Jul 18

Why your ebook isn’t selling on the Kindle


This is a reprint of an e-mail written by Kavit Haria to his community of Daily Tip subscribers.
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Back in mid April, 2012, I flew to Sydney where
I was scheduled to give a one hour presentation
on Amazon Kindle at Kerwin Rae’s business
master class. There were 65 people in the room.
I talked about how to build your own e-book
empire on the Kindle and gave a live publishing

Within 3 days (by the end of the conference)
22 people had written their e-book and published
it live to the Kindle.

Yes – we had 22 published authors in the room –
and the energy and enthusiasm was electrifying.
I’ll never forget that day in my life where I was
able to inspire people to a whole new level.

In November 2012, I flew to Sydney again and
we repeated the exact same process.
This time, we had 20 people become published

In May 2013, I did the same thing and we created
17 published authors.

These numbers are just from the conference itself.

This doesn’t include the people that went home
and then published later.

This doesn’t include people that have learned
from me via my webinars or courses.

When I look inside the private discussion group,
I’m seeing people publish books literally on a
weekly basis.

But here’s the exciting thing —

When I surveyed everyone who had used my
strategy to publish, 89% of the group tell me
they are all making money from their e-books.

Many have published 5-10 books already and
are seeing a larger chunk of income being
deposited into their bank.

This is all passive income, may I just remind

But that’s all well and great (to be honest,
I know it’s a system that works so I expect
these results) but what I’m more concerned
about is the 10% that aren’t yet making sales

So I reviewed their books and drew up a list of
potential reasons why their books were not selling
on the Kindle.

I’ll share the top 4 with you here –
and you can thank me later.

1. Poorly selected topic – the topic of your book is
the most important. If you don’t choose what people
are searching for and stand-out from the competition
how will you ever sell any books? Biggest cause for
e-book failure!

2. Poor book cover design – the #1 reason people
will click on your e-book in Amazon is the cover.
It’s the secret sauce to getting a lot of clicks to your
page + therefore lots of sales. Bad cover = lack of
uniqueness and no compelling reason to stand out.

3. Poor title – After the cover, the reason people
click is if your title tells them what they’re going to
get. Study the best books in the world and you can
deduce a special formula.

4. Poor product description – most people are
likely to buy from the cover + title. The rest will
buy from the description which is the space to
really sell them. If you write without benefits,
bullets and social proof you’re likely to get
zero sales.

If you are ready to build a Kindle-based passive
income portfolio online, I invite you to consider
my “Kindle Empire Kickstart” program.

When you invest in this program, you’ll have me
and my team set up your first e-book for you.
I’ll research a hot selling topic that is likely to
generate a lot of sales and establish itself as a
go-to book in the field.

We’ll design the stand-out high converting cover,
create the outline, write the book, proof read,
and publish.

We’ll come up with the right title and product

We’ll also do a bit of marketing for you to get
you started and push you up to 100 sales/mo.

We’ll write 5 articles, produce a video and blast
a press release to the world for you.

When you invest now – you’ll also get a
special bonus: my $997 course
“E-book Publishing Profits” to teach you
how to do this all yourself in complete
step-by-step detail so you can rinse and repeat
the process.

We are re-opening this program on
Monday 22nd July for just 10 people.

If you’d like to get in before all the spaces are
gone, you need to be around on Monday to
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Put this in your diary and set a reminder so
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Based on my experience with this from last
month, it’s quite likely that we’ll sell out all
10 spots in a few hours.

You have a few days to make a decision,
before Monday comes by.

If you have questions, now is the time to get
some answers from me. Just reply to this
email and I’ll write back as soon as I can.

Talk soon,

Kavit Haria

P.S. If it wasn’t for publishing to the Kindle,
I wouldn’t be where I am now.

If you have been trying to build a business
online and nothing has worked till now, perhaps
it’s time to try a different approach.

Stop knocking on the same door that’s bolted shut.
Especially when the one right next door is wide
open for you.

Your choice.