressful cases. I’d been doing the job for ten years, and although I earned well, and lived a very comfortable life, I couldn’t say that I was completely happy.

I was fed up with the long hours, endless commute and using my hard-won skills for someone else’s benefit. Maybe it was the budding entrepreneur in me that was desperate to get out!

I knew I needed to change direction so that I could achieve the things that are important to me. I wanted to travel. I wanted to offer a flexible lifestyle to my wife that would allow us to fulfil all our ambitions, one of which was to have our first child. I began attending a few seminars about Internet marketing and entrepreneurship, and I also read a lot of books on starting a new business.

How did you hear about Kavit Haria and the Automated Business System program?

At two different seminars I attended, I was networking with the people I had met during lunch and tea breaks and I listened avidly them talking about Kavit and how he had helped them achieve a lot more in their business than they had on their own.

After the second seminar, I googled Kavit and arrived at his website. I downloaded a few free reports, read his blog posts, and began reading his daily e-mails. I actually thought his e-mails were brilliant and I liked his style, he shared some fantastic stories about his other clients. I wanted to know more so I decided to contact him to find out about the Automated Business System.

I realised that if I had a clear plan, the right support and a proven system to succeed from the get-go, I could really make this work, so that’s when I invested.

What was the ABS process like?

The process was delivered in three stages, and Kavit was clear about when we had completed a stage and moved to the next.

The first stage involved planning and strategy, so Kavit walked me through the G.A.T. process to brainstorm, refine, review and finalise on my most profitable business ideas.

I told Kavit I was interested in marketing, and so we focused our brainstorm around this idea. I had been reading and studying marketing trends for the last few years and was really interested content marketing specifically.

We then created a business strategy that would help me reach $100,000 in my first year. The business model involved creating and delivering monthly content packages to smart and forward-thinking businesses. We created three packages and priced them at £800, £2,400 and £3,000. With this system, I would be able to build a team of dedicated and excellent writers, and focus on growing my clients.

The next stage was implementation. Kavit’s team of email and website copywriters, designers and developers began to create, design and implement the business model. I was kept in the loop at all stages, so I was able to see how everyone worked, what was being done, and I gave my feedback throughout.

Within 6 weeks, I had a fully-functional, professional website ready for new visitors, describing my services, a blog I could write on and a sales platform for capturing prospects, nurturing potentials, and converting clients into recurring sales.

The final stage was marketing and mentoring, in which Kavit guided me in writing a 12-month marketing plan that would help me reach my sales targets. We looked at specific marketing tactics I could use on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, and Kavit suggested the best strategies to use whilst checking in with me every fortnight.

I was given access to the Student Training Area which featured a lot of training videos from Kavit and his team so even I, a complete newbie to things like Facebook marketing, could begin immediately and start generating traffic to my website.

How has the Automated Business System affected your life?

To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting these results so fast.

Once I was handed my business live on the web, it was up to me take care of the marketing, with Kavit and his team’s continuing support.

Within three months, I was selling £14,000 worth of content packages each month, and I had doubled that in another six months.

I am now in month nine of this process, producing £45,000 in sales revenue each month. Most of this is pure profit because, apart from paying my writers and general upkeep of the website, I have no overheads, no office, no fixed staff and no other costs.

I run my entire business from my laptop, which still blows my mind!

What’s really exciting to me, however, is that I’ve reduced my work as a lawyer to very little, just enough to keep my license going, and I feel much less work-related pressure.

Because I have now have more free time, my wife and I have been able to travel to Thailand, Australia, Norway, and the Bahamas. We’re now looking at moving to the country and purchasing our own property, and most importantly, we are finally expecting our first child.

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If you want to build your own lifestyle freedom online business, we can help. At Insider Internet Success, we help people turn their idea into reality by formulating a commercially viable business model for the web. We design, develop, create and implement all of a client’s marketing and sales funnels and launch their business. We also provide marketing mentoring to help you get to your first $100,000 in sales in your first year. Automated Business System is our total end-to-end business transformation system. The first step is to find out if this is right for you, and if we’d be a good fit to support you in your own goals and ambitions. Click the button to apply for a free Strategy Session.

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