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3 rules to write better emails that convert readers into sales

Your email was sent, but did anyone read it?

Email marketing is a very powerful marketing tactic…if done correctly. If done poorly, it will serve no purpose. Boring, non-catchy emails simply do not convert readers into buyers. In today’s world of crazy spam emails, your email must stand out in a big crowd. First off, you must create a subject line that entices the reader to open the email.

And then once you have their attention, you have to keep their attention. If you fail in either of these areas, they’ll never head on over to your website. That means no sales. I have written hundreds of sales emails. I’ve used them for my own marketing campaigns and others for clients. I’ve tested virtually every method imaginable and, through trials and tribulations, I have discovered that every successful email marketing campaign MUST follow these 3 rules:

Rule #1: subject line must be clear and concise

Don’t bother thinking up catchy, play on words subject lines. Those might seem like great ways to get people to open your email. But they actually don’t and a 2011 survey by the folks at Aweber proved that. A subject line that clearly states what it is you have to offer or what it is your email is about will more than quadruple the number of people that open your email. Consumers want to know upfront what you have to offer. They don’t want the run around. Let me give you some examples of being “too cute” versus getting the point across:

Too cute:

*You’re a WINNER!
*An offer you simply cannot refuse

Clear and concise:

*5 unknown ways to effectively market your business online
*90% of online businesses fail because of these mistakes

Litmus has a comprehensive infographic on what goes into the perfect subject line. Their tips include leveraging your local area, asking questions, and keeping things brief. Here is what they say about the subject line:

Rule #2: eliminate spam wording


Most email servers filter out messages nowadays. Emails with subject lines that include certain words are automatically shipped to the recipients spam folder. And, let’s be honest, hardly anyone reads the messages in their spam folder. I certainly don’t. When creating your subject line, make sure you don’t use the following words:


Buy, clearance, percent off, income, claim, cash, urgent, dear or anything similar to these words.


Rule #3: make the reader feel urgent action is necessary


The first thing you have to do in the message is to make it personal. Relate to the reader. Give them a reason to buy your products or visit your website. Don’t make the message too long because you will lose them quickly if it is. Those are the basic points to writing an email. Also, you should take a look at this 70-minute on-demand webinar I've created for you on how to build a list of prospects through email marketing. You'll learn about the exact processes I follow and my answers to common questions on email marketing.


However, there’s one more step that is VERY important. It’s essential to make the reader feel as if taking immediate action (i.e. visiting your website right away to take advantage of a limited time offer) is crucial. Let me give you a couple of examples of what I’m talking about:


“…this offer expires at midnight tonight so don’t delay”
“…the first 25 people to purchase will receive a free t-shirt”


Those are the 3 most important rules to follow when writing a sales email. On a related note, once you've got your email writing skills down, you want to do whatever you can to get maximum people clicking the links you provide in your email. Check out my recent video tip (with transcript) that tells you how to increase your email click-through rate by 33%.

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