Jun 03

What converts better – video or text? [It’s not what you expect!]


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I have a question for you and I would like your response in the comments.

What converts better, video or text?

So video tips, video episodes, video blog posts, or a text. Written blog posts, written white papers, written reports, written books what converts better?  What makes more sales or more inquiries or more leads for your business? Or for any business on the web?

So, I have a question for you and I’d like to hear your responses in the comments. But here’s my response. So, here’s my thought to start this process off. I believe that it really all depends on your market. If you’re targeting people that have a lot more time, patience and energy to watch a video even if it’s for two minutes like one of these videos, then you might get more engagement with the person, you might get them to see you and if building trust is really important in your industry than having that person see you and engage with you on a face to face kind of level based on video is a really good way to convert people.

But, I find that even though people watch my videos a lot more people prefer to read. So, I’m trying to service everybody by also creating a transcript of the video. So, the transcript sits underneath the video people can read that very quickly. A two minute video, maybe four or five paragraphs, the transcript ultimately which they can read and sift through and again they can even follow that while they watch the videos.

So, by providing the text also I’m trying to make sure that I’m not missing anybody out and trying to maximize the amount of inquiries, leads and sales that I generate for my business from this point of view.

So, which covers better video or text? If I would have answered that in a quiz and there was only one choice I would say video, because video engages and builds trust and ultimately generates more inquiries and leads. But, if you can support that and have the resources to support that with text, then you definitely want to do that as well.

So, now I want to hear from you. Write your comments in the questions box, in the comments box below, give me your answer. Which do you feel for your business works better video or text and why? Feel free to give an explanation and we’re going to build up a great community there of thought and insight that can help you submit your ideas better, and motivate and push you to do better in your business and to generate more sales in your business.

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