Jun 29

Turning Pro – Part 2


This is a reprint of an e-mail written by Kavit Haria to his community of Daily Tip subscribers.
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At precisely 11.05am last Thursday, I walked into
my ‘regular’ cafe in Dorchester and ordered a mao
feng green tea. Again, my regular.

I took out my iPad and began to work on my art
(writing e-mail).

Across me sat a man who looked like he was in
his mid 40s and dressed somewhat smartly.

He held a silver pen and was staring down at
his brand new paper notebook.

10 minutes went by, and when I looked up again,
he still had not started writing.

I became curious.

After a while, I introduced myself to him.

Adam, interestingly, was a writer. He was sitting
down to pen his first novel.

He said it was something he had always wanted
to do, and was finally creating the time to do it.

Now that the time actually came… he was
struggling to get his ideas down on paper.

What he’s actually doing, which he didn’t
realise until we talked, was trying to make
the move from amateur to professional.

He was forcing himself to write his book but was
struggling to get pen to paper.

How many times have you felt like this?
If not with books, with something else.

How many times have you sign up to the gym,
fully motivated, and then find yourself not going
after the first week?

How many times do you get an idea for a
profitable business idea, yet never move forward
with it?

The reason for all of these things, including
Adam not penning his ideas, is… Resistance.

Resistance creates self-sabotage.

It causes a downward spiral that scares and
demotivates you. It forces you to live a shadow
life instead of pursuing your own dream.

It creates a mess in your mind so you can never
create the clarity to pursue what you have always
wanted to do – and what you were born to do.

Most people never even get to this space of
resistance. These are the people that will never
live their dream.

They reach the gateway to their dreams and they
just give up. Ka-boom!

Yet if they just twisted the door handle, peeked
through the slight gap, they would be sucked in
to their dream faster than they could have imagined.

Instead, they live in regret.

The worst kind of regret, by the way, is not the
mistakes from what you have done wrong, but
from what you could have done but didn’t do.


This idea of “turning pro” is not about doing
anything different to what you’re doing right now.

It is about that crucial mental attitude shift
that will inspire you to take your art more
seriously so you can pursue your dream.

It’s about the approach you bring to the game.

It means you’re willing to go through the pain
to not only reach the gateway but to twist the
door knob open and walk straight through.

“Turning pro” is not easy by any means. You
get up to fight the resistance every day.

It’s much easier to remain an amateur.

But the life you get to live when you take the
path of the pro is way more fulfilling and rewarding.

Are you prepared to make that shift?

9 people have signed up for the “Kindle Empire
Kickstart” process. These 9 people already
began to make the shift to pro – some of them
are already there.

They are prepared to do what it takes and
will wake up daily to fight the resistance and doubt.

They are not interested in self-sabotage, but
instead in fulfilment for themselves and others.

One FINAL notice:

In a nutshell, here’s what the “Kindle Empire
Kickstart” is all about —

When you say Yes, you’ll have my team and I
research, write, publish and promote one e-book
for you to the Kindle platform.

If your e-book profits at $6, with a 100 sales/month,
you’ll give yourself a $600 income each month.

Of course, once the e-book is published, your
work is done. This is recurring, repetitive income.

I’ll also give you my proprietary $997 course for
free which will show you how to do the entire thing
yourself. Just rinse and repeat book after book.

Plus you’ll get the contact details of people I hire
so you can use them as you grow your business.

I’m opening my Kindle team for you to give you the
kickstart you need as you turn pro.

There is now only ONE more space left.

If my team and I enjoy this process with these
10 people we work with, then we’ll offer this again.

I won’t lie, it’s quite likely that we will.

But one thing is for sure, when we do, the price
will rise by $1000
. The deal you have on the table
is a steal for what you’re getting.

Those are words from my customers, not me.

If you want to talk about it, or ask your questions,
now is the time to do so.

Reply back to this e-mail with your questions,
phone number or if you’re ready to take that last spot.

Your friend and mentor,

Kavit Haria