Aug 08

How to use automated email follow-ups to turn your leads into sales


People talk about online marketing utopia.

In that online utopia, clever construction and marketing creates an automated moneymaking machine.

The machine spits out unlimited sales conversions, allowing the owner of the machine time and money to focus on other areas of their lives.

The problem is, most of the time the description of this online utopia gives you the completely wrong impression about the key part of that machine. This wrong impression leads to most people building a machine that continually breaks down

Don’t Treat People Like Machines

The key part of your sales funnel is the people passing through it.

It’s too easy to pass them through your sales funnel without appreciating the feelings and individualism of every person in it. Although they all want the same outcome, they all have slightly different concerns, questions and outlooks.

Because creating the sales funnel is often a cold and mechanical process, unless you focus on people rather than process, you will fail to engage and convert fully.

So this article is not about clunky technical details, or clever architecture.

It’s about building relationships.

Understand Why People Are Reading Your Stuff

Every single person in your sales funnel found you because he or she had a specific problem they wanted to solve.

Because your landing page offered enough to reassure them that you could help them solve a problem, the prospect gave you their email address.

So they showed trust in you by allowing you to contact them with further information, well knowing that you were going to sell to them.

In return they were creating an unwritten deal. The deal is that in return for allowing you to sell to them, you will deliver valuable information to help them make progress on the problem they have.

If you create a cold and clunky set of email auto responders, you will find that you can rapidly lose the trust has been shown in you.

Never Sell, Tell

Once a prospect is reading your autoresponder emails, it’s often very tempting to start selling to them.

Throwing in a special offer pitch and links.

Talking about how wonderful your product is, served cold.

Talking about how many people have benefited, without providing any evidence.

And then they unsubscribe.

Instead, tell them exactly how somebody has benefited from using product or service. In detail, including the failures.

Instead, show them how real people have had positive outcomes through purchasing your product or service.

Empower Shower

Being in an autoresponder email sequence is a bit like standing under a shower. If the water pressure is just right, and the temperature is correct, it’s a pleasant, cleansing and rewarding experience.

If either of those are wrong, it can make you step straight out.

The key to a successful autoresponder email sequence in your sales funnel is to create empowerment through providing just the right pitch of exceptional information.

Never sell. Tell them exactly what they want to know, while selling the sizzle of the product you want them to buy, to reach the end of their journey. On top of that, when you tell them, make them feel like the decision they are making about buying from you is in their hands.

This means empowering them through information delivery. Make them feel that they are completely in control of both the pressure and the temperature at all times.

Make them feel that they can change these dynamics through considering the information flow, rather than only giving them the option of getting out of the shower.

Don’t Hide Behind Your Automation

People buy from people. They buy from people they know, like and trust.

So you have to tell them about yourself. What your hopes, fears and dreams are.

It means telling them about your successes. It also means telling them about your failures.

It means showing you are real and believable. It means showing them you have learned from mistakes, seized opportunities and have worked yourself into the position of expert.

You can do this through sharing stories about your business. Things that have worked for you and things that haven’t.

It means sharing stories about how you have helped your clients on to greater things.

Stories are an incredibly powerful way to build relationships. By being open and honest about your business, you can build your authority through showing realism and vulnerability.

Ask Them If Things Are Working Out

Sometimes, no matter what you do, people will bail out of your automated email sequence.

But rather than begrudge them that freedom of choice. Engage with them.

Ask for their feedback. Get an idea of why they are unsubscribing.

On top of that, ask for feedback from the people still in your follow-up sequence. Getting user feedback is crucial for improving your email structure. It’s gold dust for retaining more people in your sales funnel.

So as with any relationship, don’t just bump along the path of life thinking everything is fine. Every now and again, stop and ask the other person if they are still having a good time.

By doing this and constantly refocusing your automated follow-up sequence, you will continue to increase your retention rate and therefore your sales conversion rate.

How Is Your Automated Email Sequence Feeling?

Why don’t you take a look at the emails in your sequence right now?

When you set them up, or had them set up for you, did you ever get them delivered to yourself in exactly the same time frames as a people you want to build relationships with receive them?

  • Did the sequence feel right?
  • Did information hit the spot each time?
  • Was each email compelling enough to make you want to read the next one?
  • Did you get bored reading your own email sequence?
  • Was the time between email receipt just right?
  • With your hand on your heart, were you convinced of the sincerity?

If anything about your email follow-up sequence doesn’t feel right, or even worse you haven’t got a sales funnel in place, then let’s talk.

My team and I are experts at building sales funnels that engage and convert. So let’s have a conversation and I’ll explain exactly how your business can benefit.