Jun 27

The secret to becoming a trusted authority


This is a reprint of an e-mail written by Kavit Haria to his community of Daily Tip subscribers.
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Earlier this year, I had an intense desire
to start training.

I wanted to tone up a little more and lose a
bit of belly fat I had started to put on.

I was starting to feel ‘unhealthy’.

So I met with two personal trainers.

The first started to talk with me about what
I needed to do, what I should be eating, what
training routines I should adopt.

I was impressed by her knowledge. She
gave me her phone number and I said I’ll
call her to book my first session.

Then I met a second trainer who also spoke
well, and he, too, said the right things.

Both these people had great websites and
blogs and were professional in their work.

However – just as I was saying my thank you
to the 2nd trainer, he asked me for my e-mail
address and sent me a copy of his Kindle e-book.

He told me it was a 35 page guide to helping
me get toned, fitter and leaner that he wrote.

If you were in my situation, which of these two
people would you be more likely to choose?

Remember – they both knew their stuff and
they both seemed great as personal trainers.

The second – however – came across as a true
and trusted authority when I flicked through
his e-book on my Kindle app.

He had the faith + belief to present himself
through an e-book that basically screamed “expert”.

He even had reviews on his Kindle book.

This can work in ANY industry.

Whatever business you are in, pick your topic,
get an e-book written + selling to the best
quality and your business will INCREASE.

So, let me tell you, ~Contact.FirstName~…

The secret to becoming a trusted
authority on the web…

…is not business cards.
…is not a powerful, beautiful website.
…is not having a brochure.
…is not your blog.
…is not creating video on the web.
…is not seeing your beautiful ads in print.

The secret to instantly becoming a trusted
authority is in having a published book.

If you are already in business — and you
want more sales, exposure and referrals —

Step #1 – Pick a topic. Figure out what
you want to become known for.

Step #2 – Create an outline for your short,
but helpful e-book.

Step #3 – Write the e-book (or outsource).

Step #4 – Have it proof-read, designed, converted
to Kindle format and get a cover put together.

Step #5 – Publish + promote.

Alternatively, you can take part in my
“Kindle Empire Kickstart” process and have
me do everything for you.

You and I will talk about your business and carve
out the ideas for your Kindle e-book.

I’ll research, write, publish and promote it.

Yes, I’ll also get you up to 100 sales/month.

But — more importantly — we’ll help you
position yourself as a published author
which will lead you to more sales + business.

You’ll get sales from this e-book.
You’ll get a lot more sales for your products + services.

The profitable R.O.I. is staring you in your face.

The ROI is a drop compared to the small fee
of $1,997 for having my team and I do this for you.

If you are ready to do this, get in touch by replying
to me here and I’ll send you the link to sign up.

I have confirmed 6 spots and I’m starting their
research today.

I have about 8 enquiries going right now and I’ll
only be able to take on 4 more people.

Spots will go on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Don’t forget – as a bonus, you’ll get my $997 course
“E-book Publishing Profits” to walk + teach you
the entire process for yourself to replicate (free).

Of course – if you don’t have a business and are
doing this for your passive income stream that’s
completely perfect too.

Get in touch if you want to have me do this for you.

Speak to you soon,

Kavit Haria

PS. So what happened with the personal trainers?

Well, I hired the 2nd person, Tom. But I just haven’t
been in the country to get into training properly.

Out of curiosity, I asked him how he got the e-book written.

He said it was the most difficult thing he had to get
himself to do – but it was easier than he thought – and
his business has never looked back since doing it.

He told me that 99% of people he has handed the
e-book to have actually gone on to hire him as a trainer.

Now how’s that for conversion from just for a little e-book
that you don’t even have to write for yourself?

Want me to help? Get in touch.