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5 magnets you can offer to turn website visitors into hot prospects

One of the key decisions in developing a successful lead generation strategy for your business is how you will convince your visitors to take that next step.

They want to know more and are hungry for answers.

The secret is in providing a solution to their problems. A solution that WOWs them that they want to return, get to know you, build a relationship and do business with you.

Fail to wow them and you’ll never create a client for life.

So in hope that you are “the one”, they give you their name and email address in return for the instant solutions you deliver which will solve their problems and take them further along their journey.

Which means that you have to give them something truly valuable, so that they are motivated to take that next step.

There are many ways you can deliver your “magnet” content. What is often less well considered is how the delivery format itself can minimise or enhance the chances of the prospect taking that next step.

Magnet 1: Ebook

This is really a catch-all term for any downloadable content in book or pamphlet format, usually containing more than 2000 words and delivered as a pdf. It can be the most valuable general format to deliver great information and drive a prospect closer to a buying decision.

Variations of this format include case studies and white papers. Both of these are usually more targeted to one small part of a topic, usually in more detail and with more analysis.

The major downside of the ebook format is that it can encourage skim reading. Unless it is very well written, delivers on all key points and looks fantastic, then it may end up in the recycle bin along with 50 other similar pdf files.

You can see how I use the hook of offering a genuinely high quality ebook to encourage people to join my mailing list right.

This is an e-book called “How To Build Your 6-Figure ‘Big Ticket’ Lifestyle Business Online In 90 Days.”

Here is another downloadable guide I’ve created called “How To Win New Clients Through Strategic Content Marketing

Magnet 2: Video

In terms of conveying human emotion, gaining instant engagement and encouraging action, video is unmatched.

The intoxicating mix of delivering a powerful message through simultaneous verbal information, supporting visuals and emotive music can be the key to unlocking conversion success.

If you do it right.

Video is not great for long content, unless you are a Hollywood director. Make it snappy and make sure it moves the prospect clearly onto the next step they need to take.

I use video to great effect with my regular video blog content, which I also deliver through my YouTube channel.

Click on VIDEOS and you’ll be taken to our Episodes Category page where you’ll see EVERY video tip I’ve created… over 72 and counting.

Magnet 3: Audio Content

If you don't have the time or the skill to do video, then audio content can work well. You can create your script and get somebody with a good voice to record it for you.

The results, often delivered as podcasts, are a format that is both compelling and informative. Great for people on the move, it can be easily digested and considered.

The downside of audio content is that it can make people drift away while listening and if they are struggling to understand, the lack of quick access to supporting information can lose them. There is also the problem of clearly leading them onto the next step.

A way around this is to hire someone to record an audio version of your written magnet content. This way, your prospect can listen to the audio and refer to the ebook version later.

Magnet 4: Email Content

There are two main formats of email information delivery. It can take the form of sequential delivery, such as a course or serialisation of longer content. Or it can be regular updates, such as a weekly newsletter.

Whichever format you decide on, email content must hit the mark. Every. Single. Time.

It it misses its target just once, the prospect will click “unsubscribe” and be gone.

The golden rules around email marketing are keep it short, keep it highly informative and never, ever sell.

If you would like to see how I deliver great email content to my subscribers, you can find out more right here.

Magnet 5: “Inner Circle” Access

The "inner circle" strategy is giving your prospect exclusive access to something that makes them feel they are being treated in a special way. This appeals to their ego as well as satisfying their need for information.

Inner circle access can also be given an additional twist and boost desire to be involved, by using the tactic of scarcity. “10 places only”. “First 50 people get full access”. “I'm shutting the door at midnight”.

The combination of offering something that appears to be closely guarded information, in combination with a limit on who can get it, can often prove irresistible.

Inner circle access usually includes one or more of the following:

Exclusive Content. Usually onsite through password access.
Personal access. Access to converse with you via email, Skype or other direct means.
Members only forum. Allows people to convert each other!
Event access. Could be a webinar, or a free offline seminar.

I have personally used these tactics to great effect, using both offline seminars and webinars. Click here to see how I use webinars as an incentive.

Use Magnets To Create A Successful Lead Generation Strategy

When a visitor to your site gives you their contact details in return for information, they are placing you in a position of trust.

This means that whatever you give them in return for their contact details needs to be solid gold. The content you deliver needs to clearly position you as the answer to their problem.

It also needs to be in the correct format for your audience. The right information delivered in the wrong format can be fatal to your chances of converting them to a sale.

As an example, let's say your website is aimed at selling something to younger people. Which will be more likely to capture their attention and drive them on towards the sale?

  • A 30 page e-book explaining in detail the entire process
  • Sparky two minute video clip which gives them instant information and a clear course of action

That's right, video will hit the spot best. So use video first and then lead them onto another format as appropriate.

So bear in mind that attracting leads is not just about magnetic content, it is also about delivering the right information, in the right format, to the right people, at the right time.

We help small businesses just like yours create magnets that draw their prospects in and turn them into high-paying clients.

Or click here to watch this 40-minute video where I’ll show you a proven system to getting customers fast.

What magnets do you use in your business? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below.

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