Best-selling author, Arvind Devalia was tired of chasing clients for his life coaching business. He knew he had a talent for getting to the root of a person’s problems and inspiring them to make big changes.


    Finding people who needed his help wasn’t a problem, but finding people who could afford to pay for his help was more difficult. Cue, the Automated Business System.

  • How We Helped

    Stage 1 - Strategy

    In Stage 1 of the ABS, Strategy, we helped Arvind look at all aspects of his business. It was clear that people needed his help, but his current pricing structure left the clients with so much choice that they were often overwhelmed. Restructuring and simplifying Arvind’s offers became a major part of the strategy for his new business.

    Another major step was to clarify exactly who Arvind wanted to sell to. He needed to focus on clients who could afford to invest in themselves and his service. Switching his focus to high achievers enabled him to make his offer more specific to them, with a much higher chance of attracting the right leads.


    Instead of offering clients one- or three-hour sessions booked on an ad-hoc basis, we helped Arvind develop ‘The Ultimate Life Transformation System’. This was a 6 month programme, priced at £6000, which combined monthly consulting sessions and weekly emails to keep clients on track. Now, when Arvind got a new client, he would know that he had income for the next six months. But how would he find the people who needed his help and could pay him what his coaching was worth?


    Stage 2 - Implementation

    Arvind needed an automated sales funnel which would enable him to generate plenty of leads ‘in the background’ while he spent his time coaching. We decided that this funnel should rely heavily on a webinar. Because the Ultimate Life Transformation System is an expensive product, clients will spend more time making a buying decision. A webinar is ideal for building trust and ensuring that the leads who watch the whole presentation are ready to buy.


    In the second, Implementation stage of the ABS we scripted and recorded the webinar. This could then be run again and again as required. We built a registration page which would handle everything from the moment clients expressed interest in the webinar, right through to the end of the presentation, allowing Arvind to analyse engagement and contact his leads.

    Stage 3 - Marketing

    In Stage 3, Marketing, we supported Arvind as he developed his social media presence through his FaceBook group, and advertised his first webinar to the 4000 readers of his blog. He was thrilled when 160 people registered. 80 people showed up online to watch and at the end of the webinar, 10 people applied to join Arvind’s £6000 coaching programme. Sticking to his Stage 1 strategy, he offered these people a free 30 minute call to decide if they were a good fit for his business, and finished the calls with 4 new clients, who all paid him £6000.


    We continued to support Arvind as he followed the strategy, repeating his initial success and maintaining his excellent conversion rate with a second webinar. He now has 23,000 fans on Facebook and offers his webinar once a month, automatically attracting a constant stream of new, high paying clients.

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