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11 time saving tools to help you get maximum eye-balls on your content and turn more people into paying customers

If you don't know what a blog outreach strategy is and you are trying to build your brand power through content marketing then you are in trouble.

An outreach strategy for your content is going to be key to your success. Not only will it get your content read and shared by the right people, but it will also minimise your own ongoing workload.

So if your information-sharing strategy currently looks something like "create content, share it across every social media platform you can and hit your email list", then stop!

[bctt tweet="A blog outreach strategy is not about spamming people or hoping that if you throw enough smelly stuff at the wall some will stick."]

It's about building and nurturing relationships through linking up with people to create an understanding that leads to mutual gain.

Doing this can be time consuming and disheartening. But only if you don't learn and don't use the right tools. In this age of automation it's those blog outreach tools that will be key to your success.

By blending a competent blog outreach strategy with one or more tools that can automate parts of the process and deliver you key information to act on, you can turn a trickle of traffic into a flood that never stops.

[bctt tweet="A good blog outreach strategy to help you turn a trickle of traffic into a flood that never stops. "]

As well as traffic from making the right connections with people who then talk about you, it's also about linkbuilding. People who talk about you will link to you and this will also in the long run help to improve your organic search results.

Some of the tools I'm going to talk about now include linkbuilding options. But even those that don't can help to build you links through networking you do as a result of using them.

Broadcasting your marketing message to the right people to bring you sales prospects and links can turn your business into a powerhouse, and doing this using the tools available can mean achieving it in half the time. So let's look at my top 11 time saving tools to maximise your blog's outreach right now.

1. InkyBee

InkyBee is a blogger discovery and campaign management tool. You can search a database of over 1 million blogs at any time. You can also create a automated discovery job which will then automatically search and deliver the latest and most relevant blogs based on your input. This is a great feature as the discovery job will continue to run and therefore continue to deliver relevant new blogs you can make contact with.

It also has campaign management options, allowing you to create a campaign and then track the progress of your outreach efforts. You can add the blogs you have searched for or discovered into your campaign and integrate from there.

You can also integrate your campaigns with Google Analytics in order to monitor the effect your campaign efforts are having.

As a competent all-round option, InkyBee is good value, but it does suffer slightly from its small database.

2. GroupHig

GroupHigh is a professional quality outreach software package. It has a very extensive database of more than 13 million blogs.

This platforms power is in that extensive database. When you search, you can retrieve very detailed information on the blogs you are interested in. This includes email and social media addresses where they are available. You can also powerfully filter results to get only the ones you really are interested in.

A fantastic option of this platform is that users can add blogs into it. So by crowdsourcing the database management GroupHigh have managed to build an incredibly powerful blogger outreach platform.

Although GroupHigh is very powerful in sourcing blogs, it falls down on internal campaign management resources. There are not as many options for performing your outreach from directly within the platform as there are in some of the other options out there.

3. Buzzstream

Buzzstream is an online outreach software platform that consists of two main parts. First there is an influencer outreach package, and secondly there is a linkbuilding package.

Where Buzzstream excels is in the depth of its management features. Rather than having a discovery engine, the platform uses Google to find relevant blogs to contact. It does this through using advanced search operators.

The platform has great outreach management tools, including the ability to create email templates and then send and track all your communications through your account.

One stand out feature is that of link monitoring. If through your outreach you receive a link back to your website, you can add it into your Buzzstream account. The platform will then monitor that link and inform you if it is ever removed or nofollowed.

So Buzzstream has strength where GroupHigh does not, in terms of its campaign management and link management tools. However, you would have to decide if it's lack of an outreach database, in that is just uses live Google search results, is a weakness or not.

4. MOZ Toolbar

The Mozbar is a fantastic general SEO Toolbar that you can plug into chrome or Firefox as an addon.

Basic metrics you can then have at your fingertips include domain authority and page authority.

Some other great things included are the ability to spot nofollow links, as well as the ability to click through to data sites such as Alexa for a more comprehensive information view.

Although not a dedicated blog outreach tool, it can be a great weapon in your arsenal when it comes to research and link prospecting, which can lead to blog outreach opportunities.

If you have Firefox browser, then the toolbar will also allow you to export search engines result pages to a CSV file, which can be really handy for further analysis.

5. Follower Wonk

Another tool from you can use is Follower Wonk. You can use it as part of a paid account, or sign in using twitter address and use the free features.

What's this tool does is allow you to start zoning straight in on influencers within a niche on Twitter. This can save you a ton of work.

Although blogger outreach can be as simple as sending an email, if you have followed on Twitter and engaged with that person previously then it can strengthen your appeal through familiarity and respect.

Basically you search using keywords and can then compare and analyse the results. It will then allow you to track users from within your dashboard.

An absolutely fantastic feature is the tools ability to display data on when your own followers tweet and where they are based. This can be very powerful when it comes to finding the perfect times to broadcast your own tweets for maximum consumption.

6. Talkwalker Alert

Google allows you to enter keywords and an email address into a tool called Google alerts. Once you do this, Google will email you new results entering its index related to the terms you entered.

However, Google alerts does not seem to be as good as it used to be. This could be because less longtail stuff is getting indexed nowadays.

Talkwalker alerts is another free tool which does exactly the same thing, but much better. It will search for websites, news and discussions, sending you links to those relevant results.

It is a great tool for blog outreach work because it allows you to be notified of fresh, relevant content.

People who post fresh content are at their most active promoting it and therefore making them more receptive to mutual outreach goals.

7. Scrapebox

Scrapebox is an affordable and powerful piece of desktop software that allows you to scrape and analyse Google search results.

This makes it great for finding huge lists of URLs based around keywords. You can then filter those lists to develop a refined group of outreach targets.

Now updated with new architecture in its V2.0, Scrapebox can also be used to filter by page authority and Alexa rank using free add-ons.

As an all-round search tool, to find and then filter any element related to finding outreach targets, Scrapebox is unbeatable.

8. Tops

The free options in Topsy allow you to search for the topic you are interested in and to then filter the results based on key criteria.

Particularly of interest is the way that you can filter your results by influencers, which allows you to see individuals who have produced content and been active in social media on that topic within a timescale you set.

Although nothing offered in the free version of Topsy is unique, it's another great free option you can use to kickstart your blog outreach research.

On top of the ability to search, Topsy also allows you to search and view social analytics data, giving you critical insight into social media trends. These trends could also be filtered by the same criteria as the main search, allowing you to look for links, tweets, photos and video content.

9. Klout

In terms of speeding up your social media engagement, Klout is an amazing free tool.

You simply log in using the Twitter account you wish to use and enter a topic you want to get known for.

Klout will then offer you influencer accounts on Twitter that you should follow. Once you do this, the program will then also offer you links from relevant topical fresh content that you can click to share through your twitter account. The content you share can be scheduled, to help you deliver your tweets at the times your followers are reading more easily.

You can also link Facebook and Instagram accounts to your Klout account, allowing you to find and share content across multiple networks.

So Klout simplifies and unifies the process of finding the right people to follow on twitter and sharing relevant content with them. If used in conjunction with sharing the occasional piece of your own content, you can quickly be known by the right people for sharing great quality information on the topic.

10. PeerIndex

This is an online platform that has both free and paid options. PeerIndex does what many of the other tools I have talked about do, in that it allows you to find, filter, group and engage with potential outreach targets.

But what makes this tool different is that it uses custom technology to produce influence graphs.

These show the relationships between the influencers on each topic. This is incredibly useful as it will show you how key somebody is within the web of discussion makers on any topic.

The power this gives you when it comes to your outreach research can be massive. Rather than just giving you a list of potential targets as many of the other tools do, it shows you how they interact with other people within the topic and also allow you to visually see how strong or weak they are within that group.

It's not always the people with the most followers, or the people who tweet the most that are the most powerful. You cannot measure respect and influence through volume alone, which is what makes this data analysis and presentation method a very useful tool for you to use.

11. Google blog search

Many people don't realise that Google blog search still exists because Google removed it as an option from the main search page. But it's still out there and its a free an incredibly powerful way to find highly relevant blog content.

Just as with the main Google search engine, you conduct a search on a topic and Google presents a list of results based upon its algorithms. As you've guessed, it filters those results to only present you with blog results.

By combining Google blog search with some of the other free tools I've mentioned you can emulate many of the features of the more expensive platforms we have discussed to manage and grow your blog marketing outreach.

Google blog search demonstrates a key point I want to make. Paid tools make things simpler. But if you are prepared to pull together a group of free tools, sort out your own workflow and analysis methods then you can do everything those tools can do pretty much always without spending a penny.

So if money is tight then don't think that undertaking an outreach campaign for your blog is impossible. With some graft and some free accounts on various platforms you can actually produce an incredibly powerful and rewarding blog outreach campaign.

What Is Your Experience With Blogger Outreach?

I would love to hear from you in the comments if you have your own experiences with conducting a blog outreach campaign.

Perhaps you have something that worked well for you and you'd love to share it. Perhaps there is a great tool out there which I have missed and that you think would benefit people reading this piece.

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