Feb 16

Finding and validating your profitable ideas: free video series coming soon


Back in November 2014, I ran a questionnaire that was open to people who receive my emails. (My subscribers get my best advice!)

That survey was all about the questions and concerns that many of you have around setting up a profitable business.

If you have followed my emails and blog posts for a while then you will know that I like to deal in real world, hard information. I don’t believe in putting something out there unless it answers the question with hard facts and in comprehensive detail.

So if you contributed to that survey, thank you.

Within the next 7 days, I’m going to be launching a brand new free 3-part video series called Finding & Validating Your Profitable Ideas. I’m going to walk you through my exact system on how my clients and I generate, find, analyze, validate, scrutizine and test ideas so we can find those that are truly viable and profitable to set up as real businesses on the web.

If you’d like to be notified when this 3-part video series becomes available later this week, please leave me a quick comment below. That’s all.

The series will give you the an all-round preview on my brand new digital course, How To Find Your First Profitable Idea that’s out later this month. I’ve made this new program affordable, so literally ANYONE — and, I do mean ANYONE — can take part. But, of course, there’s no obligation, as always.

Choosing an idea is the hardest part of setting up your new business.

That’s one hell of a statement. How can it be true?

Surely the process of physically and technically setting this all that must be tougher?

The answer is no.

The reason is simple. Other people can help you with physically and technically setting up your own business. As you know, I do it all the time through my Automated Business System service.

But if you do not believe in your idea then you will fail.

It doesn’t matter what I tell you, it doesn’t matter how I set up your business systems. If you don’t believe in the idea, you simply will not achieve it.

Believing in your idea means overcoming fear as well. Even the fear of inaction, and the fear of failure.

Deciding on a business idea that you going to develop is a potentially life-defining moment. It is the moment you go from being a person dreaming of lifestyle freedom to a person who is committed to a journey to achieve that dream.

It’s the moment when you transform your way of thinking. You stop thinking in the way 90% of our society does and you align your thinking with those 10% who succeed.

It’s a new way of thinking. It’s the way you must think from this point on.

Again — if you’d like to be notified when this free video series becomes available later this week, go ahead and leave me a quick comment below.

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