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How to automate your follow up marketing and get more clients on autopilot

People are poor at following up. It is this simple fact that leads to a lot of online businesses not reaching their full potential.

A study by the Association of Sales Executives in the USA found that 80% of sales occurred on, or after, the fifth contact. That contact could be direct, either face-to-face or on the phone, or indirect through email or other online contact. The point being, it didn't matter how, it was just that contact continued to be made.

That is an astonishing statistic. Think about it for a moment.

It means that a lot of people are only getting 20% of their potential sales, just because of an inability to follow-up well enough and for long enough.

The Right Persistence Will Make You More Money

I have a friend who runs an outsource call centre. She doesn't get many leads, but each lead she does get can be potentially high-value, so she religiously follows up. However, after the second knock back she used to give up.

Then she had an enquiry from a company who were quite vague about what they wanted and what her company would be providing a service for. It was a new visitor attraction was all they would say.

Due to the economic downturn and her company struggling with cashflow, she told me that she had decided that it was time to never give up on leads. This enquiry was her first one with that new mentality.

It took her a year of following up to get a face-to-face meeting in London with the owners.

Her eventual reward was a contract to run the customer service function for a major new national landmark in London. This one piece of persistence has transformed the position of her entire company.

So how much are you missing out on? And would you pursue a lead for a year?

But It Doesn't Have To All Be Hard Work

The bottom line is most business owners are persistently poor at following up for a variety of reasons. Other things get in the way, they give up too easily, they fear rejection, or their online systems are not tailored to doing smart work for them.

It's this last problem which is the easiest to fix, because it doesn't require a change of personal mindset. All it needs is the implementation of a clever marketing system, that allows fresh leads to be carefully nurtured and converted to sales on autopilot.

Having an exceptional and automated lead generation system on your website will increase your chances of converting more sales, completely effort free. The extra bonus is that the additional turnover will allow you to focus on business development more, or take time to chase those leads you previously gave up on.

Easily Target And Talk To Every Single Lead

Online technology, namely the email autoresponder, means that you can talk directly to every single person who shows an interest in what you have to offer.

Every single lead can be managed individually by delivering a unique journey for each different type of sales prospect. Through intelligent online architecture structuring you can create a highly refined lead generation system.

This behaviour marketing can be set up to run with no intervention on your part. If you employ the services of an expert lead generation company, then there is not even a mountain of hard work for you to do before it begins to generates leads, effort free.

How Do You Deliver A Tailored Experience That Converts?

It all comes down to creating captivating landing pages that closely relate to the search terms people are using to find your website.

Tapping into the exact reason for their search will allow you to deliver a page of content that talks directly to them. Intelligently convincing them that your product or service is their solution will then increase the chance of them giving you an email address, in return for free content. That free content further builds their desire to buy through discussing the exact problem they have in detail.

Once they are “warmed up”, they are delivered a sequence of automated emails that talk directly to them. Because of the landing page they hit, you know exactly what they are looking for. You can then deliver a sequence of highly targeted emails to make a real connection with their needs, even to the point of anticipating their questions because you already know what they are looking for.

An intelligently designed lead generation system will allow you to convert more people, more of the time. The freshness of being spoken to directly about the problem they are having, while offering them a great value solution to that problem, will earn their trust and interest.

Control Every Detail By Putting Them In Control

It's not just about creating a good sequence of emails to deliver to your prospect over a period of time.

You can use those emails to offer paths and choices. This allows you to create decisions for your prospect to take, making them feel in control but ultimately leading them to the same destination.

The benefit of doing this is that your prospect will feel like they are making an intelligent decision, which leads to a feeling of empowerment that lowers resistance.

The Never Ending Prospect Queue

So it's not rocket science. Someone lands on your website and tells you what they want through the search term they use.

You offer them a highly targeted lead generation report that expands on the questions they have and which delivers enough information to make them want to learn more.

You then warm that prospect up further through a highly targeted set of emails that speaks directly to them and that creates a feeling of participation, encouraging them to take action.

Finally you make sure that the path to a sale is clear and easy. This means looking at your sales process to ensure it is easy, simple and as consistent as possible.

Once this process has been refined, you will see your leads and sales increase with no intervention from yourself. It is entirely possible to create more clients completely on autopilot using an intelligently designed lead generation system.

Or click here to watch this 40-minute video where I’ll show you a proven system to getting customers fast.

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