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77 ways to drive targeted traffic to your website

If you’re looking at this title, you’re probably thinking, “there’s no way I have time to perform 77 different tasks”.

There are two beliefs when it comes to traffic generation:

The first: do as much as you can, implement as many strategies as you can right from the start and you’ll get more traffic.

The problem with this is that instead of creating a laser-focus system on the strategies you use and giving it your best with the limited time, energy and resources you have in hand, you end up diluting your attention and instead of maximising the amount of traffic you can generate and turning a healthy profit, you remain mediocre.

Instead, I prefer option two: pick 3-5 strategies that strike a chord with you and give them your full attention. Once you’ve built a system for each strategy, you can then create automation or delegate to an assistant to continue running before you take on a new strategy. This way, one by one, you can master and squeeze the juice out of every strategy, giving you maximum return on your investment.

Yes, this does seem like a lot of work, but so what? Running a business is hard work so you’re more than prepared for it. Most of these tasks are quick and simple. Plus, you can always outsource most of them.

First steps and most effective methods

1. Create an interesting blog filled with posts that prove you’re an authority on topics related to the products and services you sell

2. Post catchy ads on Craigslist with “exclusive” offers for those that respond to your ad

3. Send interesting emails to your email list at least a few times per week (don’t forget to include a link to your website in the email)

(note: here is a video packed with advice on how to get more email subscribers to click through to your website)

4. Offer exclusive offers to your email subscribers that are only available for a limited time

(note: if you are having problems building a big subscriber list, I’m going to help you build up a massive email list)

5. Build a dynamic website that attracts repeat visitors and referrals

6. Create a Facebook business page and interact with followers

(note: don’t post too often and make sure to include links to your website occasionally)

7. Post frequently on Internet forums related to your niche and become known within the forum community as an expert (don’t forget to include a link to your website in the signature block below each post)

8. Optimize your site properly for Google by incorporating specific key phrases throughout the content on your website

9. Build a LinkedIn profile along with a LinkedIn group and converse frequently with members of the group

10. Apply for guest posting on high authority blogs related to your niche

11. Ask relevant blogs to link back to your website (simply sending a friendly email will do and don’t forget to reciprocate the favor…it’s only fair)

12. Purchase advertisement spots in Google (AdWords) so that your site is automatically placed first for the key phrases you want to target

13. Optimize your website effectively for mobile users

SHOCKING STAT: 58% of US adults own a smartphone and most use their smartphones to surf the web frequently

14. Ask your friends and family to promote your website to their friends on Facebook, Twitter or in person

Offline website promotion tactics

15. Put up flyers around town and pass out business cards to everyone that you meet with your website domain included

16. Create a cheap newspaper ad with a catchy tagline and domain name included

17. Ask to be a speaker at any event related to your niche

18. Join a networking group and get to know other members that are likely to buy your products (don’t forget those business cards with your domain name listed)

19. Tell people you meet about your website and how it could benefit them

20. Place car magnets on your car with your domain name

(note: don’t drive around with a dirty car!)

Making use of video marketing

21. Create a YouTube page

22. Post videos giving away free advice on your YouTube page and always include a link to your website at the end of each video

23. Post your videos on other social media platforms such as Facebook

24. Create a monthly (or even weekly) video where all you do is answer common questions asked by your previous customers

Making use of blogs

25. Comment on blogs related to your niche that allow posters to include links to other websites

26. Include a weekly video blog post on your blog

27. Frequently link to your main website in your blog posts but don’t be too sales-y, use the blog mostly for giving advice or sharing stories

28. Encourage readers to subscribe to your blog and to also share your RSS feed with others that would benefit from reading your posts

Making use of email marketing

29. Create catchy subject lines to entice readers to open the email (if they don’t open the email, they’re not coming to your website, obviously)

30. Offer “teaser” tips occasionally in emails that give away SOME advice but make them aware that in order to get all the advice they need, they must visit your site

31. Create a strong call-to-action in each email

(note: the best CTA’s are ones that make the reader feel as though there is a sense of urgency to act or lose out on the offer)

32. Make each email message personal in a positive way

33. Use Aweber to send out massive email blasts all at once to your subscriber base

Making use of social media

34. Post a link to every blog post on Twitter and Facebook

35. Post a link to your website every time you are promoting a “special offer”

36. Respond to all follower questions and comments on Twitter and Facebook

37. Post interesting tidbits related to your niche or motivational quotes that your readers can relate to, not just sales pitches

38. Include the link to your website on your social media profiles

39. Include the same key phrases used on your website in the content of your social media posts

40. Be a positive, upbeat social media user as this will attract followers to your products and servicesa41. Link most of the content together on each social media page

Making use of search engine optimization (SEO)

42. Always incorporate a main key phrase in h1 and h2 header tags on your website and blog

43. Incorporate keywords on your website only a few times per page

(note: spamming keywords into content is a major no-no for Google optimization)

44. Hyperlink the key phrases you are targeting when linking back to your main website when linking back to your site from your blog

45. Ask other site owners that link to your site to use the proper hyperlink text (key phrase you are targeting)

46. Chase long-tail key phrases instead of 1-2 word keywords because you will have a better chance of ranking high on Google for those key phrases

(example: instead of “health insurance”, target “Arizona health insurance quotes”)

47. Frequently update your website with fresh content in order to appease to the Google robots that routinely scan websites

Making use of paid traffic options

48. Be willing to spend enough on Google AdWords so your website ranks #1 at the top or on the side of Google search results for the targeted key phrase

49. Purchase banner ads on websites relevant to your niche

(note: research the site beforehand and only pay for slots in places on the site easily viewed by visitors)

50. Purchase and create catchy Facebook ads that are targeted to a specific audience

(note: filter the ad so only the demographics of your main customer base will view the ads)

51. Hire a professional writer to blog and write website content for you if your writing skills aren’t up to par or you just don’t have the time to write

52. Hire an ethical SEO company to build quality links to your website throughout the web

Making use of this website

53. Take advantage of my master plan to build a list of prospects and write catchy emails

54. Apply for my Free Digital Marketing Audit and allow me to analyze your business and find a way to generate more website visitors and buyers

55. Read this blog post on how to outsmart the competition online

22 additional ways to drive traffic to your website

56. Post ads on industry relevant classified ad boards

57. Include a “favorites” and “bookmarks” button on your website

58. Hire a quality web designer to create an aesthetically pleasing website as this will make it more likely visitors will keep coming back to your site

59. Let your readers know that you update the content daily/weekly so they continue coming back to your website

60. Incorporate your targeted key phrases in the title tag of each web page on your website

61. Create a profile on and post articles frequently that link back to your website (must include a strong CTA or this is virtually pointless)

62. Design a site map on your site both to help the Google robots and humans maneuver through your website easily

63. Ensure your website layout is simple and visitors can easily pay for your products and services without having to go out of their way to find out

64. Create some fun promotions and contests on your site with a valuable prize given to winners (people love contests and free stuff)

65. Answer questions related to your niche on places such as Yahoo! And

66. Teach classes related to your niche

67. When you promote new products or update your website, create a press release and have it distributed to top PR networks online

(note: inclusion of key phrases in the content of the press release is very important for SEO purposes)

68. Write and give out a free e-book to your email subscribers once every month

RELATED: Here’s a free e-book you might want to check out right now

69. Give away free offers to followers on Facebook (i.e. “Free Internet Marketing Advice e-book to the first 50 people that comment”)

70. Write about current news stories and trends on your blog

71. Link to other bloggers so they will link to your blog

72. Create links on authority websites relevant to your niche

73. Always ping your blog posts using (only takes a few seconds to complete)

74. Create a mobile app for your website so smartphone users can access your site from their cell phones.

75. Offer a free e-course to your email subscribers

76. If using WordPress, include all relevant and necessary plug-ins

77. Allow others to guest post on your blog so they will reciprocate the favor and include links to your site/blog on their site/blog.

There you have it – 77 of the best ways to increase website traffic. I know this may seem overwhelming, and it is hard work. But hard work is something every business owner is accustomed to.

Let's take this list to 100...

If you can add to this list, write your traffic idea in the comments below. Let's create a massive resource bank for our community to tap into at ANY time.


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